Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Mail!

Well, as promised, I wanted to share a few things today to catch up!  I have quite a few things on my table, ALL a part of challenges and swaps going on, coming up and starting the new year!  I am so excited because I love sharing with others and it's all a new experience for me.  It's also exciting because I am meeting new people, WHICH I LOVE TO DO and it is also forcing me to challenge myself concerning my art and who I am.  The two, after all, go together for me, so sharing a part of me has been a challenge.  That being said, I have been blessed with so many people full of nothing but wonderful things to say and encouragement!  You guys are some of the best people I know! :)

All that said, one of my wonderfully talented friends that I met online, Becky Wentworth, and I are exchanging fun tags and Friday I was blessed with "happy mail!"  It was so exciting because I have been waiting with baited breath for her package! Becky loves color and so I knew it would be a yummy project to be sure!  Well she blessed me with not just one, but THREE tags!!  I know, right!?  Plus some awesome paper she wrapped them in that looks as if they were gelli printed. SCORE!!!  I opened to this sweet tag that said Merry Christmas on it with that cute little tree and flower! Love it!

Then I opened the first little package that was this wonderful tag with a Christmas Tree on it and the word Noel!  I loved this tag!  The base color was fabulous, but then all the texture pieces she adhered in the background were great too!  Then the lovely tree she drew on the music script was so cute and I absolutely loved the hints of purple she outlined the tree with and then splattered everywhere! Yummo!  She finished with the gold cord! Done good Becky!!

The next tag was just simply brilliant!  This was just a beautiful vintage angel tag that just touched my heart!  Honestly the colors are just gorgeous! Becky is just a precious soul and this came out in this tag! The sentiment says"Keep true to the dreams of thy youth!" Love it!!  It's so hard to say what I love best about this tag because I loved it all, but I really loved the button at the top and I told her I was stealing that idea! LOL  The precious lace and patina like embelishments at the bottom just added so beautifully to the tag, right along with that sweet little butterfly!  Brilliant tag Becky, truly!

Again, topping it off were those lovely gelli print pages that I confess, I have already started using on other projects!  Just too lovely not to use and share with others!

I really wanted to share the goodness that was blessed to me and I hope you like my goodies!  Go over and take at look at Becky's Google+ page, she has lots of talented craftiness on there!!  Thank you so much Becky my friend! :)

Off the subject, I wanted to share another picture with you.....of my nails!!! LOL, LOL  I'm giggling because.....I DON'T DO NAILS!  I've always had what I call "man hands!"  But my daughter begged me last night "mommy can I do your nails.....pleeeezzzz!" LOL  Well, who could say no to that? Besides, I own nail polish remover right!? LOL You can't really tell from this picture but there are like three or four coats of what I call "glop" on there!  It's like a mauvey color with a coat of some sparkly stuff on the top!  She loves her sparkles!! LOL Go mom! One point for me!! LOL What made this ALL worthwhile was seeing her face light up as she dolled me up and just in general spending time with her as we watched "The Golden Compass!"  We love watching movies together and this was a good one to watch!!  She's a jewel and I'm blessed!

Have a great day my friends!


  1. You lucky girl! You've got not one but three tags?! I love all of them but the third must be my favourite! Typical Becky style, which I just ADORE! I've got mine too from my swap partner Gerda in the Netherlands, which I will be sharing soon. You're right Felicia, swapping is so much fun! I laughed about your nails - you're so much like me! I keep them short and NEVER polish them, either. We need our hands for crafting and we can't worry about nails, right? At the moment my nails are kind of black because I've been working with black polymer clay and it got absolutely everywhere! Not a pretty sight - you might think I've got dirt under my fingernails! So unlady-like!

    1. LOL, LOL, LOL!!! Zsuzsa, you always make me chuckle! I know people walking by my office think, now what is that girl laughing about??? LOL You are too right though, I don't have time for that stuff, not that it's not pretty on someone else, but I love to play in my art room and in the dirt in my yard too much to worry about it!! I haven't gone there with polymer clay yet, but I can totally imagine the scene my friend!! Oh my unlady-like...tsssk, tsssk!! LOL Play away I say!! LOL Blessings, my friend! :)

  2. What a beautiful tags, Becky is a wonderful artist! By the way I tell you a secret I've never done or do my nails and I have nail polish remover at home, just because it is useful for some art projects, it is the same that I don't drink alcohol, and my hubby got angry when I used his Smirnoff in my art project, lol :-) come on isn't that better to pour it into art...

    1. LOL, LOL, LOL, another chuckle at my desk!!! Oh my Ruth, you WERE pushing the limits there! LOL I can see the remover being used in the art projects, but haven't thought about the smirnoff! I'm not a big drinker (an occasional glass of wine), but it might be hard to use the Smirnoff in the art projects, kind of based on principal! LOL You are too funny! Based on my previous statement, I'm scared if I did a "Smirnoff" project it might be bit cattywampus!! LOL