Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Happy WOYWW #591

Good Wednesday all my crafty friends! :) It feels so good to be back in the saddle!!  Last week's post really helped "jump-start" me back in cyber-land! LOL It feels weird on one hand, but then at home on another!  You know, our art community is like a lifetime may not see them for weeks, months or even years, but when you come back together, it's like you haven't missed a you just saw them yesterday!! Well, that's how it feels to me! So....Gene Autry.....I'm riding in the art saddle again! LOL

So last week, I posted the Octo Art that I made for my sister!!! I mentioned it was for a friend, but just in case she happened to read my blog....I had to play it off!!! LOL  It was for her birthday, which was Sunday.  She is a great lover of octopus's and I had always wanted to do her one, so there you have it! The awkward bit is that her husband is an actual "professional artist," so I always feel a little beneath his amazing artistic talent when I send her things, but hey.....throw caution to the wind, right!!?? LOL  So below, you will find the finished piece!

"Octo" in all his glory!!

As I stated last week, this was all done in dip pen and ink.  I have long loved dip pen and ink art.  There is something very cathartic about it to me.  Yes, it may take a little more time, but that is the beauty about it to me.  Yes, I could use Micron pens for the same look, but it's the whole dipping and inking that I love.  This was done on Arches cold-pressed watercolor paper. Because of the tooth of the paper, sometimes I get a little "catch" when drawing, but I love the feel of cold-pressed paper and so I just press on! I may try some hot-pressed in the future just to see the difference, which I know will be significant in terms of flow.  

I did a real quick watercolor wash on Octo and around with my AMAZING Schmincke watercolor paints!  I got this lovely set several years ago as a gift to myself and have never regretted it!! Now, I am certainly NOT a seasoned watercolor artist, but I am learning. It may take a lifetime, but I'm willing! By far, it is one of the more complex mediums I have worked with, but nevertheless, I am having fun!  I did do some shading with a woodless graphite pencil afterward.  I like a woodless graphite pencil, because I don't have to sharpen it as much (I am inherently lazy) and I can shade on the side better without the wood.  And voila, it's done and put in the mail!!! I would usually try to frame things in a "floating frame," but I was already out of time and needed to get it in the mail! LOL

So what's on my desk today????? Well my next fun piece of course!!!  This one I have been wanting to do for awhile as well!! But guess's FOR ME!!!!! LOL  Yep, this one I want on my own wall!  I'm still in the process and when I'm done, I will post it as well.

I'm getting there! LOL

In the home I moved from, I had a huge walk-in closet that not only housed my clothes and shoes, you know thing it is actually supposed to do....hee hee....but it also housed my art station (that my ex husband built in) on one end and my spiritual station on the other.  It was wonderful because it was my true "she cave!"  I think I spent A LOT of time in that closet! LOL  When I moved into my new apartment, I was real worried I wouldn't have a designated "art space," so all my art supplies stayed in the garage until I could figure it out!  I actually found an amazing art drafting table at Walmart last year on sale for $99 and I snapped it up!! I love it! It inverts so I have a great incline for canvases and then sets down like a desk for other crafting!  I thought even if it was less than quality, and at least lasted me a couple of  years, I was only out $99!! LOL  I have so enjoyed it!  Now here it is in my "new" art space with lots of great natural light in my bedroom!  I'm a happy "art-er" again! LOL

My Happy Place!!!!!

Well, that's it for me today folks! I hope you all have a FABULOUS Wednesday!!  I will post next week the "other project" that I have been wanting to post that I will call the "Mom Project!" It was amazing fun to do and I can't wait to share!!

Happy crafting and blessings!

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

New Beginnings! WOYWW #590

Well hello and long time no see all my crafty friends! To say it has been a hot minute since I have posted on my Blog is an understatement!! LOL I have been on hiatus since 2018 and let me just say that, that went by in a flash!  I have heard that as you get older, time moves a lot faster!  Something about that seems a little backward, especially if you are a kid and you are waiting on Christmas! LOL But there you have it!

I have missed so many of my crafty friends over the last couple of years, however, I have heard from a few of you in my hiatus.  That being said, I have been trolling art pages and blogs during this time and keeping up with all of your amazing talents even if I haven't blogged or commented to that effect.  I pray each and every one of you have been growing in all your crafty goodness!

Without splashing too much of myself on the internet airways, I will give a snippet of my whereabouts.  The last, almost two years, has been a whirlwind! And predominately NOT good whirlwinds either! 2018 was a very difficult year taking care of my beloved father. Those of you who have been on my blog before know that my sisters and I were caregivers for my elderly father, which was a complete joy.  But in November of 2018, Jesus called him home!  I know that my father was ready to go and quite frankly, I was ready for him to be wrapped in Jesus's arms where there is no more suffering and no more pain.  I know now that he is in Heaven surrounded by family, friends and all the birds of the air, which he loved so much! His is missed DAILY!

My sweet Daddy and my personal Aaron & Hur Sisters!

In December of that same year, my husband and I separated after close to 30 years of being together.  As 2019 rolled around the rest of the terrible unfolded. In February I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and also possibly faced throat cancer.  Immediately after the cancer diagnosis, I went through the whole divorce battle and finalization. The rest of the year saw three surgeries, cancer treatment, selling my home, finding a new place to live, and moving to that said new place! The throat tumor, was benign thank the Lord! The doctor opted not to remove the tumor in my throat due to the fact that I had already been through quite a few surgeries and we will just continue to keep a watch on it.

Through all that, I had so many friends and family who prayed and continue to pray for me and my two sweet daughters' well being! I'm so thankful for the gift of SISTERS!! My two sisters were with me EVERY STEP of the way! They went to every treatment and were my Aaron and Hur! In the Bible when Moses became weary on the mount, Aaron and Hur held up his arms until the battle was finished!  And that's what they did!  I am such a blessed woman to have powerful women of spiritual strength and prayer by my side!!  Had it not been for that amazing power of prayer and my faith in an amazing Father in Heaven, I would have been a mess!  Through it all, I had complete peace in knowing that Father God had me every step of the way!

All the above stated, not a whole lot of art went on. There were moments that I wanted to so badly, but then there just never seemed to be the right time or even "mojo" for it!  It saddens me because I feel like I am out of the loop, so to speak and have to get my "mojo" back on! LOL  I have started back slowly with some watercolor play.  I actually treated myself last Christmas with a new paintbrush and watercolor palette, both that I have been craving for several years and just didn't really have the funds for it at the time. Good ole Santa pulled through again! LOL

My new year (I don't make resolutions, just goals) was plans for restoration!!  AND....I didn't look back or drag things into 2019.  Of course, that's always a challenge, but again, that is where faith comes in.  Currently, I am trying to revamp this blog to something fresh and new, but as I am not a "real" techy person, this is also a challenge. It may go through several phases before I get it right, but all good things usually do! LOL

I know a lot of my art community has changed in my hiatus, things have ceased to exist (Google+) and some of the challenges I used to partake in, but hopefully, as I get back into it, I can find new ones and reconnect with a lot of old art pals and make new ones!

As a part of What's on Your Workdesk #590 over on Julia Dunnit's Stamping Ground blog, here is what is currently on my workdesk.......FINALLY!  I am making this for a gift for someone one whom I love dearly who LOVES octopuses's!!  It's still in process, but it was all done in dip pen and ink (which I simply LOVE to do) and then eventually a wash of watercolor will finish it off!  I will post when complete.....if I didn't mess it up too badly! LOLOL  I also have another project going on that maybe I can post next week!  I hope to get over and see all of your happenings today!!

Dip pen & ink Octo in the making!!

As this year is nearing its end, my prayer is that through 2019 and all it's MANY challenges and disasters, was filled with LOTS of arty goodness and HEALTH through the storm of our country right now for you ALL!! Many, many blessings of light, love, and prosperity!  Happy Wednesday! :)