Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pick A Stick Challenge!

Good Monday all my crafty friends! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!! Here is Georgia, is was just AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! It was a spring time weekend for sure! Beautiful blue skies and gorgeous temps in the 70's! We took full advantage of that spending lots of time with my family members! It's a good day when you spend it with your loved ones!!!!!

Well, to keep on course (hee hee), I am submitting my Pick A Stick journal challenge (#PASC216) by skidding in at the last minute!!! LOLOL Can you see the smoke from my skid marks??? LOLOL This is the second month for this challenge that some pretty crafty ladies over on Facebook started this year! I'm enjoying it, albeit continuously late! :))))) Peg Adkins Robinson drew sticks this month and sticks were as follows:
1. Add a die cut
2. Journal
3. Foil
4. Cut or rip your page
5. Add Metal
6. Use Gelli print or scribble
7. Use a knapkin
8. Add dots, stars or shapes
9. Add wings
10. Draw in wet paint
I began this journal spread with a coat of gesso. The first thing on the list was add a die cut, so I proceeded to make some die cuts based on the number seven item which was use a napkin. I had a beautiful napkin that was gifted to me through a RAK that I just loved. So based on knowing that I was going to use that, I decided to do a butterfly die cut along (that took care of number one and number nine!) with flower die cuts. I heat embossed the butterfly with Wendy Vecchi's Watering Can embossing powder and then I took some deli paper and and painted with Silks Acrylic Glaze in Sky Blue and then cut and adhered to the back of the butterfly.  I then took another set of flower die cuts from Sizzix and cut out flowers using book page.  Number three called for foil, but I don't have any foil, so I took an old candy bar wrapper (thanks for the idea Peg!) and cut it open and die cut a couple of flower pieces from it!!! Yay me! LOL  I then used some Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays and Tattered Angels Mists and sprayed the parts of the flowers and then put them all together along with the candy wrapper pieces.

Number four called for ripping or cutting your page so I took out Tim Holtz's distress tool and distressed the edges, which to me, constituted as "ripping!" LOLOL I then wen to number five and pulled out some metal pieces that will go in the center of my flowers at the end.

After gessoing the page I adhered part of the napkin to my page and then cut out some pieces and some of the flowers from the rest of the napkin as well as some scrap gelli paper pieces (number six) and mod podged to the rest of the page.did some journaling here and there with some favorite sayings which was number two in the list. The page was a little loud for me, so I knocked everything back with some more gesso and that made it have some flowers in the background and then I would choose to bring out some of the other flowers by further painting them and then using the die cut flowers as well to bring some of the flowers to the forefront. I then added those metal pieces that I pulled out for number five.

I enhanced the little birdie that was on the napkin with some silks acrylic glaze and then did some background stamping as well for further texture. For more texture number eight called for adding dots, stars or shapes. So I added dots with some gesso through a dot stencil from Crafters Workshop. I finished by distressing the edges with Distress Ink in Peacock Feathers and Vintage Photo, added my sentiment and voila!!! Now, I know what you are saying.....what happened to number 10???? Yea......I forgot that one! Ooops! I didn't realize it until I went to do this post! So, I guess I don't get a gold star this month! LOLOL

I really enjoy doing these challenges because it really gets me out of my comfort zone and it makes me use products and bits and bobbles that were maybe on the back shelf that need to be pulled out again! It's great fun!

I look forward to next months challenge and I hope you will come along! You can ask to join on the Pick A Stick Challenge Facebook page! :)



  1. This is just gorgeous, Felicia, perfect for that awesome journal of yours with the lovely rounded corners! You did skid in at the last second - thank goodness for the extra day in February hey? Love love love those beautiful textures, flowers, bird and butterfly! So well proportioned within the composition! Enjoy the Spring in Georgia!

    1. Thank you my sweet friend! LOL, something to be said for the number 29!! Anybody who knows me though, probably isn't surprised....I'm usually hair on end coming in at the 9th hour! LOLOL Time management classes you say? Yea, done that, I'm STILL late! LOLOL Oh well, ha ha ha! Thank you again and I will enjoy theses beautiful days! Hope across the pond is experiencing some nice weather as well! Blessings my friend! :)

  2. Just wonderful. I love everything in this spring garden.

    1. Ohhhhh, thank you so much Peg!! I so enjoyed doing this months spread!:) Blessings

  3. A beautiful spread, Felicia!!! Definitely screams Spring!! Our weekend was also gorgeous!!!!!!!! Today, however, has reminded us that it isn't Spring yet, lol!!! Hugs!!

    1. Eeeeeek! Don't you hate when that happens????? I call it old Tom foolery! And me no likes! :)))) But that is pretty much the norm in good old Georgia! Just when you think you got it all figured out, Georgia's Mother Nature has another plan! LOLOL Thanks for your sweetness as always! Hugs right back to you! :)

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    1. Awww, thanks so much Susan! Thanks for dropping by! :) Blessings to you!