Wednesday, August 25, 2021

WOYWW # 638

What's up all my crafty friends???  It's glorious #638 Wednesday!!!! Julia, your post really tickled me today because I do that ALLLLLL the time with my "real life" friends about my "online" friends and I KNOW they think I am bonkers!! Yea, yea, I've NEVER "actually" met any of you, but since 2014 or thereabouts, I have "chatted" with you almost every a hiatus or two.....hee hee!! I'd say that makes you ALLLLLL my "FRIENDS!" I feel like I know you, and talk about you all, like I "know" you, even though...I really don't! LOLOLOL But hey, who's keeping score anyway!!!  LOL  So if you too would like a GREAT online friend, you are sure to find one at Julia's Stamping Ground blog!! Come on over, link up and show us your crafty desk! :) 

My post today, will probably be a quick and LATE one because I am doing this from my "work" computer......sssshhhhhhhh!!! I caught the "I don't know what's wrong with my computer" virus from one of you!!! Yep, I know it's from one of you who has been having repeat problems with their computer/laptop!!! You passed that little illness on to me as I visited your desk!!! LOLOL  It's been coming on for awhile now, but my poor laptop is on strike!! I can't get it to do anything!! It is 3 or 4 years old, so that may be the problem, but I have brought it to work to let my IT guy look at it and HOPEFULLY I will not have to buy another one!! Send a prayer up for me to the computer gods in the server universe! LOLOL  So this will be a quick jaunt today!!

I finally got through with one batch of my ATC's and I'm starting on another for September swap groups. Since it's all the crafting I started on in August for August, I have NO will be early for September.  That will be a first, by the way! LOLOL Should get them all in the mail this week!!

September Swap ATC's

A little back story on these ATC's......if you will remember I have posted MANY times about my sweet Abby who continually brings me bouquets of flowers to my office.  I always forget to save a few and press them, but this past time, I saved a few.  I didn't actually press them because a light bulb went off in my head and I decided to pull the petals off and let them dry so that I could use them in my ATC project.  Now you can totally see by the vibrancy of these petals that they had been artificially dyed by the florist, because who has ever seen hot pink daisies?????? Whatever dye they used preserved the petals very well, so when they dried, they weren't crispy, so they stayed intact for me to use in this month's ATC's.  Pretty cool right???  The gift that keeps on giving! :)

Next batch waiting for goodies!

Here is the other set of ATC's that I am working on.  Not sure what I will do next but the hard part is over, so just have to come up with something "catchy" to put on them.  I'll share next week! On both sets, I used all the new products I got at the craft expo, if you will remember me sharing those when I came back.  I loved all the products and soooooo glad that I made those purchases!  

It's a start, that's for sure!!

I have started on the "bundle" of mushrooms felted piece that will hang next to the "big" one that I shared last week! I am really, really loving the felting process! There is something so cathartic about felting. Can't put my finger on it, but I love getting my hands in there and feeling the fibers and "controlling" where they are placed, etc..... Truth be known, it's "probably" all about the "control" thing!!! LOLOLOL Who knows!! Either way, I'm loving it.  I have a ways to go on this obviously, but wanted to share that I have at least started it! LOL 

All that said about my felting experiences has brought me to a "little thing I've done" that I want to share with you guys!!  I am going to go to Adult Camp!!!! Yippeeeeeee!!! At least that is what I am calling it!! I have wanted to do this for many years and fear and finances have kept me from doing it, but I am now launching out there in faith and for a growing experience!! There is a place up in a little town called Brasstown, NC called the "John C. Campbell Folk School." That place is AMAZING and sooooo speaks my language! It is right up my alley with down-to-earth, folky, hippie...ish, kind of folk like myself!! I can't wait to go! I am about to bust!! I tried to get on the roster for this fall, but I waited too long and it was a no-go.  So I have registered for a class in February of next year! It will be a week-long "needle felting & wet felting" class.  The instructor, Neysa Russo, is a well-known tapestry felter and I am soooo looking forward to meeting her and gleaning from her art style!! I've never done anything like this and I'm all giddy about it.  I encourage you to go look on the site that I've linked and check them out! They offer everything from basket weaving to blacksmithing and everything in between! I feel sure that I will have to go again one day and take another weaving or glass blowing!!! Who knows!! Yayyyyy me! :)

Happy mail from my Swap Host!

Well, I will leave you with some happy mail that I received! Even though I didn't participate in this month's ATC Swap, my wonderful host STILLLLL sent me a precious card and an ATC from herself! She is so, so sweet and was so glad that I got to meet her at the expo last month!! She is always thinking of me with IG shout-outs or messaging me just to see how I'm doing! She's a fabulous host and friend! 

Please stay safe and healthy my friends!! You ALL are as dear to me as my "real life" friends so take care YOU!!!!


Wednesday, August 18, 2021

WOYWW #637

What's up all my crafty friends??? When you miss a week, it feels like FOREVER and I get all discombobulated and can't remember what the week number is so I have to check and double-check and uggghhh, too much in my brain and it's INSTANT overload!!! LOL That being said, it doesn't take much!!! LOL So it's share time over on Julia's Stamping Ground Blog of what's on your digs desk and what's going on in your life!! Pop over and share with us! Sorry for my lateness today!

Soooooooo, I have been on hiatus and for good reason! It was FINALLY time for our annual mother/daughter trip with my sweet, sweet mama!!! It NEVER gets here fast enough and then it's gone in a minute!! So that's my excuse for not popping in last week, and it was a GREAT one!  We had an AWESOME time sharing, laughing, eating, loving on one another, and just basically having a blast! Fair warning, today's post is a little picture-worthy!!! Stick around if you like and I'll share my desk eventually!! LOL   So, below are photos of me and my beautiful sisters and mother at the coast.

Dinner outing at our fave pier!!
My two baby sisters Tara & Tiffany

Me and my older sister Tracy

Me and star of the show, Mommy!

Our dinner scene of the pier as we eat and listen to a GREAT band!
The Warf Restaurant - our FAVE!

Our fave place to be TOGETHER!

So, what's on my desk?  Well a mess to be sure and none of that mess is finished!  Truth out, I didn't get either of my swaps in the mail on time try as I did! I have been extremely busy with the trip and work is a fantastic nightmare right now.  We are amidst qualifying and getting ready for elections and boy howdy it's going to be a true show this election!!  We will literally have a fruit basket turnover with our Mayor and Council this time around and I am not looking forward to getting used to a whole new crew.  It has been basically the same Mayor and Council since I have been on board, with a few exceptions, so you know how we are creatures of habit.  It's exciting on one end, but nerve-racking on another.  So, blah, blah, blah, my swaps will just have to suffice for next month!! Ugggg, I hate NOT fulfilling my commitments, it goes against all my principles, but there you have it! 

Desk this morning - working on those ATC's!!

So here is the desk, just this morning with signs of my ATC swap cards that I was working on and will save for next month.  I was using a lot of my new goodies that I got at the craft expo! I am so enjoying using all that new loveliness! That justifies buying it ALL right?  LOLOLOL

It's getting there folks!

Next up is my almost finished felting piece!! Yayyyy! I have a few finishing touches to put on it, but so far, I'm happy with it!! It will be part of a two-piece show that I will frame and hang side by side.  I will start on the other piece this weekend, which will be a cluster of mushrooms. I can't wait!

Lastly, guys is some happy mail! I have, of course, searched ALLLL things felty and artists that have a style I like and there a few, but this lady, Moy Mackay, really spoke to me and I decided to get two of her books to educate me a little more on this wonderful craft.  I could look at these books every day, they are so filled with her beautiful work!

Well my friends, that should probably get me up to speed!! Plus I am sure you guys are tired of looking at photos! LOLOL  Here is hoping that this finds you ALL safe and healthy!! It's ramping up again folks, so PLEASE take care!!

Many blessings! :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

WOYWW #635

 Good Wednesday all my crafty friends!!  Well, we have come around again, haven't we?  Funny how these Wednesdays just keep coming!!  I shouldn't be so boastful.....we aren't assured another that being said, I am so very thankful for this "other" Wednesday! LOL  If you are too, come on over to Julia's Stamping Ground blog, get happy, and show us what's on your desk today!!!

First, up out of the gate, I want to show you some happy mail that I got! Since joining the felting community over on Living Felt, I have been going to the live show on Wednesday afternoon called Wooly Wednesday.  I can't go every week, due to my job, but I try to when I can because it usually has LOTS of tips and know-hows for a beginner like me. Last week, they had a fabulous felting artist on there who had a lovely story/testimony and was so glad to be able to attend.  Now, for those who are questioning my "work ethic," hee hee, yes, I am at work during that sacred hour, but I just have it going on one screen while working on another, hee hee.  Pretty clever aye? "Technically," I'm working, sheesh! LOL  Anywho, if you attend, they put you in a hat draw and could possibly win something! So.....two weeks ago when I attended, I was the winner!! Yayyyy!!! I NEVER win anything, so it was pretty cool!!

3D Project at the wait!

So this was my winnings! That week, they were actually doing this project on the show.  I still am not interested in doing 3D felting, however, this "appeared" to be a good "beginner" 3D project that I could do just to try it out.  I was very grateful for the lovely win and am looking forward to trying it out! Lucky me!!

Well, as per late, I haven't been very crafty due to MANY things going on in my life.  Since I am on the felting wave, I will go ahead and show you the progress, or lack thereof depending on how you look at it, of my mushroom project! I am still really loving it and so glad I decided to start this journey.  It really does feel like painting to me, just with fiber!!  I will continue on and hopefully soon, be able to show you the "finished product.

Slowly, but surely...hee hee!

Both of my ATC Swaps are due on the 15th, so my snail tail better get to crackin!!!!! The picture below is kind of staged because I am showing you the cards thus far, set out with the products I plan to use next on them.  You will remember I got these products at the expo.  Not sure how I will proceed, but those are the plan. I have a few ideas, but they always look great in my head!!! LOLOL I will show the finished projects, hopefully, next week! I got to get them puppies in the mail!!

Next step......hmmmm???

This will be a short week for me at work because this weekend is my annual mother/daughters trip to the coast!! Many of you may remember that my dear ma ma is wheelchair-bound and in a nursing home.  When she was active her "go to" was the beach!! She'd live there if she could.  So some several years ago, my sisters and I decided that we would make it an annual event to get her out of that cursed nursing home and take her to her beloved beach for the weekend!!  It's a challenge because we basically have to do everything for her, but its TOTALLY worth it to see her face light up and we all have giggles and fun!! Last year when we went when she got back, she had to be quarantined for 14 days because of COVID. So far this year, they have said she won't have to do that again.  But now that everything seems to be ramping up again, let's hope that remains true! That would have to be ghastly to be stuck in a small room for 14 days!! Lord!!!!!!  So looking forward to it and we are staying an extra day this time, so four lovely days with each other! Hope to have some photos to show!!

Well my friends, please do take care with this pandemic rearing its ugly head again!! Still no "restrictions" or "mandates" placed yet over here, so I am so glad we are getting to the beach before it all would hit the fan. By now, most of us all have our jabs and if you haven't, please consider doing so. Mostly the ones who are contracting now, at least in the states, are the ones that haven't had the jab. Blessings going up and out to you all!!!

Pip pip, cheerio and all that rot!! (love that phrase!! LOL)