Wednesday, May 26, 2021

WOYWW #625

Well, what's up all my crafty friends???? We find ourselves at another wonderful Wednesday where we can sneak a peek at one another's crafty domains!! Hop on over to Julia's Stamping Ground blog and give us a peek at your digs!!

Unfortunately this week, my crafty friends, this will be the shortest post in history!! My crafty domain is the cleanest and emptiest it's been in quite some time!! Last week was the wedding and then playing catch up at work because I took off for the wedding and now this week I'm playing cram the work in because I am taking Friday off and Monday is a holiday! My beautiful niece and nephew didn't go on a honeymoon so the whole wedding crew is going to the coast for a wonderful celebration of fun, sun, maybe a glass of wine or two, and family time!!! I can't wait, but there is always a consequence when you do these things, so it comes in the forms of an empty craft desk and humping it at work!

I did want to hop on though and let you all know that I haven't jumped ship! LOL After this weekend, it's back to crafting as usual!!  Also, those that I promised I'd a swap ATC with, it IS STILL in the works and I will be getting those out to you, but just taking a little longer due to all my celebrations!! So sorry everyone!! A girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta this case, celebrate! LOLOL   I did want to take the time to say thank you to all of you very special crafty friends that take the time to visit me weekly and allowed me to be a part of such a clever, crafty group over the years. I haven't been on from the beginning, but long enough to appreciate the friendships!! Never fear, ATC's are near!!!

Abby & Zach strike again!!

So, I will leave you with this wonderful photo of my sweet girl Abby and her main squeeze Zach who continuously tug at mama's heartstrings with beautiful flowers!! She knows I'm humping it at work so we can all go on vacay and she usually seems to make an appearance at just the right time!! She's my precious girl who always thinks of others!

Adriel, ready for the world!

The other photo share is of my oldest, beautiful Adriel, who started her clinicals this week!! She's worked hard and getting ready for the real world!!! It's amazing to see your children grow and become adults and ready to make their own impact in the world! I feel like God blessed me with two beautiful souls and maybe I did something right in the world!! LOLOL 

Happy Wednesday all you precious crafty friends!! I'll do my best to get around to you all, but no promises!!!! LOLOL


Wednesday, May 19, 2021

WOYWW #624

Good Wednesday all my crafty friends! It's that time of the week to share our talents, creativity, and sometimes miracles (mostly miracles for me, hee hee) on our desks over on Julia's Stamping Ground blog! Come on over and share your digs and I will try my best to get by and take a gander! LOL

It will be a quick post this week my friends. Last week and weekend was ALL about my nephew's wedding! It was crafting and cooking all the way up to midnight the day of!! I was exhausted! The actual wedding was Monday. I took off so that we could set up the venue and make his day the BEST! We started at 9am and I finally laid my head down at 12:30am! When I got home, I forgot that I had put my sheets to my bed in the washer and dryer before I left, so guess who had to put those suckers on when I got home in the wee hours? My feet were aching and I was so tired, but it had to be done! LOL  When growing up as a child, we were taught to make our beds every day. There was NO getting out of that dreaded task! So to this day, that is something I do regardless and I taught my kids the same......thanks mom! Anywho, she taught us to make a tight bed with hospital corners so you are a human burrito in my bed! LOL When I woke up Tuesday morning to go to work, I barely had to pull up the sheets to make the bed!!! I was so exhausted, I had not moved a lick during the night and the sheets were as they were when I put them on! NOW, that's exhausted! All in all, it was a beautiful wedding and I am so happy that I was able to be a part of making it so for them!

So there is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING in the making on my desk because of last week's festivities! I will share the finished piece that I was feverishly working on last week for their wedding. I was semi-happy with it, I just opted for simple, but it got done and given to them on Saturday at the shower. There is ALWAYS something more you "would have" done to it after you are done when you think about it. Isn't that funny how we do that? Oh well, it is what it is and here is the finished:

Wish I could have done more sparkle!!

This is with the gift cards attached!

My beautiful niece, nephew and great nephew!

Well, I think that is just about going to do it for me today folks!! I hope to get back to crafting this week ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, I still have to try the Marmite! LOLOL My kids have agreed to go on that adventure with me, so we shall see how that turns out!!

Here's to hoping you guys have a beautiful rest of your week and weekend!! I will leave you with a couple of pictures of me and my wonderful sisters that we took on our camping weekend several weeks ago!! I was in my element!!  Be blessed! :)

Got to love my 10 man tent!

Sisters are the best!

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

WOYWW #623

What's up all my crafty friends?????? It's our glorious hump day over on Julia's Stamping Ground blog where we share with one another what is happing on on our crafty desks!! Come on over and share and visit some pretty crafty folks! :)

So, once again, I was MIA last week. It was another busy week here in my neck of the woods. It seems as our numbers have continued to go down on the COVID front, the flood gates have opened and people are coming out of the woodwork and it has been crazy busy EVERYWHERE!! I know many of you have STILL not seen a release, so I am not gloating by any means, but I just hope that people don't get so excited that they let their guard down and we end up right back in the same mess! I had my second jab last week amidst the work chaos and thankfully I did not get sick!! I had heard horror stories about the second one, but I was blessed to be sure!  I did however have what felt like an arm made of a concrete block! LOLOL  It hurt so bad that even my shirt touching it brought a wince to my face!!  Thankfully it's all over and I don't have to think about those blasted things anymore.......unless they come up with something else!!! Let's hope that DOESN'T HAPPEN!!!!! LOLOL  I truly hope that everyone has come out well after ALL your shots!!!

So what's happening on my desk?  The beginning stages of my gift for my nephew and niece's wedding that is on THIS WEEKEND!! LOL Yes, you heard that right...beginning stages and this weekend!! So guess who is running around like a chicken with their head cut off?  LOL  Now to be fair, this gift came as rather an epiphany on Monday. The shower we have been planning, which is why crafting has been at a halt, is Saturday and it is going to be a gift card shower. So pretty easy crafting involved. But brilliant me just had to have a little "light bulb" moment and think to myself, "wouldn't it be cool to have a way to present the gift cards!?" Well, I'm NOT going to buy anything when I can make it right? In comes the project! I know...why do we do these things to ourselves??? 

Beginning stages of card holder

So this is as of last night. You can totally see it's a work in progress, but by gosh, I WILL get it done! I sanded her down, added a coat of gesso and then a layer of black. It was dark enough that I didn't feel I needed to add another.  "Turner" is my nephew's last name, hence the "T" and I'm adding a mandala around it. I will be adding some pink and more gold in there (the colors in their house) by way of some more mandala-type art either at the bottom and top or around the sides. Not sure yet, I have to think it out some more.....I mean in a hurry! LOL When I get done, I will be hanging the gift cards from the clips either directly, in an envelope or by a cute hanging twine piece. Not sure on that yet either.  This way they have another gift that they can hang in the kitchen for notes etc.... Nothing like putting the skills to a test, huh?? LOL

So, yipee to me, I was the winner last month with on of my swap groups! Not because of my ATC's, but because I had the "lucky card" in the swaps that were sent to me and that made me the winner! I was so stoked because I NEVER win ANYTHING! LOL  This is a fairly new swap group over on Instagram that @cwcrafts330 heads up! Go check out her Instagram page and if you want to be a part, we'd love to have you with CWCrafts ATC Swap Group!! It turns out, she lives in the same state that I do and I thought that was so cool! I live in such a rural area, that no one does the style of crafting that I do, so to find someone else doing that, even though she lives several hours away, was a treat.  So happy mail to me.....she sent me my gift for winning and I was so excited to get it!!!

What a great win right? Thanks Christine! :)

The thing that was so cool about it, is that I have been wanting to try out Arteza's watercolor/mixed media journals for a while and just haven't gotten around to purchasing one, so my win was timely!!!! Not that I need ANOTHER journal, but you know how we are.....just got to have one! LOL  Can't wait to dive in!!!  I'm so very thankful for my win! :)

Now for the best and most hysterical happy mail that I have received in a while.......drum came from our very own Julia Dunnit!! Just so you know, I laughed my tooshie off when I opened this up, Julia!!! I should have known you'd come up with something like this to send across the pond!!! For those who were not present at the #600 Zoom meeting, it was pretty much the inside joke where I remarked about Shoshi's Marmite suggestion, Jan got tickled, I made eye contact, then I got tickled and it was all over with!!!! LOLOL Once I start laughing, it's hard to stop!!!  So, in honor of our hilarity, Julia, it seems, has decided to send me some of your beloved condiment to try for my very own! LOLOLOL  It is very apparent that you cannot leave Julia alone to her own thoughts! LOLOL 

Look at that cuteness of a card!!!

Just so you all know, I haven't tried the Marmite yet!! It's not that I don't want to, I just haven't had the opportunity....because believe me, I want to give it ALLLLL the attention it deserves!!!!! No sireee, this isn't just ANY sample, it's THE sample of a lifetime! LOLOL  What I would like to do is have my kids help me video it and post it.  We shall see. First off, I don't like videoing or taking photos of myself, but really it's because I'd have to have them help this NON-techy mom actually get it done!! Next week's post shall be interesting!! LOL I'll wait to thank you then Julia!! LOL

Well, I think I have blabbed on long enough!! I hope you all are experiencing some fine weather. We really have had some beautiful days here lately. It stormed last night, but we need all the rain we can get up until what we call "summer," because it gets so extremely hot here and we can be in a drought before we know it, so rain is always welcome to get us through!!

Blessings for your Wednesday and until we meet up again! xo