Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday.....the wannabe Friday!!!!

Just look at that mug! He looks like trouble doesn't he?
Good Thursday all my crafty friends! As I told my good friend Zsuzsa, I'm on a roll. I've been asleep for six months and now I have wayyyyy too much to say! LOLOL So this post today is dedicated to you, my friend! :) In light of that, and your fabulous feline Oreo that we've watch grow, I thought I would post a pic of Sox, who has grown equally as fast! He's a menace, to be sure!! LOL He gets into EVERYTHING and thinks our home from the back of the house to the front is the Autobahn!!! He has a strategic path that includes a quick zip over the coffee
My Tigger or Tig Tig as I call him!
One is not willing to out do the other!
table and then scales the couch and then makes a "skidding" u-turn around the chop block in the kitchen then back all over again! And mind you, if you happen to be sitting on the couch when he decides to scale it, he doesn't mind using any part of your body to make the trip! LOLOL He's still lean and mean because we haven't gotten him fixed yet (not sure what we are waiting on) but in my experience, when the big "chop" happens, they turn into grumpy old men! LOLOL Hence his counterpart Tigger who has the occasional throw back to youth days and wants to take an Autobahn turn with Sox, but it's short lived! The couch is his best friend!

Then there is Big Kitty and she's really an old fart (excuse the french! LOL) She's definitely just a couch potato and has the belly to go with it! LOLOL I don't have a pic of her today, but I will definitely get one up so you can see her in ALLLL her glory! We are cat lovers! Can you tell? The guys say an across the pond hello to Oreo today! :)

Great own pencils!
So today, not a "real" project to share as I am still working on several to share eventually. But I did want to share some happy mail that I got while I was on "art sabbatical." Even when I was taking a break the "art God's" were trying to woooo me back in by sending gifts! LOLOL So Tom, who is the co-founder of the ColoringNotebook contacted me because he had seen my blog and had sweet words to say about it and asked me if I'd review their notebook if they sent me a sample! OF COURSE!!!!! LOL What crafter turns down an opportunity to see new crafty tools????? So I wanted to post a picture of it on my blog, as promised to Tom, and give my thoughts! Woop!

So this is an awesome "coloring notebook!" I started out in the "art world" doing Zentangle and fell upon mixed media through internet searching. So this was something right up my alley. I have posted some of my Zentangle artwork here on my blog before. This little
journal has some GORGEOUS pictures (over 50) in it to "make your own" by adding beautiful colors
to the doodle pages and making them come alive! It's great to pass the time while sitting and watching TV or just when you need a break from every day life, de-stressing!

The journal itself is quite sturdy and the pages are an average weight that are archival quality and acid-free, so to me, they take colored pencil well and I would image, crayon or chalk, etc... I am not sure that I would use any sort of wet medium, although they do say that you can, but I think that would defeat the purpose for me for this journal. I like to use this for quiet, non-taxing, journaling. Not that mixed media is taxing, its just a lot more fuss and product which takes a different mind frame for me and I choose to use this journal in a low key, gear down mode.

This page to the right I was working on last night, which I love. I don't claim to be a good colorer, but it's still fun to me and reminds me of times that I used to sit around and color with my daughters. Every once in awhile, my youngest Abigael and I will pull out the old color books and crayons and just sit and color. It's fun. Nothing smells quite like crayons does it? Take that how you will! LOLOL I found this AWESOME picture towards the back of the journal when I was browsing through and it's the next one to do on my list! I love, love jellyfish! They are so ethereal to me and just one of the beautiful creations of the Lord that I wonder what His thought process was when He created them! An amazing creation!

I encourage you to go on over to the ColoringNotebook website and check it out for yourself. It's well worth having in your play stash for those down times! Bring back out the "kid" in you and do a little coloring! :)  It may be the coloring book that you DON'T want to share with the kiddos.....sorry, this one is for mom! LOLOL

My beautiful hackers! xoxo
Well, I hope you all have lovely plans for the weekend. Last weekend I cleaned the house from top to bottom, so guess what? This weekend, it's lay out at the pool time for mama!!! LOLOL I won't even think about bringing out that mop! LOLOL 

I will leave you with this "hack" photo from my cell phone! I can't leave it lying around. Those two
"selfie queens" of mine will take back to back photos of themselves on my phone and I find it later! LOLOL Got to love em! :) XOXOXOXO


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  1. Yipee, sounds like the old Felicia is back, making me LOL again! The kitties look so cute and Sox crashing your Bible study is priceless! Such a sweet little face! Oreo goes crazy sometimes too, despite the "snip" - we call it the witching hour. He meows as he runs around making silly noises. Surprisingly, he never got fat after his operation - he's a picky eater and sometimes I wonder if he's a bit too thin! I love the rounded corners of that colouring book - colouring is so relaxing and meditative! Beautiful photo of your girlies - they're growing up too fast! Wishing you a lovely weekend and Oreo is sending his regards to his American cousins! xx