Wednesday, October 12, 2016

WOYWW #384

Happy Wednesday and WOYWW all my crafty friends! Well, we are all trying to get back into the swing of things here on the east coast after disastrous Hurricane Matthew! He was a booger bear and left a lot of damage in his wake! I'm so thankful all my family members made it to safe ground and had little to no damage on their homes! We were all blessed to be sure and I pray all of you other east coasters were safe as well!

Today is desk reveal day and I do have a smidge on there right now. Having finished several choice projects from last week that I shared, I have been able to focus on monthly challenge projects now. I have finished my ATC Swap Challenges (I can't reveal yet) and waiting on my marching orders and am currently working on my Tag It Tuesday Challenge as a part of the Facebook Group by the same name. If you want to play along, come on over! 
So, without revealing too much, you can see some of my goodies that I will be using to incorporate to this month's challenge. The only set in stone requirement to the challenge was to use the Pantone colors here:
Sheri, who is our fearless leader, has been using Pantone colors each month and this month, I really like the colors this month! I didn't have the exact Pantone colors, but you can see from above that I am matching as best as I can! I have some ideas about what I want to do with the rest of the mumbo jumbo on my desk, but we all know that our plans and what actually comes out on the project don't always look the same! LOLOL I'm ok with that because sometimes it turns out better than in my crazy mind! LOLOL  I will reveal the finished project maybe next week! :)

That's really all I can show right now my friends! I hope all of your Wednesdays are bright, blessed and fantastico! :)

Happy WOYWW! :)

Friday, October 7, 2016


Good Friday all my crafty friends!! Here is this coastal state of Georgia we are very happy it is Friday! We are at work here in my town, but there are many evacuees here from the coast! I'm so thankful to be enough inland that we are relatively safe from Hurricane Matthew! Please pray for those who have fled the storm and the safety of those who have decided to stay and wait it out! We, who believe, KNOW that God is at work in the midst of the storm! Blessings to all those.

I thought I would FINALLY share my September Pick A Stick Challenge ATC!!! LOLOL I had it done in time for the challenge, but as I have been so extremely busy, I didn't have time to post and share! It would seem that is the story of my life! LOL

The prompts for the ATC challenge come from the Stick Pull in the Pick A Stick Journal pull! There are ten sticks drawn for the journal challenge and then there are 3 pulled from the ten sticks pulled for the ATC challenge.  The prompts for September were as follows:

And here is my ATC for the September Challenge:
As always, I had great fun doing the challenge for September. My journal that I have already shared for the challenge started out with a blank space, but then quickly fell into place and then the ATC was quick and easy from there! 

I began with a coat of gesso and then added my black marker around the edges to fulfill Step #1, which was add black marker or pen. Step #2 was add collage printed tissue paper or wrapping paper and I added the same tissue paper from my wonderful online friend Sue Marrazzo who gifted it to me with our ATC Swap! Thanks Sue!!! And then I just proceeded to use various acrylics to "cover up" the gesso along with black acrylic on the edges to "cover up" to fulfill Step #3.

I then had this really beautiful vintage photo that I simply fussy cut and layed down with Mod Podge and then simply embellished with things in my stash can. Pretty simple huh? I thought so and loved how it turned out!

Well, I was better late than never and I look forward to my October Challenges now that many of my promised projects are done and I can breath! LOL I encourage you to come play along with us in October over on the Facebook Group, we have lots of fun, enjoy the challenges and all the lovely art from other participants!

I hope you all have a lovely Friday where ever you are here in the states or abroad and remember to pray for those associated with Hurricane Matthew!

Have a blessed day! :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

WOYWW #383

Good Wednesday and WOYWW #383 all my crafty friends!! Wow, I have been out of commission for a bit! I was unable to play along last week due to many projects that I had committed myself to along with a very hectic week at work! I was so busy that I didn't even get to play along with some of my monthly challenges! I like being busy, but I don't like forgoing my art challenges. They make me happy and so when I don't get to participate in them, I'm always a little sad, like I missed out on something with all my pals! So I am going to play a little catch up this week with a project or two and some photos of "what's a been a happenin" in my life!

First off and foremost, my sweet baby girl turned 16! Woop, Woop! She couldn't wait for her birthday like it was some magical number whereby you receive some magical powers with that coveted day! LOLOL I guess I felt the same way, I don't remember, but it tickled me so! We have always celebrated our girls' birthdays with little get togethers for them, usually at our home with a big cookout and bonfire, but she noted to me that this was special and she wanted it to be different! "Oh the fates......" as they say!!!

Since I work for our Municipal Government, one of the perks is being able to use a venue for free.....score! So we decided to have her party a this beautiful historical venue downtown. Our downtown is so cute, quaint and beautiful at night. So, of course, being a little crafty and a little short on cash, I wasn't about to let someone else decorate or cater the party.....little did I know that I will have bit off more than I could chew! LOLOL So for a month I have been crafting everything from the invitations to the actual decorations and then deciding the foodies. It was a whirlwind let me tell you! I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I am SOOOO glad it's all over with and THANK GOODNESS her sister, who is 13, said "mama, I just want a cookout at the house!" Phew!!!! LOLOL

We had a blast at her party and I wanted to share a few pictures today, that really turn out to be bragging rights about my beautiful family!  :))))
My beautiful family!

The venue was an old library that has been beautifully restored to host different types of events from out Downtown Development Authority. I was blessed to have it! We had the party after 7pm so that it could be just goodies and not dinner.....thank goodness! LOL I decided to do different sized glass containers with all the foodies inside. I did another table, which is to the left where I put two cute containers of tea an pink lemonade and then the cake table to the rear. I was still setting up when I took this photo, so it's not finished. The photographer took way better picture of the setup, so I can't wait to see them!

If you will notice the decoration on the walls,,,,,there were thin cable lines that are on a track that
hang down that you can hang signage and pictures on for different functions. As it is a historical building, they will not allow you to put things on the walls. So what I decided to do was interchange hanging decorations on one line and all sorts of photos from the time she was born until now on the other line, in between, all the way around the room and then when the party was over she could then take the pictures and fill a photo album! It turned out soooooo cute!  We also had a popcorn bar, a photo booth room where they could dress up with crazy props and take pictures and my nephew's band came and played for the party along with photographer hired by my sister-in-law to take photos during the party to add to the photo album! We had a ball!
My photo booth shot with my sister!
Dancing crew!

Since NONE of that was actually on "my work desk," LOL, I will show you what actually was on my desk this morning and FINALLY finished and given to the recipient this morning!! YAYYYYYY! LOL If you will remember some time back in this post a project I had been commissioned for by a friend for her sons wedding, well I finally finished it!! The wedding is not until December, so I knew I could take my time doing it, but I was really ready to finish it and get it to her so I could have that off my mind! I have had sooooo many things going on my my life that I wanted that to be one less thing to worry about! LOL Not in a bad way, mind you! So here is the finished product:
Not a great picture mind you because of the size and my unfortunate lack of technology!! I was pleased how it turned out, considering I had never done a canvas that big before!! The idea, if you will remember, was for the wedding couple to use this for the guests to sign their name on as they arrive at the wedding! I hope the happy couple likes it and they will enjoy this little keepsake for years to come as a reminder of their beautiful day! It was definitely a learning experience for me, again considering the size, and I am not sure that I want to ever do one this size again, but I did have fun and was so very honored to do this for them!

Well, I will let that be it for today my friends! I have a day cut out for me and I need to get busy! LOL I hope you all have a crafty rest of the week and a wonderful Wednesday! Hope on over to Julia's blog, Stamping Ground, and check out all the other work desk posts for the week! You might even want to play along!

Happy Wednesday! :)