Friday, November 7, 2014

DIY Friday!

Happy Friday, my crafty friends!!  It's just been a lovely, crazy week for me and I have enjoyed every moment!  My kids had many tests we had to study for this week and's craft time kind of went to the back burner!!  And to top it all off, my youngest had a project due TODAY that I just found about YESTERDAY!!  Anybody else been there?????  Grace, grace, God's grace!!! LOL  Well thank goodness, for being able to "whip something up!!" LOL

All that said I will just share our little "whip it up project" we did together!  I have shared about my youngest before, she's my craft mate!  So we dug in our craft stash and did it up "Aaron Style!"  LOL!  She is currently learning about the parts of speech in her Language Arts class.  The teacher gave them a list of projects to choose from and so we picked two....better more than not enough, I say!  We picked to do a poster and a "teaching" project, which we decided would be flash cards!  I am a BIG FAN of flash cards!  I make them just about every week for any test they have to study for. I feel like it is just a great way for them to learn.

We cut apart a "teachers guide" that I found at a local store that carries all sorts of visual aides and elements for teachers in their classroom that was geared towards parts of the speech.  Then I picked up a pack of old math flashcards that were in the dollar bin that I thought we could paint over and add our own elements to.

We went through magazines and cut out pictures that would be a visual aid on the front of the flashcard for the children in the classroom to see and then she (as the mock teacher) would have the part of speech that it was on the back of the card.  We took some basic white paint and painted over the back of the card and wrote the part of speech and then adhered the picture to the front, which was already glossy, so I thought it went well.

She wanted to do the poster "all by herself" because I tend to want to get my hands in there any chance I can! LOL!!  So I had to "back off" and let her go with it.  She did a great job and even added some "doodles!"  She's so cute!  I did make one suggestion whereby we added some book page around the sides because I thought, those are all "words," which are parts of speech!  Voila!  I thought we did pretty good "in a pinch!"  Mind you, in the future, I hope to have A LOT MORE NOTICE!!!  But, as always, it was so fun crafting with her!

God's grace is sufficient for ANYTHING we may try to tackle!  I'm so thankful for the blood covenant that we have through Jesus Christ that enables us to endure ANYTHING until the end! God's grace transforms us that we can live abundantly as we grow from glory to glory!  That means that we can be faced with any trial or situation and because of the finished work on the cross, we don't have to struggle, fret or worry, we can walk in the grace of Jesus, which will carry us through! Not only that, but God's Word reminds us in Lamentations 3:22-23 that His love NEVER ceases and His mercies NEVER end and they are new EVERY morning!!! That's good news for you and I because each new day we can face with a new, fresh vigor and confidence of the Lord!

You be encouraged today KNOWING that NO MATTER what you are facing, His grace and mercy are fresh and new EVERY day!

Blessings for a wonderful weekend!


  1. Felicia, that's a lovely poster, I remember my son had it as well, but don't know anymore in which grade. I just know that they didn't have such a fancy poster to deal with, even though the flash cards are clearly in my mind! Wonderful study project! Have a fine weekend dear friend!

    1. Ohhhh Ruth, you will have made Abigael's day! I can't wait to tell her your sweet thoughts! She was proud of that poster as I was of her craftiness! We did have fun on flash cards! They were my fave! Thank you so much and you have a FANTASTIC weekend as well!! Blessings, blessings :)

  2. What a fun project to work on together!!! I know how hard it can be to let them do their own thing... yay for you in the backing off area!!!! Grace.... so thankful!!!

  3. Yes, we did have fun.....some not for her as she had to tell me..."ok mom, I want to do this ALL BY MYSELF and don't try to "fix it!" LOL That's me...the "fix it" lady!! Yes, it was with MUCH Grace! In the recent retreat that I went to, a "word" that was brought to me was about "staying in your own yard" and not getting into others'!! And a step further, NOT letting others get in your yard! It was a poignant moment for me and God really ministered to me about that! Like you said regarding the "patience"....a work in progress! BUT GOD!! Thank you so much Wanda! Blessings to you!