Wednesday, December 14, 2016

WOYWW #393

Well, GOOD Wednesday to you all my crafty friends and HO, HO, HO!!! I'm supes excited to be posting today, especially considering it has been since October since I last posted! What??? Yup, it has been a skinny minute!

I have been having some health issues that really needed my attention and took me away from my beloved "art closet!"   It has been sad not to be doing one of the main things I love to do lately, but it was a needed adjustment to take care and focus on my health. As a result, I have jumped into another venture that I am so excited about! Not only is it a venture, but it will also be a change in life and health management for me.

I am now an Independent Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils! I have long loved essential oils and believed in their promotion of physical and spiritual wellness, but during the last couple of months of imbalance in my body, I took the plunge to go full on essential oils for dietary and cosmetic uses as well as household usage and medicinal wellness. It has been a great two months and I look forward to a true lifestyle change.

Where am I going to fit that in with my full-time job, kiddos, parent care and miniscule art time you say?  I don't know! LOLOL However, I am trusting God to make it all marry together for the health and wellness of my body and my family! I have gone out in faith and I know Father God will bring it all together for His purpose in my life! If you are interested in Young Living Essential Oils and want to know how they can be a benefit for you and your family, feel free to get in touch with me!

Well, I actually DO having something on my work desk today and I am so loving being back in the saddle! Not sure if it will be major projects yet, but I am doing a few little projects for Christmas gifts!  Today I want to share this cute, cute project that I was inspired to do by Sara of My Serenity Crafts over on her YouTube Channel! She actually got the idea from another gal, Tracy Moreau over on Facebook and it is just the cutest project and I couldn't resist! She is quite crafty!

The project is a painted Santa pin that is so simple and easy and I plan on giving them to my co-workers and some friends for a little holiday cheer!
Tracy calls her project a "Random Act of Kindness," and I love that for sure! Mine won't necessarily be random because I will be giving them to specific people I know, but I will be giving them in kindness! :)

I didn't have any wooden or chipboard pieces in my stash so I ordered them online and them I have started adhering some beautiful book page, hymn pages and even some german pages on the pieces with mod podge. I came by all those gorgeous papers through RAK's from some of you lovely ladies online! Thank you so much they have come in so handy and are perfect for this project! I have then filed them down because of splinters, etc... and then covered on top with mod podge and filed again just to make sure those pages were set good.

I took some tracing paper and traced the Santa that Tracy provides on this pdf that you can download from her Facebook page that I linked to up above. The santa is the exact size of the wood piece. I then took some carbon paper and traced the Santa onto the wooden pieces! That is as far as I have gotten folks, but I will be painting tonight and then the plan is to glue pin pieces on the back and add some bling for "sparkly" Christmas effects! I will hopefully post some finished pieces! :)

I hope everyone has been doing good! I am sooooooooooooooo behind on everyone's posts and I hope to catch up in the coming month! I have missed seeing everyone's projects and especially Christmas projects. They are always so inspiring at this time of the year!

My girls are taking mid terms this week and will be out for the holidays and then we will have to get on the Christmas lists! LOL I haven't AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL It really has been that busy for me! I make most of my gifts, so that is a save for me, but there are still some of those that have to be store bought! I have NOT been a very good elf this year! LOL I hope you are better on down the road that I am and have been having some wonderful holiday cheer!

If I don't make it back to WOYWW until the first of the year, I wish you ALL a Very Merry Christmas and a VERY, VERY BLESSED New Year!!!

Merry Christmas! :)