Monday, March 23, 2015

Kraaft Box Hooray!!!

Good Monday all my crafty friends! Well, it's a rainy day in Georgia! The weather is still crazy all over the country. I know it's still snowing in some areas? What? We had 80 plus weather Saturday here, and now it's 55 today. We are used to crazy weather here, so I am not too shocked, but makes me worried about what our summer is going to look like when it's already warm and balmy! Oy vey! :)))))

Oh Hi!!!!
So today I got my Kraaft Shaak Mixed Media Box....HOORAY FOR ME! :))))) When Heather over on Kraaft Shaak decided to do the Mixed Media Boxes, I knew I just wanted to get one!

The premise behind Heather's box I think is two fold. Heather's box is filled with all kinds of Mixed Media for you, if you are a beginner, to help kick start you in the right direction with different types of media. Often times as a beginner, you don't really know where to start, but receiving a box filled with this goodness, will start you in the right direction. In addition, several of the products you get to choose, so that makes it even better.

If you are a seasoned mixed media artist or someone, LIKE ME, who calls themselves "knowing what they are doing...ha ha," then the products will just be a welcome addition to your current stash. Not only that, but some of the products that are "new" in our crafty world that maybe we have wanted to "try" but not buy a whole tub yet, are offered in the kit in sample size so that we can actually try before we buy! What a crafty idea right? And the samples are just enough to do a project or two, depending how you use them!! Score! LOL

Out of the gate there was a cute "Thank You" card from Heather whereby she used what looks like Finnabair's Gold Crackle Paste from the Art Extravagance line by Prima through a stencil on the front! I had requested a sample of that, so I got double....I already saw the awesomeness on her card and I will also get to use it myself! I also requested Prima Chalkboard Paint in Sea Breeze. I have soooo been wanting to try that, so I am so excited and can't wait to use it!

The goodness just kept on going from there. One of awesome things I got (which I was secretly hoping I got) was Finnabairs awesome 6x6 Elemental Stencil that is a doily shape. We did not know what we would was either a stencil or a stamp! I had seen the stencil on her vid, so I was really wanting that! Another score!! LOL I also chose the option with the 5x7 canvases. I love working on canvas, but I have a special thing in mind for these guys!! The rest are just lovely, lovely sample products from Finnabair's rocking line, which we have all been eyeing since they made their debut! She had some other paper elements, which I can't wait to use as well and one of the other things I secretly hoped was in my stash was this plastic piece that I am not sure what she called it, but you could use it for sooo many things, ie...a stencil, or on your gelli plate... I was stoked to see it in my box!
All my crafty goodness!!!! Thanks Heather!!!

I must admit that I have been envious of all these other folks who have been getting their Kraaft Shaak box when they do a reveal video because Heather puts a lot of love in her boxes. She pays attention to every detail from the wrapping with her own lovely papers to a "toy surprise" inside. Heather had commented on a comment I had made about wanting to see items in her store, like Stabilo pencils because they are hard for me to find where I live. And that kraafty little lady put a coveted Stabilo pencil in my box! Heather you are just toooooo precious!! Thank you so much! It doesn't take much to make me happy, BUT that pencil does!! :))))))))))

Check out the Kraaft Shaak or watch Heather's Mixed Media Kit video and see what's going on over there in her store...she will be glad you stopped by! :)))



  1. Excellent Blog post, Felicia, you do the Kraaft Shaak proud!!! Enjoy all those goodies!!

    1. Thanks Sylvia!!! I MOST CERTAINLY will! :))))) You, by the way, are just a stinging hoot! I love your videos, you tickle me so!! :)))) Blessings to you!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your creations with this kit.

    1. LOL!! Me too! I hope I can do those lovely products justice! :)))))