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Welcome to my blog lovely friends!  You are here because you may want to know a little more about me! I'm happy to help! LOL

First and foremost, I am a thankful child of the Kingdom of God!  I have been so amazingly blessed with abundant family, friends and precious children!

Father God blessed me with two AMAZING and beautiful daughters whom I am so proud of!  While I can't claim I did everything right as a mom, I'd like to think I did something right with what a blessing they are to me!  There probably aren't enough words in this world to express my gratitude for being allowed to have and raise them!

When I am not a mom, I'm probably one of the most eclectic people I know! LOL My girls call me the hippie lady and that's alright by me! Since this blog is about me, you will see that this is a middle-age, coming out sort of thing!!  An expression of me and the God given gifts placed on the inside of me that maybe out of fear or life events, I suppressed until now!  I love art in many areas, knitting, music, gardening, healthy eating and cooking, jewelry making, dulcimer playing, hiking, shonuff camping and nature journaling!  

On this blog, I will probably share and express my love for art in all areas of mixed media, from watercolor, journaling, acrylics, tags, ATC's, clay, sketching, etc.... and the like.  I am NOT a professional artist, but I AM a professional "play at it" artist! LOL I "art" as an expression of who I am, where I've been and even where I'm going! I believe your expression is yours alone and that's good enough for me! :)

When I'm not "arting," I'm an avid essential oil freak! I dabble at tinctures, DIY products of all sorts from personal products to home cleansing!  I'm a firm believer that God's natural creation is and always will be what His design for us and our bodies!  You can't go wrong with nature! 

I am a very spiritual person who is sold out for Jesus!  My heart is to express Him and the things He has awakened in me and to use them for His glory!  Those things may never get past this blog, but I am enjoying getting to know this other creative side of me and confirming that I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me!  There was a time that I didn't know or understand that, but God's revelations are such that you can't help but share!!

Hope you enjoy stopping by from time to time. 



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