Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happy Wednesday!

Good Wednesday all my crafty friends! It's another Wednesday and another great day to be alive!! It's also ANOTHER rainy day in Georgia! It has it's advantages, to be sure, like rinsing all that LOVELY YELLOW pollen away, ha ha, but I think we are all ready for some order to our weather around here!! In the mean time, thank you Lord for your perfect order and......the rain! :)

Today I don't have a craft to post, I am dedicating this post today to Fran McGuirt over on our Google+ community! Fran made a post yesterday evening that really stuck with me! It was a picture of herself that her daughter took with the caption that read "And this is what artists block looks like, Oh Mio!" I laughed and laughed at that post because WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE! My post back to her was that I totally understood and that I have a "blank" journal page on my table that I have been staring at for over a week! Well as it were, it's more than one journal page Fran!! LOL And here is the evidence!!

I am committed to a few things online whereby I am "supposed" to do things "weekly," but sometimes, it just doesn't happen that way! Now I will confess, that bothers and perplexes me from time to time, (much like how Fran looks in her photo..LOL), but then other times I understand and believe God is wanting me to be "quiet" so that I can hear His still small voice!!

You know, the enemy's soul purpose is to divide and conquer! Since I try to approach everything from the Father's view, especially my art since I use it not just for art fun, but also a ministry tool, I look at the "blank page syndrome" much like a tactic from the enemy to keep us from hearing God! The enemy would divide us and separate us from God, but His Word says "NOTHING in creation will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord!" Romans 8:39 The enemy could use that "blank page" to perplex me to the point that I didn't believe I was hearing from the Lord or that He isn't ministering to me! When all along, God may be allowing that "blank page" to nudge me to "be still" so that I CAN hear what He is trying to say to me.

You know, it's NOT that we CAN'T hear God or that He doesn't speak to us, because we absolutely can and He absolutely does! In His Word He tells us that "My sheep hear my voice, and I KNOW them, and they follow me!" John 10:27 But sometimes, our own thoughts get in the way of hearing Him. That's just the foothold the enemy needs to encourage you to think that God isn't speaking to you, thereby pushing you to think that God doesn't really love you and He's not interested in you! No, you just may have too much junk in the way to hear Him and the void may be the space He is allowing to encourage you to slow down and be still, so that you CAN hear His voice!

Key to anything with a relationship with the Lord is to stay in His Word! The Word of God is living and active and it discerns the thought and intentions of the heart!! So if you remain abiding in Him and allowing Him to abide in you then you will quickly recognize that God uses the "down times," "blank spaces," and even "quiet times" that He may not be speaking, to encourage you to seek Him! His Word encourages us to call on Him and He will answer! Take heart understanding also that it will be in His timing not our own!! But you remain faithful to listen and wait! He will honor your position!

The quote above from Eleanor Roosevelt says "With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts." I like that!! Each new day shows us a new FULL cup of grace, love and mercy from the Lord! Take time today to cast down all those thoughts that try to exalt themselves above the Lord, be still and listen for that still small voice! He will give you the grace as you wait! Even as you look at that blank page! :)))))

Bless you today! :)


  1. What a beautiful post, Felicia. Romans 8 is one of my favourite chapters in all of Scripture, and in particular verse 28 has been my watchword throughout my 30-year-long life as a believer. These words are particularly important to me now! Thank you for your lovely comment with so many uplifting words from the Lord. I am being carried along by a tide of answered prayer, I can feel it. I am still feeling quite peaceful, but I expect I shall be scared this time tomorrow - only natural, but I know that I am in good hands!


    1. Shoshi, you are a sweetheart! Thank you so much I love Romans 8 as well!! You are most very welcome! I look forward to hearing "victorious" reports!! There is mighty power in prayer so I KNOW you feel those prayers that have gone up! You are in the palm of His hand so don't let that "fear" settle in and you cast down every thought that tries to exalt itself against that promise for you!! YES you are in AWESOME hands!!!! God bless you! :))))

  2. Hi Felicia, I have been loving all of your tags, cards, journals, and all of the other amazing projects you create. You have inspired me so much. So I had to order a journal so I could try my hand at it. It will be here tomorrow. I can't wait. It won't be as gorgeous as yours, but I can't wait to give it a go. Thank you so much for all of the posts you do. I love reading them. Have a blessed day my friend!!!!

    1. Hi Penny!!!!! I am just now seeing this??????? Geez, I am sooo out of it sometimes!! LOL In my defense, it was a crazy weekend!! LOL Honestly, I would love to pocket you and take you out at any given time of the day to encourage and lift me up!!! ALLLLLL those lovely things you said just made me want to tear up, they were so, so sweet!! You are too funny too, by the way, because YOU inspire me with ALL your crafty goodness! I have tried to do the card thing, like you said about the journal thing, except it just looks like I "tried" to do it!!!! LOL I am so glad you ordered a journal because I KNOW it will be a different story for you! You will rock at journals, I can feel it!
      I want to thank you for your gorgeous posts my friend, because they truly do inspire folks like me who marvel at your card making! But you know I love posting because it has allowed me to meet so many lovely people such as yourself and get inspired by your craft that maybe I can take bits and pieces of it and incorporate it into my work, you know? I think we all learn from one another and that's what it's all about! I LOVE this community and soooooo glad I met you Penny, even from afar!! I believe if we lived closer, we'd be fine pals!!!
      Thank you again my friend for all your loveliness and you make it an AWESOME week! :))))