Friday, March 13, 2015

I Will Follow!

Happy Friday all my crafty friends! Yep, it's been a WHOLE week since I posted!! Actually a week and a day! What's up with that?  How about time? It went right on by!!! LOL  Not sure! I actually have been working on projects and have some on my desk, but I can't share because they are to send out and I wouldn't want to post before they get them!! So, I will just make it look like I am being a slacker!! LOL I will share a project today however!!

Today I am posting my March, Week 1 Take Me Deeper Journal Page from over on His Kingdom Come community.  The theme for the month of March is Journey to the Cross! Boy, I love that theme as I feel we are all on or should be on a journey to the cross! When you have chosen that journey, you've chosen to take your focus off of "self," and put your eyes on Jesus! Week 1 was based on the scripture from Luke 4:1 that says "Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, left the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness," is titled "I Will Follow."

This journal page was one God had definitely impressed in my mind as soon as I read the scripture as to how He wanted me to depict it. I began this by gessoing the page and then simply took some cheapo FolkArt paint in Cinnamon and Antique Gold and applied with a credit card here and there. I concentrated mostly on the left side and dispersed a little on the right side (there is a method to my madness! LOL) and dabbed here and there with a baby wipe. I then took my favorite Silks Acrylic Glaze in Sunflower and Sky Blue and applied with my fingers and a baby wipe to the right side and then sprayed on some Lindy's Stamp Gang in Autumn Maple Crimson and dabbed with a baby wipe as well.

I then put some FolkArt Metallic Gray through Jaime Echt's Numerals stencil on the left side and made sure that I placed a "4" and a "0" near each other and outlined them to make them stand out. I am not an artist in the "true" sense of the word, so I really had to stretch to make the next phase of my page happen!!! LOL I knew that I wanted to put an image of a "princess" going up a hill towards the cross, so I found a really great photo online and cut it out and mod podged it on my page. I then simply drew out (to the best of my ability) the scene with my Derwent water color pencils. I fussed with it as much as I could and wasn't satisfied so I pulled out my Gelatos to further highlight the scene and finally decided to pull out my Faber Castell Big Brush pens to finish it. I also used the pens to do some shading in the end. I then stamped my title with my cheapo alpha stamps and voila!

As you look at this page, you are probably wondering my thoughts. As I have mentioned many times before, if you read my posts, that our Christian faith is all about reconciliation! It's about our journey back to the Father! That journey can ONLY begin at the cross!! As Christians, we believe that the ONLY WAY to the Father is through the Son! That journey back to the Father will come with many trials and not without tribulation. The key to getting through both is seeking the Father's ways (His ways are not our ways) and allowing yourself to be lead by the Holy Spirit!!

In the Bible, the number 40 is so significant throughout. It is signifies a period of testing, trial or probation. What is key to that is that it's always right before a regeneration or restoration!! That's why it is so important how you handle yourself through trials, that you remain strong in His Word and remain faithful....there IS a blessing on the other side!!! After each act of deliverance in the Bible there was a 40 year transition period to the promise land. This signifies that just as then, we too go through seasons in our lives! When you come through each season, by faith, you will enter into the promise land God intended!!

Seasons are all about preparation! Spiritually speaking, God may be preparing you for an intricate part in your spiritual walk, as you go through that "tuff" season, that if you didn't go through the season before you, you may not get to the blessing He has laid out for you. Not only that, but "seasons" are a time for growth! As we seek Him during that season, and, by faith, allow ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit through that season, we can then "enter in" and God can take us to the next level of the calling He has on our life!!

I saw myself on the journey to the cross in my beautiful garments of color that are only fitting for royalty! As a believer, I am co-heir with Christ to our Heavenly Kingdom! I am a daughter, a princess to the throne! In His Word those that wore such garments of color were authorized by their earthly father's to wear those "robes" as they performed some sort of "service." While wearing those robes, they went through some trials, but in the end were rewarded! I am called to serve today, but, by faith, I will be led on a journey I have been "chosen" for and "called to" for eternal life!

What journey are you on today? Allow Him to lead you for an ETERNAL BLESSING!!


  1. I think your path to the cross came out really well. You did a beautiful job of listening to the Holy Spirit and getting it down on the page- and your encouragement for the "journey" really touched me!

    1. Such a lovely comment Dana! Thank you so much for your encouragement!! I love that I was able to be an instrument for His Word to you! I know that I am doing what He has called me to do when I have such sweet comments as yours! Thank you again and many blessings to you!:))))

  2. Felicia, your page is wonderful!!! I think you did a fabulous job!!!! Your blog post is definitely God breathed and a blessing for anyone to read!!!

    1. Wanda, my friend, you are ALWAYS so thoughtful and encouraging concerning my posts and pages! Your encouragement lets me know that God is in the midst! Thank you so much!!! I hope all is well in beautiful Iowa!! :Blessings my sweet, sweet friend! :))))