Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Good Tuesday all my crafty friends! I am steady trying to get back up and running! LOL I tried like anything to get some of the July challenges that I love being a part of done so that I could post, but alas, it did not happen! My saga continues!! Did you ever feel like you can't catch a break? LOL

Me and my dear, sweet, Papa BEFORE the fall!
Last week for me was mayhem, to say the least. I think most of you, who visit me here, know that I have been taking care of elderly parents and most recently, my father has had many health issues. He has been in a rehab unit after having major health issues trying to get back to par. Well the other weekend, against doctor's request, he tried to get up out of his wheelchair (on his own, which is the key) and ended up falling face first through a wooden table and then face first to the floor! It was like a war zone in his room! I've never seen so much blood in my life! It was so very scary for my sisters and I! Thank goodness we were there when it happened! Did I mention he is soon to be 90 years old? That man!!!! He is as stubborn as the day is long!

Well after a trip to the hospital, we found that all of his facial structure is broken in and after a little bit of surgery we found out that no damage to the spine or skull fractures occurred as a result. In addition they were worried about brain and spinal fluid leakage, but thank the good Lord above, there was none! So as it goes, it will have to be natural healing for the poor old fellow as they did all they could surgically! His face looks like he'd been taken out back and whipped! LOL It's not funny, but we can laugh about it now. After all, sometimes, you laugh just not to cry! I'm so thankful to the Lord for keeping my earthly father in the midst of all this! What a blessing!

So needless to say, I did hardly any crafting last week due to most of the week at the hospital. By the end of the week, I needed a little "art time" however. As I knew I would probably NOT make any of the July challenge deadlines, I just decided to spend crafting time with my oldest daughter. That was a huge feat considering she doesn't want to spend time with Mommy anymore!! She's 17 and spending time with me isn't "cool" anymore! LOLOL But as usual, there was an ulterior motive! LOL

My oldest dolly crafting! :)
Stringing Along!
Many moons ago, I used to make jewelry and made great side money at it. But then.....I found mixed media and threw the jewelry making to the side. LOL I still do a few things every now and again, but my first love involves getting messy! LOLOL Right now, in the U.S. anyway, the rage is bracelets, bracelets, bracelets and MORE bracelets! Not a problem for me because I LOVE bracelets! BUT where the problem comes in for me is actually "paying" for them when I KNOW I can make them! And I have the stash to do it! So, pretty much a "no brainer!" Even though I like sowing into others, some things I just won't relent on and making something, when I know I can, as opposed to paying for it is one of them!

A finished few!
So my little chickadee wanted to spend quality time with good old mom making bracelets! a Yay for me and for her! We had lots of fun and enjoyed spending time with one another. I made quite a few for myself (OF COURSE!) and she made some great ones for herself as well! They always wear better when you know you put your own creativity and hard work into it! Side bar......if you don't want others to see what you've done and exclaim..."I WANT ONE!" then don't go down that road or if you do, don't show anyone! LOLOL But I love making for others, so my next step is doing just that! I already  have a list from friends and family! Thank you Lord for my gift of creativity! LOL

I do have some projects still on my art desk this week and so I do want to finish them and will post even though they will be "after the fact" as far as July challenges are concerned! It's about the fun anyway! :) I have a "new" art style I found online that I am trying out as well and I will share tomorrow what I have been learning and trying to make! Lot's of fun!

Well, as promised, I wanted to share a picture of "Fat Kitty" this week. Last week I shared pictures of Sox and Tigger but didn't have one of Fat Kitty......literally her name! LOL She is temperamental to say the least, but she is my 17 year old's cat, so there you go! LOL This picture shows her at her best and one day I will show the "real" skinny.....er ummm, not really....on her! She's so large (how large is she!!) that her tummy drags the floor! LOLOL Bless her little heart! But, I guess she's happy! That's all that matters!  This one's for you Zsuzsa!

Well crafters, have a B-E-A-utiful day!!! Check you tomorrow on WOYWW!!



  1. So sorry to hear about your dad. Something like that can put a lot of pressure on the family, I know. Hope he will recover fully from his facial injuries. You're right, sometimes we laugh because the only other option would be crying. The bracelets look awesome! You certainly have the supplies to make them! Lovely that you were able to spend time with your daughter - my son doesn't even want to be seen with me any more LOL! Although he still gives me cuddles when no one can see it! Poor old fat kitty - she's like 'what's you're looking at? Mind your own business' LOL! I'm looking forward to seeing the new style you discovered! And don't worry about deadlines for the challenges - they're supposed to be fun not stressful! xx

    1. Zsuzsa, I'm a little goofy and over the top sometimes, but I truly believe I couldn't find a better friend in you across the miles, thank if you lived right next door! You always have such lovely things to say and always encouraging me! Thank you so much! Adriel gives me snippets of cuddling, mostly when she's in her bed and she can't get away from me, but the usual is "HANDS OFF!" Isn't that funny! I thought boys were different! He'll come back to you mama because I saw it with all my brothers for my mom! Girls, not so sure! LOL But I did tell them to come around, I will need someone take care of me when I'm old and gray! LOLOL And you KNOW WHAT? I KNOW Fat Kitty was TOTALLY saying that to me! LOL She's quite sassy, just like her care taker Adriel! LOL Thanks again my friend, what a treasure to always read your comments! Have an AWESOME rest of the week! :)

  2. Oh, I am so sorry about your dad, but Praise God he protected him from the more serious "could-have-beens" and healing is taking place. It's wonderful you could be there for him. There will be lots of time for getting messy later. And I love that you got to spend time making bracelets with your daughter!! You will love having that memory and hopefully so will she!! ((Hugs)) Friend!!!

    1. Ohhh, thank you so much Wanda!! God IS strategic isn't He? That couldn't have happened any other day when we "weren't" there, but God in His infinite wisdom arranges! He's a wonderful Papa and we "all," his children surround and support him no matter what! It's hard to see some elderly that don't have that, but we are very possessive of both of our parents! And I'm so thankful that we are able to do that!! My daughter and I did have fun and hopefully we can do it again, but she's pretty short lived in the spend time with mommy department! LOLOL I don't fault her mind you, she's 17, but hopefully she'll have another "moment" soon! I love our time! Thanks for stopping in my sweet friend and I hope all is well up in your neck of the woods! Especially with that "swanky" craft room! Blessings Wanda!!!! :)