Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Set Apart

All my life, I have been a little "different."  When you are younger, that's not always a good thing because then you feel like you are not "part of the crowd."  Had I been secure enough to embrace my differences, I probably could have done a lot more in my life!  Of course, back then, I didn't understand why I was different, so to speak.  But God did!  Before the foundations of the earth, He called me into being and made me "different," set me apart for His purpose!

In His Word, God tells us that we are a "chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's special possession, that we may declare the praises of Him who called us out of darkness into His wonderful light." (1 Peter 2:9)  We are called to be "different," not like others in the world.  We live in the world, but we are NOT of the world.  Why?  Because we are living stones in the Master's plan!  Who we are and who He has called us to be are all a part of the great plan He has for the nations.  Being "different" from others means that what your supply for that plan is different from another's supply.  The Father needs your uniqueness, your differences because you will be an intricate stone in the wall of His plan.  Just like someone else's supply will be another intricate stone in that same wall!

I look at who I am now and am so thankful to be a believer and be "set apart!"  I want to be unique for Him.  I want to draw others to Him.  So when people say to me now you're different, or the mold was broken when you were made, I say, yes I am and THANK YOU!  It also shows me that God has a great sense of humor!!! LOL!!

Are you "different?"  Embrace that difference.  Stand set apart and be "uniquely YOU!"


  1. Love this page! The butterfly seems to fly! Best regards!

    1. Gracias Isabel!!! I really enjoyed doing this page, to the point that I couldn't sleep until I finished it and the butterfly is one of my faves!! :)

  2. Felicia, your page is wonderful!!! What your wrote is so true and you wrote about it so beautifully!!! Thanks for the reminder and encouragement!!! Now I'll be singing that old chorus all day - "We are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people that should show forth the praises of Him who has called you out of darkness, out of darkness, out of darkness into His marvelous light, into His marvelous light". :)

  3. Oh Wanda thank you so much! I love that we have the freedom as Christians to express the Father's heart and maybe bring a smile to someones day, a spring to someones step or maybe a tune to their heart!!! You couldn't have chosen a better chorus!! Thanks again, blessings!