Thursday, April 18, 2013

A New Journey

I've always wanted to have a blog, but thought what do I have to say that would interest anyone?  But then, I got to thinking about it and thought, no, this will be a space for ME!  This space will express ME and the things I feel God has placed in me, that maybe you can't see!

As I have gotten older and married with children, all the things that I wish I had done or had the courage to do when I was younger, but was too worried about what others thought about me, are now coming to the surface.  I've decided to do, learn and take part in the things I always wished I had.  With that, comes out the creative side of me!

This space will be dedicated to the expression of the beautiful gifts God has placed in me and maybe displaying the gifts of others that speak, encourage and inspire me to travel on new roads and share my experiences along the way!

I'm an artsy, musical, spiritual, gardening, foody!  So this will be my space to show forth my new found gifts in those areas as I learn and travel down all these new creative roads.

The diversity of the gifts God has placed in people are as vast as the stars.  They are ALL special and unique, but ALL come from the same Spirit!  Hence, there is more to me than you will ever see!  Thank you God for your many gifts!

One of my loves is art.  I've always loved to draw.  I started a Nature Journal, which I will be sharing with you at some point and time, but one of my newest art loves is Zentangle ®.  I have been having a ball with this!  I came across it by accident and thought, hey, I've give it a whirl!  Since then, it's been addictive!  Thought I would share one of my pieces with you.  Pretty cool, huh?  One of my buttons to the right is for the "Diva's Weekly Challenge."  She's a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) and posts weekly challenges on her blog.  Her blog is so much fun!  Hope to post some of my results from her challenges!  I'm new to this, so most of the stuff I have been doing is from my cluttered mind!  If you are interested, you can go to and find out all you want to know!

Fun new way to express myself!  Even my kiddos like it....that's saying something!!  Give it a try if you like!