Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WOYWW #381

Happy WOYWW all my crafty friends!! It's a glorious day to be alive isn't it??? In spite of whatever is going on around you, whatever your circumstances, you can still have amazing joy and a song in your heart! That's my story any how and I'm sticking to it!! LOLOL

So what's on my desk? A TON of projects that I have to get done for various people and events! I love it! The more chaotic for some reason, the better I do! I'm running around with hair on fire, mind you, but it always seems to work best!!! That being said, I will share a couple of things with you today! Woop, woop!

As a part of the Pick A Stick Challenge over on the Facebook Group by the same name, I will share my September Journal Challenge today! This month, Lizzie pulled the sticks for our journal challenge and they were as follows:
My September Journal spread was oh so fun for me and turned out pretty good, I think! :) By the way, this is what came out of last weeks "Help!" WOYWW #380! You were right ladies...I just slapped the paint on and look what happened! LOL
I always start my pages with a coat of gesso and then for step 1 - Use a color you never use, I had a Paperartsy Fresco paint that was gifted to me that I had never used! Not because I didn't want to or not liking the color, I just had never used it! Now sad part is, I don't have the color in front of me, so I can't tell you what color it is, but at any rate it is a discontinued color, so.......LOLOL  I combined using the "mustard color" paint with step 2, which is use a non-tool to apply on my page. My non tool was a cork from a wine bottle! I had it on my desk for some reason, so I simply dipped it in the paint and dotted it all over both pages.

Step 3 was to add acrylic paint using your fingers.  That was an easy one because I LOVE to get fingers all up in that paint! So much fun, right? I just used assorted and various acrylics that I love and thought would go ok with that "mustard color" paint from Paperartsy. Step 4 was to add waffle paper. I don't even know what that is folks, so little ole me just used some corrugated cardboard pieces that pops up off of your journal and "could be" waffle looking! LOL Step 5 was remove paint through a stencil. As Fresco paint dries pretty quickly, I had to improvise. So I just blotted paint here and there and then pulled it back up with various stencils using a baby wipe and the residue turned out pretty cool!

Step 6 was collage printed tissue paper or wrapping paper. My ATC swap partner Sue Marrazzo from last month gave me some GREAT papers to use and so as an ode to Sue, I used them in my journal! I loved the paper. I believe it was clothing pattern paper that she had stenciled or sprayed on! It was yummy! Step 7 was cut out a word or phrase from any printed source and I had an old magazine lying around that had this "blown away" title in it and I thought, hey that little pop of color would be cool!

Step 8 was use something from the opposite season. I thought oh, dear, what to use from winter? Then I remembered I had these wooden snowflakes that I had in my stash that I use during Christmas time that would be perfect! So I painted them using the same paints in the background and then used coordinating Stickles on them to make them pop! Woop, woop! LOL Step 9 was use black gesso/paint to cover something up and so I simply used black acrylic to cover the edges of the phrase I had stuck down and shade it. And finally Step 10 was use a black marker or pen. I actually used both. I took my Faber Castell Big Brush Pen in black to edge my journal and then simply took a black Micron pen and doodled here and there on the pages! Voila! Turned out pretty good after all! :)

One of the other projects I will share with you today is the making of my daughter's 16th Birthday Party Invitations. I simply refuse to buy invitations when I can clearly make them myself. This was a fun p project with a mandala stamp I had and great discount paper and "party invitation" stamp set that I found in the bargain bin at Michaels! Can't beat that! I also used some Distressed inks and
different color Micron Pens and there you have it! It's just way too simple to NOT do! We will be having her big birthday bash next weekend and she is so very excited! I am doing all the decorating and catering myself and a sweet girlfriend who bakes on the side is doing her cake! Hope to share pix from the fun soon! :)

Well, I am off to check out all my crafty friends work desks! I hope you have an awesome Wednesday and rest of the week with a joy and song in your heart as well! :)



  1. Your enthusiasm is very infectious. Love the slap it on of the paint in the journal..that worked out really well! I know all about the invitations, my daughter used to plead for bought stationery at party time, it would have been a treat!!

    1. LOLOL, Julia, I have been told that I am "effervescent!" How do you like that?? In the office I work in, I would have this gentleman that would call occasionally and he made mention that every time he would call, I would be "effervescent!" So that's what he started calling me! LOLOL
      Thank you for your kind words! I love the messiness of "slapping it on!" I was thankful that my daughter didn't mind that I "made" her invitations too much. As long as she didn't have to help, she was good! LOLOL She's a little bit of a "diva!" LOL Thanks so much for popping in! Have a blessed weekend!: )

  2. That is a very impressive journal page with that big bold title, Felicia! I can see how the Pick a Stick challenge makes you think outside the box! Brilliant and I absolutely adore that background! I wouldn't have known what waffle paper was either - will have to look it up cause now I'm intrigued. I don't know what it is, but I know I want it, LOL! Looks like we both have kiddie birthdays this month then! Happy birthday to Adriel! Sweet 16 - I can just about remember it myself!

    1. Right??????? Waffle paper???? I still don't know what it is!! LOLOLOL I will tell her my BFF over the pond wished her a Sweet 16, she will LOVE it! It's been a busy week for me this week, so I am just now getting around to reading these posts. We are once again dealing with my aging father. It's tough to see him like this, but we are all having to pitch in and take turns seeing about him. It's, I am sure, a very small bit of what he had to do with dealing with all 10 of us!! :)

  3. I love all those directions for different crafting! They're great for kick starting ideas you wouldn't necessarily have done, brilliant idea!
    "Hugs, LLJ 3 xxx

  4. Wonderfully creative, Alicia! You have certainly risen to the challenge. I finally managed to put in some studio time today and joined WOYWW at the late hour of 10 p.m.!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #46

  5. Have a wonderful weekend and please, when you have recovered, blog it for us to share. Hope Alicia has a wonderful time - sweet sixteen eh - Despite the advancing years I still remember mine and the dress I wore.
    Love the journal page - love the colour - my favourite.
    Hugs, Neet 2 xx

  6. great pages! I don't always put gesso on and my results are always so varied. I know what you mean about paying to do something you can do yourself. I remember my mother sewing for me so I sewed for my daughter and she came to me one day and asked for a store bought dress…I would had loved to have been able to afford handmade stuff back then…Necessity was the mother of invention. Have a great week. VIckie #4

  7. I am "blown away" by your journal pages. The colors are great. I noticed that our blogs are the same and that we used the same expression this week about our stories...loving it!
    Have a great WOYWW week!
    Chris #27

  8. What a wonderful page and great prompts to use! Does the Gesso help with paint not soaking through paper?

    Have a great week
    Sharon K#35

  9. Love both projects and especially love your daughter's invitations. Just beautiful. Dorlene #48

  10. Love your september journal page, the colours and all the textures are scrummy.
    Survived the dentist although the numbness took ages to go and then I had to go sort an oil leak from car, really didn't need that when all I wanted to do was sleep!
    No never heard from ZsuZsa, she didn't comment on mine last week and I can't contact her which is still a shame considering I can comment on loads of other G+ blogs???
    Thanks for visiting me BJ #21

  11. Oh wow! That page turned out beautifully. I can't believe you got a whole page done with so few steps. Outstanding!!
    Here's hoping y'all have a great 16th birthday party :)
    Hope #40

  12. Your page blows me away! and you thought you needed HELP. ha ha Hope your daughter has a terrific birthday. Those invites are beautiful. LisaDV#26

  13. Hi Felicia, thanks for popping over, and I have joined your blog .. though for some reason my profile picture does not show up.. blogger is really strange these days cos know this happened to Darnell too. Anyway letting you know it was me..
    Fascinated by your journal page ... I wondered when I read the list what waffle paper was, and even more amused that you didn't know either :D
    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shaz in oz.x #19

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  14. Great projects, Felicia. I am the same way. The more I have to deal with the better chance of things getting done in a timely manner. Love Girl Scout cookies but I loved being outside and sharing things with the girls. Creative Blessings! Kelly #39