Friday, August 26, 2016

Dog Days of Summer!

Happy Friday all my crafty friends! We have "dog days" in Georgia, or at least what I call "dog days!" You know those lulled "hot" times in between summer and fall when you are just WISHING for fall to hurry up and get here! Yep, that it! Georgia NEVER seems to have an in between weather season. It's always the extreme from one straight to another! Ohhhhh bother, as Eeyore would say. So, we just hurry up and wait! LOLOL But the bright side is that it IS in fact Friday and the weekend is here! :)

Today, I will be sharing my Tag It Tuesday, albeit a little behind, for the month of August! I have been running like a mad woman all month and so, as per what would seem my norm, I'm coming in at the 9th hour with my projects!  This month Sheri, who is the coordinator over on the Facebook group, picked this month's challenge from the Color Wheel using secondary colors (green, violet, and orange). If you are like I was when I first saw these three colors together, you were like, HUH??? LOLOL, But, as it turns out, they actually worked quite well together!
I was very happy with how my tag came out and, as I have noted before, I am loving these challenges more and more because it really forces you to think outside the box and helps your growth in creativity! That's a good thing for stubborn folks like me! LOLOL

This tag really was simple and quick to do. I simply pulled a bunch of scrap papers, whether it was jelly pulls or scrapbook papers (in the colors requested), and collaged here and there on my tag along with a piece of left over lace and then did a gesso wash over top. I then pulled out acrylics in the required colors and placed on my non stick craft sheet and then took out an old credit card, dredged through each of the colors and scraped on my tag here and there. Then as I still had some paint on my sheet, I took a background stamp and stamped in the colors and placed on the tag for more texture.

I keep old calendars if they have good pictures on them and I had one that had some pretty orange flowers on them, so I cute one along with a couple of leaves to put on my tag and then took one of my butterfly stamps and stamped on some card stock and heat embossed with some WOW powder in black. then proceeded to color with some of the left over paint. I had a cute little stamp I got in a stash one time that says "Bloom where you're planted" that is just so cute to me, so I stamped it on some card stock and sprayed with some Lindy's and distressed with Vintage Photo. I used some Aleene's to adhere along with some pop dots and voila!!

I really was pleased with how it turned out! So my upside down smile ended up turning right side up!! LOLOL Step out and do a challenge today, you never know where it may lead you! :)

Make it a great Friday! :)


  1. Beautiful! Loving the grungy background and the funky ribbons! Somebody's on creative fire around here!

    1. LOLOL, I have been having some fun, too right! You know how that goes though Zsuzsa, one minute you are on fire and then then next minute your easing along hoping to get a morsel of creativity!! I loved those ribbons too....the LAST bit of them...sigh! One of my biggest downfalls is that I don't have a lot of ribbon stash! I don't sew or anything so picking up ribbon is always a second thought! We don't really have a good supply around here, I usually have to drive an hour away to get any good crafty items. That being said I usually use my cash for mixed media and then forget about the ribbon! Must get a handle on that! LOLOL

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    1. Oh thank you SO much Susan! Thanks for stopping in and blessings to you! :)