Wednesday, June 30, 2021

WOYWW #630

Good Wednesday all my crafty friends!!  Can we all just say how QUICKLY this year is flying by? And.....can we all just say that we don't remember a thing about last year?  Seriously, it is a blip to me!!! LOLOL Not good, of course, but we will all "remember the year that "no one remembers" in history!! LOLOL  Is that an oxymoron?  LOLOL  Well, before we forget this week, jump on over to our fabulous host Julia's Stamping Ground Blog and share what's on your desk "this" Wednesday! 😂

So, what's going on at my crafty desk! A few things in fact.  I am working on my next sugar skull.  I am taking a little different route with this one, so we shall see how it goes!  It's always a leap of faith in the crafting world when we decide to do something different....I take A LOT of leaps of faith! LOL  I have so much fun doing these guys, however, so it's ok.  This is obviously in the very preliminary stages.  It usually takes a few days to get the base because of the base painting and then I think I alluded to this last week, but it takes a good day or two to draw what I want on base to paint. Note to self, and anyone else who is thinking of doing this, DON'T USE carbon paper (you know that stuff we used to have to put in between two sheets of typing paper to get a carbon copy...hee hee  This was before copiers were affordable!!! YES, I am that old!) to transfer your image!!! LOL  I feel like I have used it in the past, but had a different experience this time. It bleeds through the paint and doesn't come off easily when you try to erase boo boo's! I have now acquired graphite paper and we shall see if it makes a difference in the next project!! Who knows, it may be the same exact thing disguised under a different name! LOLOL

Let's see where this one goes???

I have also started the background for my July ATC's.  Trying to go ahead and get them in the mail before the 15th. We shall see! LOL

Independence Day here we come!!

Let's have a little Happy Mail share! I actually got this last 12th Anniversary ATC last week in the mail, but AFTER I posted for WOYWW! This clever ATC came from our very own Morti! She did a fabulous job on this ATC. The embre of colors, I love and the embossed WOYWW 12 all over was too clever! I don't know why I never remember to emboss more! She also included a lovely postcard from Cornwall, where she lives! Thank you so much Morti, I love it! 💓  Also Caro, if you are come round to my desk, email me your email so we can chat! 

Thank you Morti for a great ATC and Postcard! :)

This lovely batch is my June Swap ATC's that I received from CWCrafts Swap Group over on Instagram!  As always, there is no theme, but everyone always seems to come up with season-appropriate themes for their cards! I really enjoy doing these swaps!

I was blessed with these ATC Puppies!

Now, for the BEST happy mail that I received this past weekend!!! Hooray for felting supplies!! I am so stoked you guys! I simply can't wait to get started. The problem is I have these other things on my desktop that I need to get finished, so it will have to wait....sniff...sniff! I wouldn't be able to give it my full attention knowing I had other things to finish, so it will be just a little bit! I got one kit (the Mushroom) that I was assured was a good beginner's kit to start. And then I had watched a separate video by Marie at Living Felt that had my eyes filled with stars wanting to do that project as well. There is no kit for it (the Lavendar Fields photo peeking out on the right), so I had to buy everything separately. It was a wee bit pricey for all the batting, etc....but they give you ample and I probably won't use it all on this project, so I should have some leftover for another project as well.  All in all...YET ANOTHER EXPENSIVE HABIT I have fallen upon! LOLOL  Again, THANKS JO for heading me down that highway! LOLOL Truly though, I am thankful, I love ALL crafting and especially if it gets me out of my comfort zone! 😉

Felting Goodness Galore!!

Well, all my friends, that's about it for me today and I will do my best to get around to as many as I can within my workday!  Sometimes it's harder than other times! I love each and EVERY ONE of your crafty talents and inspiration! 💓


Wednesday, June 23, 2021

WOYWW #629

Happy Wednesday all my crafty friends!!! So it is another beautiful Wednesday whereby we get to share what is on our crafty desks!!!!  Link on up over on Julia's Stamping Ground blog and share with so many other creative artists your amazing talent!

It has been a crazy busy week and a half as I feel like all I have done has been to coordinate receptions and meetings!!! LOL  Don't get me wrong, I love the creativity of doing that, but it's pins and needles until it's all over!  It's just like when you go on a trip and a mile down the road you get the "I think I forgot something" syndrome!!!!  I really think it's really all about making that good impression on the powers that be so that I can say that I have a job tomorrow!!! LOL  Today is my last meeting this week.  Our city is hosting the State's Municipal Gas Authority Board Meeting, so meeting planning, catering breakfast and luncheon, and then as always the CLEANUP!!!! Then, I can breathe! LOL And....maybe a glass of wine! LOL

So what's on my desk this week?  Well as I got all my swaps in the mail last week, I mentioned I could now finish up on Abby's Sugar Skull!! After getting a hint a day that went something like this...."boy, I sure wish I had a sugar skull to put on my wall..."  That little booger! LOLOL So, I had put her on the back burner long enough and finished it up!!

Abby's Sugar Skull!!

So what do you think guys?  I had fun with this one. It started out a challenge, in my mind, but then the further I went the more it came together! I already have another one my desk ready to sand and get the base coats on.  I think I will go a little different colorings on the next one, but I will give you a peek next week!

So that's it on my desk for this week guys.  Just getting that done feels like a miracle!! But along with a new skull, I will be starting my new set of ATC swaps for next month. Going to try to get a jump on things so I'm not the ninth-hour girl again!! LOL

Before I sign off today, I will let you all in on a little secret.......I will be starting a new crafty adventure! I am super stoked about it and can't wait to get started.  This is something that I have been researching for several years and have finally decided to take the plunge! It all started actually here on our WOYWW!!! Yep, that's right and with our very own Jo Betts!  She had some beautiful needle felting on her blog years ago that I just fell in love with! So, like any good crafter, I began researching the art.  I found out, of course, that it was Maxine's (Tea Tilly Dance) beautiful art and I contacted her on her blog and she was so gracious with taking time with me and answering questions, etc....  Well, years later, and a little more nerve to give it a try, I am FINALLY doing it! I have my first box of felty treasures coming in the mail within the next few days and I can't wait!!! I am so super excited!!

Maxine's beautiful work and my inspiration!

I KNOW, I KNOW, I don't need one more project on my desk, but it's a sickness I tell you.....hello my name is Felicia and I CAN'T STOP trying EVERY creative process known to man!!!!  I will be doing Art Needle Felting or Needle Felt Painting as some call it.  I'm not interested in the 3D figurines, etc...And I really think what drew me to the 2D felting was its similarity to watercolor painting.  The aesthetics of it, the flow of it, reminds me of watercolor painting.  I also want to try wet felting, but let's not put the cart before the horse! LOLOL  I will be sharing my journey, so get ready for wackadoodle show stoppers! LOL  Thanks Jo for sharing your daughter's lovely talent and Maxine for your creative gift and inspiration!

Happy WOYWW and blessings!

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

WOYWW #628

Good Wednesday all my crafty friends!!!! Life has marched on around to another Wednesday to share what we are working on!!  It has been a whirlwind, literally, over in my neck of the woods!! We have had the craziest weather!! Lots of rain, well needed I might add, but along with that rain has been some major storms.  One even brought a small tornado close to my home. It was a quick touchdown with no damage, but a whirlwind it brought!! But it lit a fire under me to get things done on my desk to share over on Julia's Stamping Ground blog.  Hopefully, you haven't had the same incentive as I have, LOL, but are able to come over and share with us what's on your work desk!! LOL

So as I said, It has been a whirlwind on my desk but I got both sets of my swap ATC's done and in the mail.  It was nothing short of a miracle! Both sets were due yesterday in different state locations, but they both skidded in on the ninth hour yesterday at both locations!!!  Miracles do still exist!! LOLOL I had the art gods on my side I tell you!! 

ATC's for CW Crafts Swap Group

ATC's for Amy's Art Alchemy International Swap Group

Neither group has a theme, which is good because oftentimes I think it restricts my creative thinking when I have to sweat a "theme!"  It's a catch 22 really because sometimes a theme takes the pressure off of thinking about what you have to do, so who knows really!!! LOL  But I'm a rebel at heart, so I'll go with the first thought! LOLOL  In both cases, however, I was trying to go with some sort of summer thought process so hopefully, it comes across to the recipient!!

Speaking of ATC's, I hope all of you over the pond folks have received my 12th Anniversary Swaps by now.  If not, blame it on our lovely postal service!!  I don't know if you have it any better over there, but it's a nightmare over here.  To be truthful it was a nightmare BEFORE Covid, so they can't use that blasted outbreak on their poor services!! LOL 

So what is truly on my desk as of last night?  Well, I am finally playing catch up with some of the projects I had tabled to do "life" things! My blasted life just simply gets in my ALL the time! LOLOL  My Abby had been wanting a Sugar Skull and I had started it a couple of months ago, but now it's time to finish it for that sweet patient girl!  So here's a peek at the midpoint.  I hope to finish it this weekend and be able to show you the final product next week.  She's so excited to be putting it on her wall.  She's like her mama.....very eclectic tastes! LOL
Skull in the process! He's coming along!

This skull is part of the group of pieces that my sister cut out for me several months ago.  You may remember I posted about them.  I only had her do about four of these guys, so I hope to do one along here and there.  I have been having fun doing this guy and really making it up and changing things as I go along. I did have a skull I found online that I used as a guide, but putting my own twist to it. I think the hardest part about these guys is getting the pattern on the skull. I have to draw it on paper first and then transfer it to the painted wood with a white charcoal pencil and then I can do my dot painting over it.  The good thing is the charcoal wipes off with water, which came in handy because the first time I transferred it onto the wood, IT WAS CROOKED!!! Lol Ever the perfectionist, I wiped it off and started over!!! LOL  It's still a little crooked, but it all has come together!

Speaking of my Abby, she struck again last week! She has a habit of showing up at my workplace flowers in hand!! She CONSTANTLY knows how to brighten my day! It's like she has a sixth sense because she always seems to show up when I am stressed and need a little love! LOL  Right now I am amidst planning a huge reception for our Mayor who will not be running in this year's election. He has decided to retire after three terms! He was on our Council before that, so he has been around for awhile! He will be missed. Along with that, I am planning for our big annual convention at the end of summer as well, so it's been crazy lately at work! So a little love from my baby girl is always welcome!
Abby strikes again! xo

Well my friends, here's hoping that everyone is enjoying their summer and it's not as hot as it is here in Georgia!  Our air condition went down in my home a couple of weeks ago and my landlord didn't see fit to fix it for about three days!! Let me tell you, summer heat and humidity in a home without air condition is the worst!! When I say that it's a blessing, that's an understatement!!! Cheers to you all and have a great Wednesday and blessed rest of your week!! Didn't get around to ANYONE last week, so making that a priority this week!


Wednesday, June 9, 2021


Happy Wednesday all my crafty friends!!  I'm coming round to share the hot mess on my desk this morning and to link up with all you amazing crafters over on Julia's Stamping Blog to see your digs as well!! If you somehow miraculously found yourself here come on over and show us your digs as well! LOL

Well my friends, I am at home today a little under the weather.  It has been coming on me for a couple of weeks, but as I am a sho-nuf never want to go to the doctor kind of girl, I have put it off until I just can't take it anymore.  My self-diagnosis is pleurisy because I have had it before and if you have had it, you KNOW that it is quite painful!  I have been "managing" it with home remedies, but I think I started the self-managing too late and now it has rocked on to the point that it hurts to have a bra on! You KNOW it's serious when the bra hurts!!!!! LOLOLOL  Although, to be quite honest, I hate wearing that contraption anyway!! I mean, I get why they invented it, but I'm all about freedom! LOLOL

So here is the hot mess I call my desk this morning. I am working feverishly to get my two sets of ATC Swaps in the mail and to their destination by the 15th.  I'm still behind from all the fun and festivities and vacay for several weeks.  The price you pay right????  Mostly it's all bits and pieces and LOTS of glue everywhere because I'm just like a kid when it comes to the glue, I get it EVERYWHERE! LOL  But you can see the one set of ATC's I'm working on in the middle and then to the left are the other set drying on the backside.  I will post photos next week after I have sent them off.

Speaking of sending off........all of my UK Swappers will be happy to know that I FINALLY got your swaps in the mail and they are coming your way!! I do not claim to know how over the pond mailing goes so your guess is as good as mine!! LOL But hopefully you should get it by the first of next week.  I do have a couple leftover so if anyone still would like to swap, I'm happy to do so. Better late than never, I say! LOLOL

And for more swapping news, I received ALL my lovey ATC Swaps from you beautiful UK crafters!! I was so stoked as each and every envelope arrived!!!  So below will be MANY photos of all the gorgeousness!!  As I have discussed before, I STINK at photo taking, so each and every piece was MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL than these photos!! One day, I will learn how to work my phone! LOL  So now, in no particular order, my goodies!
Beauties from Zsuzsa!!!

First up is the gorgeousness from my long-time craft friend Zsuzsa!  I am fortunate enough to have other beautiful goodies from Zszusa from past swaps in my stash, so these were great additions!! She never fails to make colors just leap off the page!! I don't know what her process is, but her pieces are always smooth as butter to me and the colors just pop!! I'm not sure where the home on the postcard is, but I LOVE it! I'm a sucker for period homes and buildings and the UK has always been on my bucket list just to go visit period buildings and castles. I just have to show the close-ups of everyone's goodies:

LOVE the butterflies!

Pinks and butterflies just go together!

I have been coveting her tea bags!!! Yay me!!!!

Next out of the gate are my goodies from Jan!! I would love to be standing in that postcard! Just gorgeous! And I LOVE the ATC! when she was making them, I was secretly hoping I got one! LOL

Goodies from Jan!!

Watercolor goodness!!

Lastly are my yummy swaps from Jo and Annie!! They came together and it was such a joy to open! The card that Annie made was super cute and fun. She wrote a very clever poem on the inside, it was so sweet!  Jo's felted piece was amazing!! I have been following her daughter's felting for quite a few years (it obviously runs in the family! LOL) and have a purchase of one of her pieces on my bucket list! I can't imagine the time it took to do Jo, but it's simply gorge!

Goodies from Jo & Annie!!

Gorgeous card that Annie made

Annie's super cute watercolor & doodles

Jo's amazing felt ATC

Ladies, I can't express my joy and gratitude enough! I love each and every one of your creations and they each have a special spot in my ATC booklet.  The swaps are brilliant but the friendships with everyone in our Stamping Ground group means so much more!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Well, I think I have taken up about enough geographics today!  I will try my best to get around today, but I am FINALLY going to the doctor about this nonsense and I don't know about over the pond, but here in the states, when you go to the doctor, you wait forever in the "waiting room," and then they call you back to your room and then you "hurry up and wait" some more!!! So who knows how that adventure will be today!!

Again thank you all my wonderful friends for the happy mail love!! Have an awesome rest of the week all!!


Wednesday, June 2, 2021

WOYWW #626

Happy Wednesday all my crafty friends!!  I'm privileged to be healthy and alive for another Wednesday round of desk peeping over on Julia's Stamping Ground Blog!! As we always note, they come around fairly quickly, so that lets us know that time doesn't stand still!! LOL  That being said, time for me to get back in the saddle after all my MANY celebrations and vacations and get to crafting!! Come on over to Julia's blog and craft with us!! 

Well, as my own thoughts are duly noted, I got back from my fabulous coast vacation with my beautiful family on Monday night and realized I had to get to speed crafting and get my Anniversary ATC's in the mail this week!!  While I didn't commit to all you wonderful deskers, I did promise to some and I am nearly done and should have them in the mail by the end of the week if not sooner!!  They do have to come across the pond, so that's another unfortunate delay event, but hopefully you all will forgive my shenanigans and look forward to receiving them.

Thoughts finally getting on paper!!! LOL

So here is a sneak peak of my desk yesterday afternoon and evening and a little of what will be coming your way.  I have had in my head what I wanted to do, and so far so good. You know how sometimes you have something in your head, and it really seems like a great idea, and then it comes out NOTHING like it did in your head??? LOLOL That's a pretty accurate happening a good bit of time for me, hee hee, but this time they are coming pretty close to the pictures in my head!! LOL  

We are getting there folks!!!!

I'll save the finishing touches pictures until after I have sent and hopefully received.  Thank you all for your paitience!  So.....Happy late 12th Anniversary my crafty friends!

Well, I had a glorious time at the coast, so much so, that I didn't take a whole lot of photos!! Very unlike me, but I was just simply enjoying myself!! I will share a few with you, mostly because I don't usually like sharing photos of myself!! LOL  My favorite time is time spent with my family and it doesn't matter where we are, we ALWAYS have an AWESOME time!! We didn't have our whole family there as everyone couldn't make the trip, but my oldest daughter Adriel (my sweet Abigael couldn't make it) and boyfriend and myself and one of my sisters and her children and their families and my oldest sister were all there together. I have a LOT more family, so we were missing quite a few!! But nevertheless, we enjoy our time together......FINALLY after all the COVID crap......sorry, that's the only way I could put that! LOL

My sister Tara and I

My oldest Adriel & I

Part of the Zoo Crew!!!!

The Georgia Coast

Georgia coastline is not the prettiest waters by far, but it does have its moments! Our surrounding waters are most marshy, so the water tends to be very dark and dirty-looking.  The gulf coast has beautiful waters, but that's a further drive. We grew up taking family trips down to Jekyll Island, so it has a lot of sentimental attachment to us all, so we always seem to gravitate back there!!  We just enjoy being with one another and reliving and making new memories for our children!!

Well, happy Wednesday and a blessed rest of the week to you all!!  I will try to do better at hopping around to everyone's desk this week! Hope you all have remained healthy and are getting back to some semblance of "normal," whatever that means!! LOLOL