Wednesday, December 30, 2020

WOYWW #604

So what's up all my crafty friends?  Guess what? This is the LAST Wednesday of 2020!!!!! Can you believe it?? It still blows my mind! I know we say that A LOT as we get older, but it truly does blow my mind how fast a year goes by! In this year's case, however, I am super glad to see it go like dust in the wind!!! LOL So we are hooking up with Julia for the last time in 2020 over on her Stamping Ground blog for one last work desk photo of the year! So come on over and share yours!

I hope you ALL had a very Merry Christmas! I must admit that it was the best Christmas I have had in a long time, in spite of COVID!! We still aren't supposed to gather in significant numbers her in my state, however, we can be in an immediate family setting with care. So the weekend before Christmas we had my family get together at my sisters for a gay old time! It is always filled with loud laughter, and fun! Just like we like it!! We also were allowed to take mother out of her nursing home for the whole weekend! Consequence was quarantine for 14 days when she got back, BUT it was totally worth it on both sides!!! She was so happy to be with her family for a whole weekend!! And we were happy to be with her!!

Christmas day came with lots of goodies under the tree for my girlies and their boyfriends and they truly spoiled their ole mama with way too much!! We enjoyed a wonderful day together celebrating before they both made off to their fellas families. I finished out my day doing the thing I love best....ART!!! I'd say it was the perfect day! I hope you ALL had the same!

So here is my desk as it stands today!! Lord help me!! This picture is as of this morning and it is a mess as are the desk surroundings! LOL I was arting last night so quite a bit of that goings on is still there!! Since Christmas projects have been done, I am now working on my February ATC swap! They don't have to be in just yet, but I want to go ahead and get them done and sent so I can work on other things.

Blurry eyed morning photo! LOL

The pile of gel pens were pulled out thinking I would use them, but then I discovered that quite a few of them were not working albeit still FILLED with ink!!! So, me being the OCD person I am had to pull them ALL out and see which worked and which didn't and then go about devising a plan to get them to work.......still haven't had success on that score however!!! Anybody with any ideas, feel free to share! Very irritating to say the least and a lot of money (we all know how much those gel pens cost!!!) down the drain if I have to throw them out! Uggghhh!

At the very back are past art projects that I have on my desk to encourage me that "I can" do it! As well as a few card arts from some of my beautiful online arty pals! You will also see to the right back, my WOYWW badge that I made but never really showed at the Zoom Crop because our name showed up on the monitor! LOL Also there is some leftover cutouts from Project Christmas and to the forefront to the left and right are gifts from Santa to me that I will share in "prettier" (cleaner...haha) pictures below.

Thank you Santa! *wink*

So Santa digs have to be shown!!! So, let's just say that nothing EVER seems to go as planned! LOL I had ordered these gifty items several weeks ago because I knew it would take a fat minute for them to get to me because of the holidays PLUS COVID!!! And can we say, why is EVERYONE using COVID as a scapegoat NOT to get things done?????? That's an argument for another time! LOL Anywho, as I mentioned in a past post I loved the one Art Philosophy palette that I shared with you recently and decided to order three more from same company. Well, we all know you can get it on Amazon cheaper, so that's what I did. All three palettes were to come from the same seller. I also ordered a new BIG porcelain palette for my watercolors that I fell in love with.  Both items were to come the week of Christmas.

Yummy colors! Can't wait to play!

When I got the package for the paints, only two palettes were in there????????? Where was the third??? By the way, the missing palette, Vintage Pastel, was what kicked this whole thing off to begin with! That was the first palette that I saw online that I knew I wanted to try! LOL Now I have all BUT THAT ONE!!! Amazon "said" it had been delivered with the other two! I was not happy! So I emailed the seller explaining and even offered to take a photo of the small package to show that there was no way 3 palettes could get in that package. It took them days to email me back and of course they wanted a photo of the packing slip....there was not I sent them the other photo as well as a photo of the package with both palettes in it for proof!  End of story.....they credited my card the amount of the palette????? What???? Mind you, I'm thankful for the refund, BUT why not just send the palette????? This is all just my luck!!! Now....I STILL don't have the palette that I originally wanted and I'm pooped! LOL  I will have to reorder it I guess, but NOT from that seller! LOL  All beautiful colors, by the way and just what I wanted. Just a note, the swatch paper on the one palette was not good quality paper and pilled when I did my swatch test, so only complaint! Santa was good to me! :)

Gifts aren't the reason for the season, to be sure, but I do hope that you all found a little guilty pleasure under the tree or in the mail or from a loved one! After all, we ALL deserve a treasure now and again and we all need to be kind to ourselves!

I don't set new years resolutions, however I saw a video yesterday from a wonderful artist that I follow and it really struck a cord with me! Tamara LaPorte or Willowing as we all know her, who does Life Book each year (still haven't done one yet), is such an inspirational artist and one who encourages the artist to be kind to themselves and to let their inner self come through on the page through their art! She is really an inspiration! Anyway, the video she posted really resonated with me as a sometime self critical artist and I encourage you to watch it if you at all have trouble with that from time to time. So all in all, my "not" new years resolution is to be kinder to myself in 2021 and be more forgiving of myself with my art when it doesn't always "look" like what my tiny mind thinks it should look like and to definitely STOP comparing myself to other artists! I am who I am and that's ENOUGH!! And guess what.....YOU are who you are and that is ALSO ENOUGH! Just BEAUTIFUL YOU!!!

Happy New Year to you all and thank you for allowing me to come on this beautiful WOYWW art journey with you! Most of all thank you all for your friendships!!! Here's looking at an AWESOME 2021!!


Wednesday, December 16, 2020

WOYWW #602

Good Wednesday all my crafty friends! Well......things are winding down! I can't believe next week is Christmas! I felt like I had alllllllll this time to get things prepared, done and mailed and ALL OF A I don't!!! LOL Isn't that just how we all are during the holidays??? I think it seems to always turn out to be this rush, rush thing, when all along it should have been this peaceful thing!! I don't know that I will ever learn! LOL There is always hope! LOL

Well today, will be a short sweet and simple! I don't have anything I can show today over on Julia's linky blog due to the fact that these last little bits are gifts and I wouldn't want anyone to see something that may be for them and then there goes the surprise!! Technically, I guess they wouldn't "know" it was destined for them, but better safe than sorry, I say! LOL  But head on over to Stamping Ground if you want to show off your digs!

I will show you all one of the exciting gifts that Santa has already brought to me. Bet you didn't know I have an inside link......hee hee! This little yummy is part of a set for me and so this is just a pre-Christmas teaser and the rest I will have to wait for Christmas like all the other good little girls and boys (assuming I have been good, of course!) LOL

As you may know, I love watercolors and I have a really awesome Schmincke set that I looked at and wanted for quite a while before Santa brought me that lovely set a couple of years ago. Schmincke watercolors are fabulous artist-grade watercolors that are just gorgeous to see on paper. So, I wouldn't trade them for anything, but I have been seeing a few sets from Art Philosophy that have been eye candy to me for quite a while.  Now Art Philosophy watercolors are not even in the same playing field as Schmincke's so I didn't want them for any sort of comparison.  Art Philosophy says they are artist-grade, but many have questioned that. I wanted them strictly for a different type of art result on the paper. So I am going into it with that in mind. I'm not looking to get the same result out of them that I get out of Schminke watercolors.

Art Philosophy Watercolor Confections Woodlands

Are those colors GORGE or what??? They are definitely "my" color palette!! I have done a swatch thus far and they were so yummy to lay down! The colors are bold and vibrant and I am in love!! LOL Some people complained of the Confections line as being "chalky," but I did not experience that at all!! I haven't done a piece with them yet, but as soon as the holiday crazy's are over, that is the plan! Santa will also be bringing me the Terrain, Vintage Pastel and Pastel Dreams sets. I am so stoked! The latter two do have white pigment in them (obviously), but again, I am buying them KNOWING that is what are in these palettes and therefore, they won't be "inferior" paints to me! Honestly, I am not sure what folks think they are going to get other than the "pastel" that is on the label? But, I will stop ranting now! LOL I am looking forward to them and just blessed that I am able to add them to my stash!

So, I am trying to beat the clock by finishing up gifts for many. I took all next week off from work to spend a precious holiday week with my girls, so I have to have "work gifts" done Thursday to take to work Friday! Wish me luck, or a gust of wind, or maybe a swift kick in the pants! LOL I hope you all have all your Christmas crafts done, wrapped, and under the tree! :)

As I will be off next week, I am sure I won't make the WOYWW #603, I want to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and my heart remains faithful that Jesus is the reason for the season! I know we all celebrate Christmas in many different ways and for different reasons, but even in that, we can all remain joyful, loving, and kind to our fellow man! I think that gets left out of the "rush" of Christmas, but it is so very important to keep that at the forefront of our minds because after all, that is what will bring in your NEW YEAR!!  I'd rather breathe joy and peace on my coming new year than "Scroogy" thoughts, stress and hustle and bustle!!LOL

Blessings to you all and one and again Merry Christmas! :)

P.S. I want to point out that I read Mary Anne's blog every week and love what she always shows on her craft desk, but I can NEVER post a comment! I have tried every which way that I know, but it doesn't happen! Just wanted you to know Mary Anne that I do read and appreciate what you share! :) Blessings!

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

WOYWW #601!!

Good Wednesday crafty friends!!! All I can say at the start of this post is WOW!!!!! We had a fabulous Zoom meeting gathering on Saturday!! Thank you so much Julia for organizing a great day!! Everyone was so chatty, witty and just all around fun to finally meet!! We had a large crowd in the afternoon meeting, but the more the merrier, I say! It's always a hoot to see how like minded, crafty folks act when they get together! I hope its something we will all get to do again! Thanks again Julia! :)

Speaking of Julia, it's time to share what's on my work desk as part of WOYWW over on her blog! #601 sounds so weird, but so glad that I am a part of this great group!! So I am still trying to get Christmas gifts finished and in the mail here and there! I hope any of them make it to their destination by Christmas with what's happening in our world right now, but fingers crossed, they will do!

First up, I will show a finished picture of my watercolor Christmas cards that I made for a few people. You had seen one and the start of another, but here are three of them finished and ready to put in the mail.  These cards will be accompanied by their individual gifts that I also have shown snippets of here and there. And second, these are three of the Project Christmas gifts that I have been making.

Winter Bird Cards

Accompanied Project Christmas gifts

Since I don't really have anything else to share on my desk today,  will take liberties to further the discussion that brought tears to my eyes on Saturday. The one of ......Marmite!!! I STILL laugh when I think about it!! After doing some extensive research on the subject,  I stand by my statement that I find it hard to envision eating something that you can spread on bread, toast, biscuits and crackers and at the same time used it to enhance stews and casseroles......things that make you go hmmmmmmm......LOLOL 


It has also come to my attention that the name "marmite" is often used as a metaphor for something that is an acquired taste or tends to polarize opinion.  That being said, it would seem therefore, according to my ex husband, that marmite and I have a lot in common!!! In addition, it also seems that marmite has been used as an ingredient in cocktails. That being said, Julia, I encourage you to come up with some fine concoction using that lovely bottle of gin!!  LOLOL  I, however, will take your word for whatever miracle of madness that crosses your lips!!!

I must add that the above antics are all in fun and I am sure it is something that is part of your culture that many enjoy and have since around 1902. I will point out that there is nothing that I won't try, once, so given the opportunity I would. So for all you marmite lovers out there, carry on and enjoy!!! LOL

Well, I will call it a wrap for this Wednesday!! Thank you again Julia and all you lovely ladies that took the time to take part on Saturday. I do want to give a shout out to my long time online pal Zsuzsa!! She crafted away Saturday like a boss and I didn't even get to talk to her!! It was so good to see your smiling face and really hope we can all meet up again and I can give you a proper shout out!! Hugs to you friend!

Happy Wednesday to all and now to get to your crafty spaces! :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

WOYWW #600!!!!! Wahoooooooo!!!

Good Wednesday all my crafty friends and HAPPY 600!!! What a milestone Julia!!!!! And one I am so proud to be a part of!!! If you aren't sure what I am talking about you can head over to our host for What's on Your Work Desk Wednesday,  Julia Dunnit's blog, and you can meet her and read about our six hundred weeks milestone of sharing each others' desks, creativity, inspiration and getting to know one another and develop friendships!! I don't remember how I stumbled upon your blog when I first joined several years ago Julia, but I am so glad that I did and so thankful for all your hard work to keep this going for all this time! I love living in the states, but this is one time I wish I lived across the pond so that I could have taken more a part of your treasures and the Zoom meet up (UPDATE, LLJ just let me know that its this weekend...yayy!! I thought I'd missed it!! As I told her, guess you all see who actually pays attention and who doesn't! LOL), but please know that I'm a very grateful arty crafter!!

As stated above, I do live in the states so last week, whilst being MIA from last week's WOYWW and the Zoom meeting, I was amidst Thanksgiving holiday!! I know most of my friends on WOYWW are across the pond and do not celebrate this holiday, but let me say it's a week of cooking to get ready and then visiting with family and friends to celebrate the harvest and blessings of the past year! Even if you don't celebrate this holiday in particular, we can ALL find something to be THANKFUL for!!! I could spend the rest of my life celebrating and still have MORE to be thankful for!!! I'm an extremely blessed person and give ALL THE GLORY to My Father in Heaven!! I wish I could have been a part in particular with the Zoom meeting on Saturday, but that was our big family gathering (yes, we are allowed to get together with family where I live, just not big meeting/convention type gatherings) and I was unable to attend! I am sure it was a blast!! Thanks again to Julia! :)

So what's on my work desk this week? Well I took this picture last night and you will see a couple of projects going on.  I am feverishly trying to get all my Christmas crafting and gift making done and put in the mail. In the foreground, you will see a finished Christmas card and then next to it, I am starting another one.  I am using my Schmincke watercolor pallette, which I love so much!! I have my eye on a couple of new pallette's that I hope Santa brings me! :) LOL  Also next to the card in process is one of my finished "Project Christmas" ornaments that I am making for family and friends! I have been having a ball doing those!

Getting ready for Christmas!

I also had to get my ATC Swap cards over on Amy's Art Alchemy done in the mail by the 15th. So I got them done first and in the mail so that I could concentrate on finishing gifts. I failed to take a composite shot of them all, so you will just have to see them individually! As I have said before, Amy does not give prompts or themes, she just leaves it up to the creator to do as they wish, but I couldn't resist the "Christmas theme!" These were true mixed media projects because I used everything from watercolor to acrylic, embelishments to dip pen and ink! I hope whoever receives them across the world will enjoy! I really do love doing ATC's! When I first started doing them years ago, it was very intimidating to me, but now it's my fave project to do! I also really love doing tags, although, I haven't done them in a minute! Maybe some new years projects...who knows?

Dip pen & ink Santa & Watercolor!

Dip pen & Ink and Finetec watercolor!

Watercolor, emphemera, acrylic, stenciling

Watercolor, emphemera, wood, glitter

Watercolor, Crackle Paste, wood, acrylic

Watercolor, Crackle Paste, wood, acrylic, washi tape

Well, that's it for me folks!!!! Again, Happy Six Hundred Julia and all!  Thank you again for letting me be a part of this amazing group of artists, it truly has been a pleasure over these past several years, even with my hiatus! LOL  I look forward to a great new year of all things crafty!!

Many blessings for a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY! :) Now time to hop over and check you all out! :)