Monday, July 17, 2017


Good Monday all my long lost crafty friends!! Can it be that it has been since December of last year that I have posted! Yes, it most certainly can and is the sad case!! My craft space has looked like this 

and the only sound you may have heard from that sad little crafty space was crickets!!! LOLOL It has been a lonely, dusty table to be sure! But, I have made strides to get back into the game, with a dusting off and putting everything back into its "home" spaces so that I could get my "art game" on! LOL

I laugh now, but it has been a long hard road since January. Without revealing too much of my life, my husband and I went through a marriage battle that rocked our little family's life and right smack in the middle of all that my sweet father got gravely ill and we placed him in the hospital where we almost lost him and then he bounced back and then landed back in the hospital again! He has pulled through again (by the way he is 89 years old) and we currently have him in a rehab facility to get back tip top! Good news is he is in the same facility that my sweet mother is in. Mom is on the second floor in long term care and Papa is on the first floor in rehab. He wants to get better and go home, where he was actually living on his own, but we will see how that all plays out. Quite frankly, if I don't see another hospital for a long time, that will be alright with me! LOL

My husband and I have worked through a huge storm, which I believe is God's divine design! It will be a daily process to be sure, but one we are willing to do. My girls suffered as well as my health, but God heals ALL things and we are all in the process of healing! When we hang on to his promises, by faith, God is faithful to remain with you in the midst, strengthen you and fill you with so much grace and love to carry you through!

I have missed my beloved art creativity and all of my wonderful crafty friends and have been itching to get back into the swing of things as well as all my wonderful monthly challenges that I had so much fun with. So today I will share a project that I finished last week for a dear neighbor who just lost their precious daughter to a battle with cancer. I wanted to give them something that would be a daily reminder of their Father's love for them during this time of loss, but also His strength for them as they move forward remembering how precious a gift she was here on this earth and remind them of the hope of eternity with her in Heaven. They have blessed our family tremendously over the years, so I felt I wanted to bless them back!

I always keep wooden crosses in my stash because I love, love doing those for people. It brings me such joy to do them and give them away to people. So I started this one by collaging Tim Holtz tissue paper and gold foil design tissue paper onto the cross with Mod Podge. Then going through my "bits and bobble" stash and pulling out things I thought would make for good collage presentation. I love doing that because it's always cool to see how nothing (i.e....buttons, coke can tabs, washers, etc...) turn into something! Thanks to Finnabair, we've all learned how awesome that can be!
I gave the cross a light coat of gesso and then a heavier gesso coat to my "bits and bobbles," and then I pulled out my Caran d'Ache Neocolor crayons and my Tattered Angels Mists and just went to town on both! It was so much fun getting all "inky" and messy again! Made me remember how much I have missed my beloved mixed media art!

After everything dried, I just began to assemble the pieces with some corrugated cardboard that I had misted along with some gauze I had also misted with hot glue. I added a flower I had made out of book page and a Prima flower along with this great crown that I had found in the "bargain bin" at my local craft store. I also added some lace that was gifted to me from Tonya Gibbs, who I love! I found the word "cherish" from Tim's chit chat pack and finally, I added some of Finnabair's butter glass beads, some bling and a "K" for her name which was Kim!

I would ask that you keep that sweet family lifted up. She was young with two children, so her husband and children will be adjusting to a new life without wife and mother and my neighbors without their sweet daughter! I can't image, but I KNOW that my Father in Heaven will provide for their EVERY need and keep them close as they go through.

As a part of taking some well needed time together as a family, we went off last weekend up to the mountains. We really need a whole week together, but right now, we will take what we can get! Just want to share this family "selfie"! It was a short time together, but "TOGETHER" never the less! We had fun!

I've missed all my crafty friends and look forward to getting back into the "zone" and enjoying all of your crafty projects. I have my work cut out for me as I head over to many of your blogs and check out all that I have missed! I can't wait!

Blessings to you all!


  1. Hi Felicia! Long time no see - I've been waiting for a new post of yours to pop up on my blog roll and today there it was! I'm so sorry to hear about the challenges you've been facing in the past six months. Life is not always easy. We went through similar difficulties in 2015. It's great that you've been able to get back into creating, even if it's a project for a sad occasion. The way you altered that cross looks awesome and I'm sure it will mean a lot to the recipients. I trust things will get better for you from now on, Felicia - making art does help, as does your eternal faith to get through the worst of it and look towards the future with hope and positivity- just keep strong - for the sake of your gorgeous girls as well! Best wishes, Zsuzsa xx

    1. Hello my dear friend!!!!! Yes, long time no see! I am hoping this is the start of the climb back up! I have missed my beloved art so much!! Sometimes the challenges are just so overwhelming, but as you said, my eternal faith is what has "kept" me in the midst of it all! Thank you for your sweet, AS EVER, comments on my cross! I love doing them and I hope it blessed them! It's funny that you had similar circumstances in 2015....yet ANOTHER thing we have in common! LOLOL I have missed talking with you and I hope you and your hubby and beautiful son are doing well! I have to get on over to your web page and see what I have been missing! I KNOW it is A LOT of wonderful goodies!! Keep me lifted up for strength, as you said for those girls of mine!! And thank you for your sweet comment on their regard! I think they are, of course, but you are just the sweetest to say so! Blessings my friend!: ) xo

    2. I'll keep you in my thoughts, Felicia, that things will continue to get better for you - as I'm sure they will! xx

  2. Oh, Felicia, I am sorry for all you've been through... going through. You are right to keep looking to God. He never, ever, ever fails us. He is our strength, our hope, our breath when things are tough (and when they aren't). The cross is wonderful and I'm sure will be a long time treasure to your neighbors. You are the Sweetest!!!! You and your family are in my prayers!! Love and Hugs to you, sweet friend!!!!

    1. Ohhhhhh Wanda, I always love hearing from you!!! I have been thinking about you a lot lately!!! I've had my Fresco Paints out doing a small project and I just smile as I paint thinking of your blessing to me!!! I also keep your tag that you made me right on my desk top, along with a card that Zsuzsa made me that just both keep me inspired and blessed by your friendships! I am thankful for your prayers, receive them and know that it's because of those and others's that have prayed for me that I continue on (along with His great grace and peace!). I'm so thankful for the fellowship of the saints! Where would we all be without His great love and example for us to all live by! Thank you for your encouragement on the cross project! God placed it on my heart to do for them and I hope they are blessed in remembrance of her each time they look at it! I so hope you and yours are doing well up in good old Iowa! I have been enjoying the photos of your art blessed woman you!!!! LOLOL You need to do a 360 of your space for us to all joyful for you over! LOLOLOL What a blessing! Thank you for stopping in my friend! Have to skip on over and check out your newest projects! :) Blessings!