Thursday, August 25, 2016

It's a Dog's Life!

Happy Thursday all my crafty friends!! It's a dog's life!!! LOLOL Woop, Woop!! Not really, but the dogs around my house certainly think so!!! They've got it made in the shade!!!! Well, to be honest, so do our kitties!!! LOLOL It's a virtual animal love fest at my house!! My girls would adopt EVERY dog and cat in the neighborhood if they could and I am just a "beast" when I won't stop on the side of the road and pick one up!!! Mean mommy, I tell you!! LOL Let's see how that works when they are out in the real world and it's on their own dime!!! LOL

So the title is all a part of my Pick A Stick Journal Challenge this month over on the Facebook Group page! Sheri was the amazing "stick puller" this month and if you missed the reveal video, you still have a bit of time to weigh in the challenge by watching the video here. As always, you have to follow the sequence of the stick pulls and have fun!! This month the pulls were as follows:
The main event for me on this journal challenge was the dog image (hence, It's a Dog's Life)! A little different for me because I don't usually do things like that, but I guess that's why it was a challenge!  I had fun in spite of some of the stick sequences!! LOLOL And you challengers know what I mean! LOL It get's better for me each time I do a challenge as far as thinking outside the box, so I'm stoked when I make it through without a hiccup! LOL
Ta da!! Yesterday on my WOYWW, I gave a sneak peek and here it is finished! As I said, I don't usually use animals, my journals, but it turned out pretty good I think! So, let's do a go through. First stick draw was to use book pages. That's probably one of my fave things to do, so that was easy enough. I have this HUGE old dictionary I found at a flea market that was falling apart so I bought it for 50 cents and now I have pages for eternity! LOLOL so I ripped em up and laid em down with Mod Podge and then stick #2 called for a rub on. I don't usually use rub on's but I just happened to have a few panels that I got in the sale bin one time so I pulled off the "LOVE" and added it to the bottom knowing that I was going to put the dog pic required on that same page. After that I gave the pages a gesso wash.

Stick #3 required we add a random sentence from a random book. I knew how I wanted to place the sentence on my page, so I temporarily put the dog pic on the page so that I could put the sentence around him so that later when I put the dog down it would still be there. The random sentence I chose from the random book was, OF COURSE, from the Holy Bible and the random sentence was Jeremiah 17:14 "O Lord, if you heal me, I will be truly healed; if you save me, I will be truly saved. My praises are for you alone!" I LOVE the truth of God's Word!!! Stick #4 was use a dog image. I printed off a free dog image from the internet and then decided to make it my own by painting him my way! I used my yummy new paints that I referred to in yesterday's post. It also said to draw, stamp or collage, so obviously I chose to collage. I only partially put it down because I wanted to add something to it late.

Stick #5 was add a photo. I had a cute photo of this beautiful lady and her pups from a magazine I had, so I tore it out and added it to the left panel with Mod Podge. Stick #6 said to add a quote, so I added the quote at the top of the page "Blessed is the person who earns the love of an old dog." I really like that! The Stick #7 was add paint with your fingers! Woop, favorite part! LOL I used all quite a few of my new paints and just started spreading around trying to keep in these with the photo colors and the colors I painted my dog. Then Stick #8 was add wings!! So I did the same as with the dog. I downloaded a free picture from the internet and then painted them with my new paints and then I could add them to the dog that I had partially collaged down and then finished collaging them both together with Mod Podge.
Stick #9 was a bit of a stretch for me because I don't have fabric lying around...I DON'T SEW, so I had some doily pieces in my stash box so I pulled it out, painted it with one of the same colors in the background and glued it down as if it was his blanket. That's the best I could come up with! LOLOL and then finally Stick #10 was write the lyrics of a song onto the page. I used an old song by Dolly Parton called Cracker Jack about a dog! I wrote it around the picture on the left panel. I added some finishing touches such as stamping  stenciling, distressing, etc.... and voila, my August Challenge spread!!

Tomorrow I will share my ATC's as a part of this same challenge! Get her done......yep that's what I'm doing, albeit late in the game!! LOLOL

Have a wonderful day my friends! :)


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    1. Awwww, thank you sweet Roz!! Blessings to you! :)

  2. You did so well with this challenge and created an amazing page, Felicia! It can't have been easy following all those steps in that particular order, and I can see how that stretches your imagination!

    1. Thanks my dear encourager!! It's fun, but yes, it really does stretch your abilities to be obedient to the order! Sometimes I cheat, but for the most part I really try to go as the "pulls" go! Give it a go sometime Zsuzsa, you know, in between ALLL your other projects! LOLOL