Thursday, July 28, 2016

Heat Wave!!

Happy Thursday all my crafty friends! It's HOT up in here! Can I get a witness????? LOLOL It's safe to say that Mother Nature is carrying this global warming thing just a little too far these days!!! LOL From the many posts that I have been seeing from online friends, and not just in the States either, it's HOT EVERYWHERE! Some of you have a great need for rain as well! It is hot here in Georgia, but THANKFULLY we have been blessed with afternoon showers every now and again! For those of you who are STILL waiting, I pray you will have relief soon!

I've been puttering around in my art closet with various projects, but most recently I have been doing quite a few ATC's, so I wanted to share a few more with you today! As I have noted in other posts, I love doing them because you can do many at one time, which who doesn't like more for the bang!? But I just also love doing ATC's in general....they are just fun!

This little guy was fun to do! I started with a coat of gesso and then pulled out my Caran d'ache Crayons and just went to town! I "smooshed" a little bit, but ended using a water brush to finish moving the pigment around. Again, since I've had my Daler Rowney inks on my table top for a few projects, I just pulled the Galactic Blue and tapped it through my Tim Holtz Harlequin stencil and then pulled a TCW stencil and tapped through some black acrylic paint to get this cute arrow. 

To keep in theme, I've had these Tim Holtz letters and arrows set in my stash for awhile and use them here and there, so I pulled one of the arrows from the set. Since it is a shiny plastic I decided to sand it down a little bit with a sandpaper block so that I could swipe on some Viva Decor Inka Golds in Lava Red, Cobalt Blue and Gold and it would stick.  I then put on some Tim Holtz this and that words and had these cute little alpha bubbles in my stash as well and then distressed the edges with Distress Ink in Salty Ocean to finish it off.

The next little guy that I did I loved because I am an owl lover and I had these chipboard owls in my stash and wanted to use it!

I adhered Tim Holtz tissue paper to the ATC and then put a light coat of gesso over top. I then took some of my homemade paste and put it through one of my script stencils and then took that same Daler Rowney in in Galactic Blue and dripped on the top edge and then spritzed with water to get a nice drippage effect. I then took the Viva Decor Inka Gold in Cobalt Blue and rubbed it on the raised script to give it a cool shiny effect. I then put some of the same Daler Rowney Ink on my craft sheet and tapped through a TCW stencil and then used the same stencil with some black acrylic paint. I then distressed the edges with Distress Ink in Salty Ocean.

When I went home a couple of months ago I went to my favorite craft store in Santa Fe which is Guadalupe's Fun Rubber Stamps. They have a great staff and carry some wonderful product there as well. OF COURSE I made a purchase, hee hee, and the cute little bag had this stamped on the front. Since I save EVERYTHING, I saved this little bag knowing I would cute that out and use it. So I did so here and then distressed the edges with the Salty Ocean and then used some pop dots to pop it up on the tag. I then used my Daler Rowney Inks again in Waterfall Green, Sundown Magenta and Galactic Blue to paint my owl and then topped him off by giving him some bling eyes!

Such fun and quick projects to do when you have a full plate like I do! Well, I hope you have some weekend plans in the oven! School starts next week for those of us who live down south, so I will be doing the proverbial school shopping! PLEEEEZ say a prayer for me....I'd rather mop the floor! LOLOL Ok, maybe not, but close!!

Happy day my friends! :)


  1. Two little beauties there! Love the bold colours in the first one, so striking, and the cute little own in the second! So clever of you save that stamped image - it goes with the card perfectly! It's less hot over hear now, but still quite warm to sit outside. Good luck with the school shopping. I have yet to buy my son's uniform and it's always crowded at this time of year because there's only one shop selling it! Yes, I'd rather mop the floor too - or have a root canal procedure - ok, perhaps not, that would be taking it a step too far, LOL!

    1. LOLOL, you are tooo funny! I'll still pick the mopping, I HATE the dentist.....the very thought makes my stomach very ill! I'm breaking a sweat as I type! LOLOLOL I love saving scraps. You wouldn't believe the "stuff" I have saved in the name of "my next project," and the bin gets fuller and fuller! LOL Hello, my name is Felicia and I'm a hoarder! LOLOL But this one actually made it in to a project! LOL Thanks my friend on your encouraging comments as always! Good luck with the uniform purchase! I can't imagine only ONE shop to purchase in!!! What a nightmare! In the States, everything is LARGE form, so we have HUGE malls and shopping spaces to do school shopping. Not sure if they have huge malls in Europe. Some schools are uniform (city) and some like ours, which are out in the county schools are still laid back and kids can wear street clothes! Uniforms are so much easier! Either way the shopping is chaotic at best! This past weekend was "tax free weekend," so the frenzy was heightened! Eeeeeek! It's all past me now, thank goodness! School starts this week and back into the swing of things! Thanks again my friend and hope your cuppa for me was tasty! :)