Wednesday, March 31, 2021

WOYWW #617

So what's up all my crafty friends?? Happy Wednesday to you all!! Time to do the "linky" dance over on Julia's Stamping Ground blog!! Seriously.....I want to see you do a jig!! LOL I'd probably disjoint fact, if you see me doing a jig, first off you'd be embarrassed, second 911 cause I'm going to need some help!! LOLOL Come on over and show us your desk with other crafty friends!

So how's the weather doing in everyone's world? It's so funny that some are still seeing snow, some in summer and some embarking on winter. Now look, I'm not that daft, I realize that we are all in different parts of the world as it turns and seeing the sun at different times in different parts above and under the equator, etc..... but it's still pretty cool to think about how God created this world and universe to operate differently, but just so! We are still combatting the pollen here, but we have had some rain to beat it down a bit. Today we are to see upwards of 84 degrees....UGGGHHH....I simply am NOT ready for the sticky, balmy, HOT weather!! Enjoy your snow a bit more my friends, I'm just a tad bit envious!!! LOL

So my desk today is actually pretty clean because I tidied a bit after a weekend of crafting and all I have are products on top ready for the next project. So this photo is actually from Saturday whereby I was working on some watercolor cards. I have this really awesome botanical book that you will see to the left that I get inspiration from. Of course, mine NEVER turns out like theirs, but I can't draw off the top of my head, I have to have something to look at. So, since this is supposed to be spring, which is a joke in Georgia, I thought I would tackle a couple of different flowers. You will also see two of those Prima watercolor palettes that I bought a while back for myself. I really do love them and so glad I made that purchase for myself. Behind those palettes, you will see artwork of my own and several cards from dear, dear art friends. To the right behind the yummy coffee (sorry all you tea drinkers) is the first card I worked on. 
What's going on......

Both cards I had a lot of fun doing. I still don't "really" know what I am doing with watercolor painting and watercolor "techniques," but this is the Felicia "wing it" technique!! LOL I should really probably try to learn about color theory and the like, but every time I begin reading about all that, I feel a HUGE snooze coming on and so I just toss it to the side and dive in. That's more my style! LOL Now what's so iron about that whole phenomenon is that I always want "order" and "directions" with things and like following the "rules" when putting things together or playing games, so it makes absolutely no sense at all???? Maybe art is the "let your hair down" part of my life? Who knows? I've always been the "quirky one," so it shouldn't surprise me!! LOL
Sunflower kind of day!

East Tulips

This next photo I just have to share. NOT to gloat, but simply to share the blessing that I received because it was so special to me!! This myriad of loveliness came in the mail last week from a dear friend of mine!! This lady, I only know from online, but she feels like a friend next door. You guys TOTALLY know what I mean. Our online art groups are so amazing and such a blessing to many.  I have known this lady for years and met in one of those online art groups many years ago and we have kept in touch all through the years. She has been a prayer warrior for me throughout my cancer, blood disorders, divorce battles, two-year art hiatus and was simply "just my friend" when I needed one! She somehow always knew when I needed a kind word and a beautiful email would show up at just the right time! I believe God places people in your life for just the right seasons in life. She's a beautiful person inside and it reflects in her artwork. She's an amazing card maker and I just love receiving her craftiness.

Art goodness from my gal pal!!!

I love "connecting" with people and that's what these art groups have been for me, connecting, sharing, forging friendships, sharing thoughts and ideas without judgment, being silly and laughing, and just really being me! Because you guys "get it!" We all connect on some even plain and for some folks, lasting friendships over the course of years! It's simply just lovely!

This crafty goodness from ANOTHER longtime
dear art pal says it ALLLLL!  FRIENDSHIP!

Well, friends, that's enough of my babbling for one day! Incidentally, I FINALLY had my FIRST jab and I'm glad the suspense is over with!! All went well save a little nausea and sore arm for a few days!! STILL not looking forward to the second one, but ready to get it done!!  Take care and Happy Wednesday to you all!


Wednesday, March 24, 2021

WOYWW #616

Happy Wednesday all my crafty friends!!! Another week of crafty delights shared by so many crafty folks over on Julia's Stamping Ground!! Step around to her desk and play along, we'd love to come visit you too!!!

Well deskers, sorry to say that I didn't make it around to everyone's desk last week. I gave it the old school girl try, but it just didn't happen! LOL I will try to do much better this week!  So much of the pollen deluge has settled, but I find that pollen is much like cockroaches, where there is some, there is more!!! LOLOL We are by far not out of the woods, but hopefully soon!! Don't even think about washing your car while this pain in the royal backside is going on!!  I have black interior in my car, which at the moment slightly resembles the outside, so I CAN'T WAIT to finally get to wipe the inside down as well!  I guess if that's the only thing I have to complain about, I'm doing pretty good! LOL

Can't really show you what's "actually" on my desk at the moment because, alas, I have finished BOTH sets of my ATC Swap Group cards for April and I am putting the finishing touches on them to put in the mail hopefully by tomorrow. So what I will show you are the pictures I took of both sets showing the backgrounds. I really had fun doing both of these sets and I can't wait to show you the finished cards. I pulled out some products that I haven't used in a hot minute and it was fun to use some of them again. You know how we are crafters......we buy stuff, use it a couple of times, and then sadly it gets shelved for the "newest and coolest" product out!! LOL  but anyway, I pulled out my big box of gelatos that I know I haven't used in a couple of years! Sad, but true. I really enjoyed using them and must remember to keep them around!!

Using those Gelatos & Heavy Gesso

A little collaging with my gelatos and gesso
I really wanted to get these swaps done and in the mail, because I have soooooo many projects on my list to do and I am having a hard time getting to them. Three of the projects are actually commissions!! Now probably not in the sense that most folks think because I don't charge for my work. I do my art as a hobby and because I love it and love sharing it just as much. But It always thrills me when someone asks me to do something for them!!  So I really, really need to get started on them. Hopefully, I will be able to show them a little along the way because I don't think these particular people look at or know about my blog, so I can openly share as I trek on!  I truly hope that I will be able to express through my art what they are looking for. That's always the worry isn't it??? Good thing I don't charge because then if it's not to their suiting, they won't be out anything! LOLOL   Hey, you got to see the bright side to everything huh??? 

Starting to embellish

Well, my crafty friends, here is hoping that each and every one of you has remained healthy and safe, had all your jabs (stilllllllll haven't had mine yet!! I guess they are waiting on Christmas! LOL) and spring is trying to pop its way out of the snow in your neck of the woods!! 

Many blessings to you!

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

WOYWW #615

Good Wednesday all my crafty friends and a Happy St. Patty's Day to Ya!!!!! I had quite a few comments last week about how it is so funny that we celebrate St. Patty's over here in the states more than you guys seem to over across the pond!!! I was surprised by that, to say the least!! But then we Americans tend to take the ball and run with it....and run with it....and run with it!!!! LOLOL  But let me just say, that since I do live in the City of "Dublin," Dublin, Georgia that is, we tend to celebrate it with a fierce passion. We have a month-long celebration with, parades, arts and crafts, balloon festivals, Pancake breakfasts, library book sales, green grits, green beer, BBQ cookoffs, beauty pageants and the list goes on and on for a whole month! It really is a fabulously fun month. Last year as well as this year, however, it has been called off due to COVID!!! This year, we have let up a bit with the numbers coming down and a few things have gone on, but not the major events that draw crowds!! So, hopefully, next year all will be right again because the folks around here are literally turning green by going into DT's!!!!! LOLOL So.....Erin go bragh to you!!!!!

So I will share my desk as of last night, which is a complete mess as I try to get more ATC Swap's finished. Thankfully, I got all of my March Swap materials turned in on time, however, I am trying to get April's done and in the mail so it won't be a mad dash again!!!! LOLOL  If you want to share what is on your desk as well, hop on over to Julia's Stamping Ground and link up for the share!!

St. Patty a go go!!!

So these were my ATC's for March over on Amy's Art Alchemy International Swap Group on Instagram. I really pressed through guys because I wasn't "feeling it" with these little boogers, but in the end, they were ok and hopefully the folks who receive them won't be wondering what the heck I am doing in the swap group!!!!! LOLOLOL

The other swap group I joined was over on the Discord platform. I really don't know a lot about that platform and will be fumbling my way around in it for a bit until I can get it.....hopefully sometime within the next decade!! I'm NOT tech savvy AT ALL and as a result, spend entirely too much time trying to figure something out. And when I do, it's usually time for a new fandangled platform to be the latest and coolest one to be on!!! Uggghhhh, to coin the phrase of Cher in the movie Moonstruck, I just need to "Snap Out of It!" LOL

So all of these ATC's used the artboard that I posted a couple back.  Let me just say that I have gotten a new phone, well overdue, and have yet to figure out how to make photos look bright and beautiful......of course, that could be the fact that I am NOT a photographer....hee hee....but the background was a lot more colorful than my photos show. I used pinks, albeit chalky pinks, but these photos don't really show up "pink" to me, so......note to self, learn how to use my phone as well as the new internet platform!!! Lord, I can't take on any more projects!!!! LOLOL The first swap group I participate in doesn't typically ever have a theme, but the second one did and it was "Changing Seasons."  And boy howdy we sure are in the midst of that in my town right now!!! CAN YOU SAY POLLEN!!!!!!!!!!

Literally what my city looks like right now!!!

Well, my friends, that's it for me today! I will do my best to get around to you all. I will try to start with the ones I didn't get to last week! LOLOL Maybe work my way backward! LOLOL  Daylight savings stole an hour you know!!! LOLOL

Blessings to you all!

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

WOYWW #614

Good Wednesday all my crafty friends!! It is in fact another Wednesday and time to link up with a plethora of crafty and talented folks over on Julia's Stamping Ground! Come hop on over and join the art madness!

Well hello, all and one! I hope your last week and weekend were a good one. I certainly hope you lovelies across the way are having better weather. Some states here are still experiencing yuckies, but I think a lot of us are starting to see some semblance of spring!!  Daylight savings time starts this weekend, so we will start having longer days. Speaking of which there are House Bills out that have passed through several houses to get rid of the "changing times." Not sure when all that business started way back when, but it does get everyone's dander up when we have to change times. I'd prefer staying in daylight savings time instead of standard time because it gives us longer daylight, but I'm just one person, so we will see if it reaches the top?  Also House Bill 290, the Healthcare Bill that I spoke of last week has passed through on several floors, but now sits on the Senate Floor for passing. Have my fingers crossed for my sweet mother!!

I hope all of you lovely UKers are seeing some improvement on the COVID front. We are actually seeing better numbers in my county and there has been a little bit of an exhale. I have yet to get my shot? I'm on the list, but I know there are others that need to be attended to first. I guess that's a perk of being 56, I'm not quite "old enough" yet!!!! LOLOL That was always the story of my life growing up, I was never "old enough" to do anything, I guess some things never change!!! LOL

Today's post may be short and sweet. I didn't get a lot done last week. I didn't work at all on my dot art, because I am trying to finish my two sets of ATC's for the 15th. As you can see, I need to get a move on being that today is the 10th!! I will actually have them in the mail tomorrow (my famous skidding in at the 9th-hour technique) and luckily one group's headquarters is here in my state so it will only take a day to get to her. So my photo today you will see my desk as of last night. These are some of the ATC's that I have been working on. It's March and so I just chose to go with the St. Patrick's theme. I will be honest with you all and just say that I am NOT thrilled with where this lot is going this month. I wasn't really "feeling it" if you will. I didn't really have to do a theme per say, but I did and now really wish I hadn't. Oh well, life goes on right? Can't always be "on point" as they say. I'm still just playing at this point and more to do to finish out, so maybe I can redeem myself with the ones I have left to do! LOLOL  I will show the whole lot, if it doesn't go further south, next week! LOL


On a more positive note, I have a surprise this week! I was out looking through my stash for goodies for my ATC's when I found one of my craft boxes that had bunches of tags and ATC's in it from past swaps and swap groups and I found a treasure from one of our very own deskers!!!!! I was stoked when I found it!! It was from none other than Sarah Brennan!!!! What a treat right? Do you remember making this Sarah?  I think it was either in 2014 or 2015, I can't remember. There isn't a date on it and I couldn't find one on the envelope either?  I have been in so many swaps that I can't remember everyone, but I was truly surprised when I found this one! It made my evening when I found it! Just a little throwback for you guys today! :)

My very own Sarah Brennan Treasure!

As it's Wednesday and "hump day" as we say over here in the states, I am truly ready to get over the hump this week! I don't usually have "meh" moments, but it is what it is this week! So in order to put a little pep in my step and smile on my face, I've pulled up a past happy moment to share.

Me in my element!!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hike!! I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE camping!!! Since we had to get rid of the camper when I got divorced, I haven't been camping since. But that is all about to change. Since then, I have been acquiring camping stash, bit by bit and piece by piece to return to my all-time favorite love. Since I got the tent for Christmas, you remember that post, I am now set to go!! All we need is FAB weather and I'm hitting the road! I dream of hiking trails and nature surrounding me. As I am a spiritual person, it is all a huge part of my spirituality and that is what I need right now!!! These times have had us all in a tiz and I'm ready to be among God's creation and leave the tiz behind!!! :)

Well, have an AWESOME Wednesday friends and beautiful rest of your week!


Wednesday, March 3, 2021

WOYWW #613

Good Wednesday all my crafty friends!! Well.....somebody went MIA last week......any guesses (*wink)? Yep, just rolled right on by last week and I hadn't a minute to spare!! LOL That's pretty bad! LOL  But this week I'm heading on over to Julia's Stamping Ground to give a little peaksies to my desksies!! Come on over to check out all the other lovely crafters! :)

So my last turn up here, I might have shown the chaos of my desk, with goodies of course, but it's still a hot mess, except it does have a mess of projects on it!! I'm at it with my dot arting and having a great time. But today my desk reflects that I can't keep my mind on one thing at a time. I think I have discussed before that I may be working on something and start thinking about something else and have to put the work in progress to the side to work on the newest thing that has popped up in the old noggin!! It's terrible and I'm terrible!! LOL  I wish I could say that, that might change somewhere in the future, but I'm thinking that's a big NOPE! LOL  So here's the photo as it was last night.

Projects, projects, projects!!!!

So three of the projects that I am working on are being given a sneak peek here. I'm not through with either one, bringing to the surface my aforementioned problem! LOL Anywho, to the left, is a wooden canvas board with a dot pattern on it. As I was following along with someone else's pattern, I'm not sure I am through with it. They were using different tools than I have and my proportions didn't come out as theirs so geographically speaking, I feel like I have too much space left as you can see by my gridline patterns still showing. Not sure if I will stop or add to it yet?

Then to the right is a dot owl that I am working on. This one got put to the side for the project in the middle, but mainly because I couldn't decide where to go next in my mind.  I always draw my initial pattern on the piece, but sometimes it drifts. LOL Anywho, I will get back to it. BUT, the piece in the middle has been heavy on my mind and I wanted to get started on it. It is a sugar skull for my daughter!!

Remember I told you that my sister had a list of wood pieces to cut out for me on her docket?  Well, this is one of the pieces! I have been wanting to do a sugar skull dot art for awhile. So far, I have only prepped it with sanding and several coats of paint. I always draw my pattern out first on just plain paper and then depending on the background, transfer to the piece with either graphite or chalk paper. So you can see his beginnings here! I just can't wait to get this done for her! Below, you can see all the pieces I had my sister cut out for me. I got quite a few in each pattern, which means.....I have my work cut out for me!! LOL

Lastly, this is what I was working on really late last night. I cleared off the mess and made way for this background page that was then cut into ATC's.  I am now a member in three, yes three swap groups for ATC's. The problem is, I said I wasn't going to do that this year, but here I am!! LOL I couldn't help myself because two of them I was asked to join, so I felt so honored that I couldn't say no! LOL Oh well, it's all arty fun isn't it? I haven't a clue where I am going with this background, but I got to get my thinking cap going though because two sets have to be at their designation by the 15th!!! Yes, I do this to myself!! And no, I shan't complain, because of the previous statement! LOL

ATC's in the making!!!

So last week my taxes came in...hip hip horrayyyyyyy!!! Not sure if you file taxes across the pond, but that's our yearly task in February. I do mine (well my lovely assistant does mine...hee hee) online and so it comes back pretty quickly!! I got back a good bit this year, so enough to FINALLY get me a new phone, a new vacuum, wahooooo, and still put some into my savings!! The phone was great, but I was really stoked about the new vacuum! Life made so much simpler right????? So yay me!

So right now in my state in the general assembly, we are fighting to have House Bill 290 passed. This bill brings a lot of controversies, but if passed into law, the legislation would prevent hospitals and nursing homes from putting a policy in place to keep family members away from patients and residents during a declared health emergency like the most recent COVID-19 pandemic. Trust me, I understand why it was put into place, to keep those people safe, however, so many like me, have not seen their loved one in almost a year. My mother lives in a nursing home. Or, so many people lost a loved one in the hospital and did not even see them before they passed. I think it's inhumane for the person in the hospital as well as the one on the outside desperate to see them that one last time! There are so many good arguments either way, so I will not get into them as we all have our own opinions. But for me, I will be the first one to throw a party when and if it passes! 

As my own mother is one who has been living with these conditions, I can fully say that I know she will be the better when it passes. She sits in her four-walled room 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can't leave her room.  Imagine that being you? She can't go out of her room and no one can go see her. Now imagine that for a year!!!!!!!! Her whole countenance has changed since this whole thing has started. She has lost so much weight and really doesn't feel like she is here for anything anymore!!! She has had four of her friends die around her since this has started. I'm simply desperate for this bill to pass so that we can physically go see her and possibly touch her and bring life back to her body!! If it passes, it won't be effective until July 1st, but I will take what I can get! We will be able to see her for two hours a day!! We live an hour away from her, so that won't be possible for me daily because I work, but I will be able to at least go back to seeing her on the weekends like I used to!! I miss my mother!


Well, my friends. Here's hoping you have a wonderful Wednesday and fabulous rest of your week! I will do my best to pop on over to everyone's blog. We have a Council meeting this week and as our COVID numbers have gone down considerably, we will finally be opening our building to the public with restrictions of course.  So I will be preparing for that. Blessings to you all and I hope you are all continuing to stay safe and healthy!