Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Love in a Gift!

Good Tuesday all my crafty friends! I am stoked that I am actually posting again today. Although I did mention it yesterday, so I had to make it good didn't I? LOL Today I am going to post two pieces that I have been working on for my step mom whom I will be visiting in a couple of weeks and I am contemplating busting out another one before I go and taking it also with me. Phew......three pieces to take on the plane. I may have to rethink that as frames get heavy, but I do usually tend to push the envelope, so who knows! LOLOL

Santa Fe, New Mexico is my heart and soul. I moved back to Georgia from Santa Fe and to this day, if someone pulled a truck up into my yard and said "hey we'll move you, do you want to go?" there would be no question! I wouldn't be able to load the truck quick enough! I left a piece of my heart there and one day, it is my aim to move back. God may have other plans for me, of course, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it! LOLOL

If you have never been to Santa Fe, New Mexico, you must, must plan a trip. Now granted, New Mexico it is not for everyone, but they don't call it "The Land of Enchantment" for nothing. There is something so spiritual there and moving that once you go, it embeds into your very being enough to the point that even if you are states away, that spirit calls to you and beckons you to return! So, I return as often as purchasing a plane ticket allows me! LOLOL My step mom, whom I call "Mama Doo" and my sisters had all moved off for jobs' sake, but have since all moved back and it makes me pea green with envy!

Santa Fe is a bevy of arts and culture, which is right up my alley! There is A LOT of commercialism there as it is, in fact, a tourist trap, but you can
remove yourself from that and enjoy all the wonderful culture of Native American, Hispanic/Spanish, Anglo culture mix in the forms of food, festivals, art (pottery, painting, jewelry) and scenery. There is nothing like it on earth to me. By far, eating is my favorite thing to do there and I FILL UP on green chile while home as well as my other favorite thing to do which is hiking! There are amazing trails as you make your way up to the ski basin as well as in other areas of New Mexico. To say that I get myself lost while I am home is an understatement! LOL

One of the Native American spiritual traditions that has been turned into a gorgeous art form is called the Kachina Doll. It's history dates back to aroundI DON'T own one! LOLOL But they are beautiful to look at and I have a huge respect for the artists that craft these dolls. They are made of of cotton wood and carved as one piece, which you can image is a hard and lengthy process, hence the price tag!
1857 and has turned into a huge collectors item for locals and visitors alike. "Authentic" Kachina Dolls can set you back anywhere from $800 up to thousands of dollars! Needless to say,

It is said that the Native American tribes thought of the Kachinas as spiritual beings who taught them how to live on earth after they were born. The dolls are icons that represent the spiritual essence of everything in the world that they worship through various kachina spirits. The word "Kachina" means "life bringer." I love that!  Each one, visibly, is just beautiful to me!

My mom actually has quite a few and so I got the brilliant idea to do a piece for her a couple of years ago using water colors and the Zentangle art! It really turned out well and she liked it so much that she had commissioned me to do three more. Of course I said yes, but that is as far as it went!
Several years later, I figured I better make good on that promise! LOLOL So I will be taking two or three more home to her when I go in a few weeks.

I actually drew them out in pencil and then went back over them using Micron pens in various sizes, incorporated various Zentangle patterns, of which I NEVER know the names, and then used my Derwent Water Color pencils to add color. I then put them in floating frames so as to capture the
piece and not all the matting, etc... I think they turned out pretty good! As I have mentioned before the only way for me to display pieces is with my cell phone, so although they aren't quality photos, maybe you get the idea! LOLOL I have shown one in the floating frame and I still have to do the other one. If I decide to knock another out, I will post it before I go!

As you can tell, I am VERY passionate about my beloved Santa Fe! It is a weakness that I am afraid I will never be able to let go of! I CAN'T WAIT to go home and see my family and although I am VERY BLESSED that God has provided a way for me to go, no time is LONG ENOUGH! I am sure you all have a special place just like that in your own lives!

Hope to share the starts of my canvas tomorrow, we shall see.....the best laid plans of mice and men! LOLOL
(Please note that NONE of these photos are mine, they were all downloaded from the internet from various travel sites, etc...!!)


  1. Oh, you are so good at Zentangling!!!! Your pieces are wonderful!!! I hope (and know) you will have an amazing time!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ohhhhhhh thank you so much Wanda! I really enjoy doing these pieces. I don't ever feel like I know what I am doing when I attempt Zentangle art, but when I am done, I usually feel okeedokee about it! LOLOL It is such a wonderful art form that seems impossible to do, but when you sit down and give it a go, it's lot's of fun! Thank you to much, as always, for your encouragement! I can't wait to go, that's for sure! :)