Wednesday, August 17, 2016

WOYWW #376

Good Wednesday all my crafty friends! I am amazed that it is Wednesday because I truly thought it was Tuesday!!! LOLOL That being said.....what happened to Monday? LOL I'm not kidding either! I really don't remember Monday, which of course, could present a problem!!! LOLOL Hope your day is starting off right!

Well, I missed last WOYWW. I have been very busy as of late with my job and the kiddos starting their first "real" week of school!  I'm so thankful that they have wonderful teachers and the school year seems to be getting off to a good start. My youngest decided she wanted to switch from the clarinet to the saxophone, which I totally encourage. She is so gifted in the music area, both of my girls are gifted in song, and I love the saxophone so I wanted her to have the opportunity to learn it if she so chose to. So that being said, in order for her to swap out instruments, we had to drive 2 1/2 hours away to do so! I was flabbergasted that the company would not just forward the instrument to the school (which was how they did it initially and would have been so much easier) but no, no, it was not to be! So this weekend, we had to drive out of town to go get her new fancy! So, all that said, I don't have crafts (of my own) to share with you this week!
But I DO have to share a wonderful package I got in the mail on Friday!!! I am in an ATC Swap group and my wonderful Tag Swap Pal Sue Marrazzo sent me this gorgeous package of goodies! Sue is an experimental artist who works in collage, mixed media, acrylic and encaustic painting, which just means.....SHES AMAZING! I have followed her art for awhile and just love what she does! I encourage you to go check her out!
Sue, just sent me a BUNDLE of goodies...I was blessed for sure! The package was decorated so cute as it was and then she sent me all sorts of goodies that could be used for collage and mixed media! THUMBS UP SUE, I was stoked! Sue also put in one of her postcards featuring a gallery event that stint that just wrapped up featuring her work! Wish I could have gone and seen her beautiful art! She also enclosed a note card that also featured her art! I'm sure it's meant to be used, but I just don't think I will be able to send that anywhere Sue! I will hoard it for myself! LOLOL
The main event, of course, were her collaged ATC's she sent me as part of the ATC Swap over on our Google+ Group-Creating and Sharing Mixed Media Art. I loved all the collaged pieces as well as all that yummy texture! I think Sue loves buttons because I have seen her work before with buttons and she also, SCORE, she sent me some buttons! Again, some of them, I won't be able to part with, so I will be hoarding those as well! LOLOL I know, I know, I'm terrible! Sue, I can't thank you enough, I just love EVERYTHING you sent me! I will treasure those ATC's!

Now, NEVER FEAR ATC Pal that I am supposed to be swapping with......I AM getting your goodies in the mail, I PROMISE!!! LOLOL I know I have needed to get the fire under my backside and hopefully get those goodies in the mail this week! :)

Well, as I noted earlier, that's it for my desk today! It's a sad truth, but the truth none the less! I hope you have a lot more going on, on your desk this Wednesday! I will be hopping over to check out many of your digs!

I pray that you have a WONDERFUL Wednesday and rest of the week and that you are walking in His light and love!

Blessings to you! :)


  1. I am so glad that you like everything. It was a fun SWAP.

  2. It was so nice of you to stop by earlier , Felicia! Thank you for your comments! I did finish my morning walk ; over three miles in 66 minutes. I wish I could do that every day. Oh, and our son is actually hiking the AT, his second time. Anyway, love your ATC cards. I really haven't got into making them, other than for WOYWW anniversaries. But I love them, especially the vintage ones. Happy WOYWW!

  3. Love, love, love the collaged ATCs! So adorable. And I agree with how busy it has gotten...where has my summer gone. I need it back! You are so good to have taken care of your daughter's instrument...I'm sure it will all be worth it. We go through so many things and sacrifices when they are in school. My daughter just graduated from college, and now she is a graduate student, and I look on all those past school years and sometimes miss all that craziness! Thanks so much for your sweet visit. Sandy Leigh #29

  4. Hi Felicia. Lovely ATCs and a really great package of goodies. Enjoy. I have a saxophonist daughter too. And now a saxophonist grandson!!! Nathan has decided he wants to learn - and is making a cracking job of it, playing in concerts and all sorts. Trust your daughter really enjoys the sound she is able to make. It shouldn't be too difficult to transfer, should it, both being single reed instruments. Which sax has she gone for?
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #6

  5. Awesome package with goodies!
    Great colours as well.

    I´m sure you´ll make lovely Art with this material.

    Have a great week!
    Susan Lotus nr 20 WOYWW

  6. Wow you definitely received some serious happy mail! Have great fun with it! Lea 49

  7. Nice to get a package of goodies every now and again! Your ATC's are very pretty. And I agree, where does the time go!
    Chris P #25

  8. Gorgeous collaged pieces and what a great gift bag of goodies. I am sure you are going to put them to amazing use.
    sandra de @11

  9. Ooh aren't you lucky to have such a lovely bag of goodies - and those ATC's are gorgeous - what a talented lady she is. Hope you have a lovely week,
    Diana #30

  10. "needed to get the fire under my backside" LOL LOL, you crack me up every time, Felicia! Lovely goodies from Sue and fantastic ATCs! I've got something to send you too - I wanted to send it before we went on holiday, but ran out of time. Will post it later this week. Good luck to your girlie with the sax - how cool is that? Hope to catch you again on Wednesday if you have time to participate this week! Sorry it took me so long to get back!

    1. LOLOL, it has been VERY HOT Zsuzsa!!! LOLOLOL I was so stoked at her package, she sent such yummy stuff! I hope you had an AWESOME holiday and don't you worry, when you can is fine! Your package is sealed up and on the front seat of my car.....haven't made it to the post yet!! LOLOL What's the problem you say? the worst way!! I'm getting there!! Not sure how long it takes to travel your way, but hope it makes it soon! :) Abigael is playing that sax like she has ALWAYS been playing it! It is awesome to see! Catch up with you tomorrow, my friend! Blessings