Wednesday, July 28, 2021

WOYWW #634

Good Wednesday all my crafty friends!!! Here's hoping that you are having a wonderful day and week thus far!! Slip on over to Julia's Stamping Ground blog and share with us crafters what's on your craft desk today! :)

So, friends, the same thing is on my arty desk that was on my arty desk as last week.....NOTHING!!!  It is a sad but true story!! What's really sad about it is that I really need to be working on two of my ATC Swaps, but instead, I have been dealing with life here in this HOT southern state and have been noodling around with my newest crafty adventure...felting!!

So, when I went to Expo two weekends ago, I got on Google and searched out where there might be yarn/wool shops near where my nephew lived.  It's so sad guys because unfortunately here in the states, the big box stores have run off all the good little crafty shops.  What makes that even sadder is that the big box stores have not made up for doing that travesty by supplying us with what these treasured shops did. So it was a mad search and I found ONE in the area he lived! ONE!!!! Guys we are talking about Atlanta, the capital of Georgia!! Is that sad or what??? Now, of course, Atlanta is huge and I am sure that there were some elsewhere in the city, but as I said, Atlanta is huge and the traffic is AMAZING, so what would take 15 minutes to get to another shop somewhere else, would take an hour in Atlanta. So, NOPE, that ain't happening for this "hate driving in the city" driver! LOLOL

So anywho, I was specifically going to look for "wet felting" supplies. If you will recall a couple of posts back I received my 2D needle felting kit and some supplies in the mail to start my journey. While researching "felting," I found out that there was 3D, 2D, Wet & Nuno felting.  Well, like any good addictive-natured crafter, I MUST try it all!!! LOLOL  I really am only interested in the flat felting processes, but while attending a live show last week, I won a 3D felting kit! Go figure???? I NEVER win anything, but then I win the very thing I say I am not interested in!!!! LOL I will be giving it a whirl!! Stay tuned for that hot mess at a later date! LOLOL

Gorgeous Wool!!!

I found the cute little shop and they had such lovely yarns and wool!! I was seriously in heaven! I wanted to snap up some yarn as well, as I knit, but I had to stay on track and remember why I was there! LOL You ALL should be very proud of me! LOL They did not, however, have any wet felting supplies! I was crushed!! She said that they mostly did 3D felting in their classes and that's the supplies typically what they carried.  Of course, that didn't dismay me one bit, who was she kidding? LOL Seriously though, she was a lovely shop hostess and we had great conversation about felting, and knitting and such. I left there with a bag FULL of goodies, in case you were interested!!! LOL But you knew that right??? I got some yummy, yummy wool roving and gorgeous recycled silk sari.  I was so happy to get quite a bit for a good stash do just about any felting project I want to do without buying any more for awhile!! LOL I did get some various colors of wool for the kits I got earlier, but they were specific for those projects.

I'm in love with recycled silk sari!!!

In the above shot are the silk sari ribbon that I bought for "texture" for either the art felting or the wet felting that I will be giving a go when I acquire the supplies.  I also bought some beautiful wool substrate pieces to felt onto. I just got basic colors in those to not compete with my incompetency as a beginner!!!! LOL 

Beginner at work!

Lastly, and don't judge, is the beginning of one of my Mushroom Projects!! I must confess that I love it so far.  It doesn't look like I've gotten very far, but that took me quite a while to do, mainly because I didn't know what I was doing, but also because it felt like "painting" to me and so I was playing with colors and shadows, just like you do when you paint! I will definitely show you all when I am through. This piece will have a companion piece to hang beside it that will have more mushrooms gathered together in it. 

So, that's what's happening with me today folks.  I know that we ALL are experiencing some strange, odd weather wherever we live!!! The globe is erratic at best!  Between massive fires here in the states, to drought to amazingly hot/humid weather, to crazy cracking thunder storms which we have been having here in my state for weeks!! Then on top of that new surges of COVID!!! I wish you ALL many blessings, health and most of all safety!!

I didn't get around to all last week, I will try to do better today! Notice I said TRY!! LOL 

Blessings crafty friends!

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

WOYWW #633

Good Wednesday all my crafty friends!!!  Long time no see!! Two weeks to be exact!! It has been a blur, and some of it is not in a good way!! LOL Step on over to Julia's Stamping Ground blog and link up to show us what's on your desk and today, I will show you what's NOT on my desk! LOL

So, I don't have anything art worthy to show you because I haven't been able to do art for several reasons! Life always seems to get in my way! LOLOL  I was sick for most of the hiatus.  I had a bout of bronchitis that I just couldn't seem to shake. I had to go through two rounds of antibiotics to get it to move on. I'm still not convinced that it is completely gone.  With that misery was some lovely pleurisy! If you haven't had it, it's painful.  So, I'm coughing every two seconds and every cough feels like a knife stabbing my ribs.......yep, fun times! LOLOL  Mind you, being the procrastinator that I am, I probably could have nipped it all in the bud if I'd gone to the doctor sooner, but I simply HATE the doctor and I HATE taking medication! So this little ditty has been hanging with me for months. So hopefully this will be the means to the end! Fingers crossed! LOL

Then with that came our fourth of July holiday (short work week for me) and another family shower!  This time it was a baby shower.  Listen, I have lots of family and it seems someone is either always getting married, or having a baby......I just want to get off the merry go round!!! LOLOL It was fun and went off without a hitch, so hopefully it will be calm for awhile!

So round to what I will share today.  Last week was another short work week for me because I traveled to Atlanta for my very first Stamp Expo!!  Christine, who is the host of one of my swap groups, hit me up and wanted to know if I wanted to come up and go and, of course, meet her in person!! First off, I NEVER have to be asked twice about seeing art products and second I WISH I could meet ALL my online art friends!! SO YES!!!! LOL  I have family that live in Atlanta, so I was able to stay with one of them and it was great because the venue the expo was at was litterally right around the corner from their home! 

CW Crafts ATC Host Christine and I

Since I had never been to an expo before, I didn't know what to expect except I knew their would be art vendors! And boy howdy, there were MANY!  We got this bag as we went in and my host Christine, who has her own little side business, brought me this koozie she made for me with my name and Instagram name on it.  On the other side, it said Create, like the shirt she was wearing!  Wasn't that the sweetest thing for her to do?  I also got those pins from the expo. The one you got when you spent a certain amount of money.....ahem......I spent WAY over that amount! LOL I think I should have gotten two! LOLOL

Shopping Bag that was filled to the brim! LOL

Ok, so the rest are photos of the goodies I brought home! These aren't to boast or to gloat, they are meant to be a confession at how much willpower I DO NOT HAVE!!!! LOL  It may be a minute before I go to another expo! LOL

I went for stamps, but got that and then some!

The chipboard was irresistible!! There was so much
and I literally could have camped out there alone!

The rice paper at the top was DIVINE!! Stencils, paper and dots!

MORE stuff I couldn't resist....but I "needed" them! LOLOL

Last set of yumminess! Thinking of my fall projects!

I know that was a lot of photos guys, but I couldn't resist showing! I literally could have stayed there all day, and almost did!  The only disappointment was the Stamping Up vendor. I was really excited about seeing that one, and it just wasn't anything to write home about! BUT alas, the other vendors made up for it!!  I am not a Scapper, so a lot of it was geared toward that, but there was PLENTY other gorgeousness to be had!  It was wonderful getting to meet the person I send my ATC's to every month and I hope we can get back together! We were talking about a possible Crop within our state. We shall see!

Well all you wonderful crafters, I hope you all are doing well and trying to stay cool from that heatwave that Julia was talking about. It's been storming and raining here for weeks!! I think you guys traded with us!!! LOL  Oh, it's still hot and MUGGY, but we have your rain!!!

Have a blessed Wednesday!