Wednesday, April 28, 2021

WOYWW #621

Good Wednesday all my crafty friends!!! Here's hoping that you all are experiencing some beautiful spring action!!! As I mentioned before, we don't get spring here, only straight into summer for us Georgians, but this past Saturday it stormed like you wouldn't believe and Sunday was the day out of some National Geographic magazine! It was an absolutely picture perfect, blue sky, cool spring day outside and I lapped it up! I stayed on that back porch practically all day!!  It was a joy!! But as always, it passed, and rather quickly! Yesterday it was a rocking 85 and more around the corner!! LOL  But I will be thankful for that one beautiful spring day! LOLOL  

It's time to share what's going on our desks, so hop on over to our voyage maiden, Julia's Stamping Ground, and see what she's turning out and then share what's on yours!! As always, I will do my best to visit as many as I can!!

 So what's happening on my little workstation?  Well, right now I am in the midst of starting one of my commissions.  I had a friend that liked my watercolor flowers on book page so she asked would I do her some. OF COURSE!!!!! LOLOL Ask and ye shall receive!! The fact that someone would like it is astounding and then to ask for one is even more astounding, so YES, all day long! Of course, have to figure out what you are going to do!! LOLOL There's always something isn't there??? LOL  So I am going to do here a pair. One flower and one page leaves because she said she also likes leaves. So today, I will share the beginning stages of the flower. It's kind of a "tropically," so I will find some tropical leaves to go with it for the other one. Hopefully, things will turn out.

It's a start.....yayyy!!

I wanted to share the finished cross that I got in the mail yesterday to my sweet, sweet friend.  A couple of people have asked to I charge for my crosses and the answer is no. I love what I do and I do things for others as a blessing.  I would never know where to start with charging, so I choose not to. I figure God has blessed me with the provision to play at art, so I will bless someone with the outcome! Also, some have asked about the creating of the crosses. I use acrylic paint, specifically DecoArt because of the consistency of their paint and I use dotting tools to apply. I have several different kinds of dotting tools that I use. I decide on a pattern and then lightly draw the pattern on with a white charcoal pencil and then dot paint following the pattern. The leftover bits wipe right off with water so you don't see the lines. Lastly, I use a spray finish on it to seal and make it all glossy pretty!! LOL I think the hardest part is coining up with a pattern!! I'm sure I use a lot of the same patterns but I do try to mix it up so they don't all look alike! It's lots of fun. Time-consuming, but so worth it in the end!

Finished! More sparkle than can be seen, sadly!

Angled so as to see the dots!

I can now also share the second set of ATC's for another swap that I am involved in. Again, this swap doesn't have a theme, but I was still feeling the "spring theme" and went with that on this one as well. Can I just say again that my phone camera sucks wind (excuse my french) and these photos really don't show the amazing color on these guys. I was so pleased at how the color turned out. The pinks and blues were super rich and shiny, but you'd never know it by these photos!! Ugggh! Well, pretend that's what you are looking at!! LOLOL  I do love happy mistakes however and they were fun!!

Spring, with an awful camera dull color!! LOLOL

Well, I will leave you with this last photo. My sweet Abby strikes again...........

Isn't she lovely!!! XOXO

She is such a beautiful, thoughtful child and she never ceases to amaze and surprise me!! She's always bringing me a little something and these flowers were simply gorgeous!! She knows that my favorite flower is a stargazer lily and she always tries to find me some, She couldn't find any this time but there was some sort of "lilies" in this bouquet, so she was satisfied! LOL She has finished up her first semester of college on the Dean's List and I am so proud of her! She has decided to go through the summer to knock down her time quicker. Smart kid, and very much unlike me who barely made it through college!! LOLOL I think her smarts came from her Grammy (my mom) who went back to school as an adult and had a 4.0 all the way through. They say it skips a generation! LOLOL

Happy hump day to all you art lot and I hope your rest of the week is as brilliant as you all are!!


Wednesday, April 21, 2021

WOYWW #620

Good Wednesday all my crafty friends!! Yaaaasssss, I have been MIA for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!! Oh my stars, I feel like it's been ions!!! LOLOL I told Julia that when I don't participate, I feel so out of touch with everyone and what is going on in our little "art world!"  So FINALLY let me catch back up with everyone over on Julia's Stamping Ground blog and see what everyone has been up to!! Join in if you will! 

So what in the heck have I been up to??? Well, it's been around the world in 80 days, I tell you! LOL I have been amidst doctors appointments, prepping for my colonoscopy on Friday, my daughter's surgery, dealing with broken-down washer and dryer, and then having to purchase a new washer and dryer and trying to get all of my swaps in the mail on time!!! And.....stressing over the fact that I haven't even made a dent in my commissions!!! Sometimes, you just want to throw it all up into the air like 52 card pickup!!! LOL

Saving grace for me (besides my Father in Heaven) is that I have an amazing sister's camping trip coming up next weekend and I CAN'T WAIT!!! One of my sisters and I have been camping together before, but all four of us have never been camping together and it will be a blast!  We are going up to a State Park about 4 hours away from my hometown.....far enough away that my kids CAN'T get to me and I can't just hop in the car and go home! LOLOL  There will be lots of food, games, hiking and fun times to be had.  Then at the end of next month another amazing trip with some of my family to the beach!!  We try to do it every year and it can't come fast enough either! Because of all the unforeseen expenses thus far this year, I told my girls that this is the only beach trip this year, so MAKE THE BEST OF IT!!! The look on their face was priceless! LOL It will be fun, never the less!

My favorite spot in my favorite campground!

So, what's on my desk? Well, I haven't been able to do a whole lot, but I will share what I am currently working on for a dear friend of mine. This lady I spoke about in my last post. She has been such a precious friend for me over the years and I am making a little something to send back to her to let her know how special she is.  I have so been enjoying dot painting and have so many more projects like this in the hopper, so I better get busy!! LOL  I'm not quite finished, as you can see, so don't judge all the flaws! LOL I have top dots to do as well as filling in with black dots and then a total top coat! I will show a finished project before I send it off in the mail to this lovely lady! :)

A gift from the heart!

I will also show you one of my ATC Swaps that have been sent in and already featured online, so showing them is okeedokee! As I have mentioned before, there is no "theme" as such with this particular swap, but I felt like it needed to be "Spring is in the Air!"






Sorry for the spread of photos, but if I could EVER learn how to place photos on this blog, it will be a miracle! I love that it's free to use this blasted thing, but it is so NOT user-friendly, to me anyway! After all these years, I STILL don't know how to effectively use my own blog!! LOLOL  

I pulled out a lot of old medium to do these ATC's, some things I hadn't used in years and I had a whole lot of fun. These pictures, to me, don't do them justice. I bought a new cellphone thinking that the high price would be indicative of quality photos, but it's NOT! The colors on these ATC's were so rich and yummy and these photos are so blaaaaahhhhh! Oh well, chock it up to I don't know how to blog OR take photos! LOLOL

Well, that's it for me today sports fans! I have other things I will be showing as I get them in the mail or they have already been received. Here's hoping you ALLLL are happy and healthy! I have my colonoscopy on Friday as preventive maintenance for my cancer, so prayers going up would be appreciated by all my crafty friends. And I have my second jab coming up soon as well! So hope you ALL have successfully had yours!!

Blessings and Happy Spring!! :)