Friday, March 4, 2016

Catting Around!!

Happy Friday all my crafty friends!! Yippeeeeeeee, it's the end of the week and another glorious LAUNDRY DAY is amongst us!!!!!! LOLOLOL Just kidding....although somewhat true! LOLOL I do look forward to the weekends for many reasons, but not for the laundry that is for sure!! I hope you have big plans of family and fun!

Today will not really be a "crafty" show and tell day! I am going to be posting pictures of my shadow today at the request of my fellow online art crafter/friend and cat lover Zsuzsa!!! This guy is our little miracle! We found him as a kitten, along with his sister, in some fields at a birthday party and, of course, my girls begged me to bring them home. Being the pushover mom that I am, I relented and home they came. They were the cutest pair ever! We had so much fun with them and our dog accepted them like they were family! But then.....dunt dunt husband proceeded to bring a puppy home that he found at the dump!!! Well once again, pushover mom relented! Well as all things do.....that pup grew up! He was fine at first because he was a pup, but the older he got, and larger, he got aggressive with the cats so we moved them to my husbands cabinet shop to be the resident "shop cats."

Well longer story short, the neighbors had some aggressive bulldogs and one evening my nephew, who worked at our cabinet shop, arrived to find the one cat had been mauled to death and they just about killed my little shadow here whose name is Tigger! We rescued him from those beasts and brought him back home. The deal was though, I was not leaving him out to the other mongrel we had in the yard, that boy was going to be inside where I could take care of him! We already had one cat inside, so we were used to an inside cat, but the "other cat" was used to being the ONLY cat inside so now we had a war on the inside as well! LOLOL (To this day, they aren't buddies!) Well we doctored that poor baby up and he is now the most spoiled rotten cat on this earth! So for you cat lovers and for YOU ZSUZSA, meet Tigger!

I don't move that he doesn't move with me! He likes me to carry him around on my shoulder, like a baby! And he is CONSTANTLY calling me! My husband laughs and says, "well, you wanted him inside, now you got him!" I just say that's jealousy!!! LOLOLOL He is the most loving, fun to play with and cuddle up cat ever! His favorite spot, like his over the seas cat pat Oreo, is under the covers. If you can't find him, that's where he will be. He also loves laying right in front of the heater, lounging as if he's at a spa. I don't get those luxuries! Something wrong with that picture by the way!
He loves to play and his favorite toys are the rubber bands that my husband uses to keep his pants down in his boots. You will see him hopping and flip flopping around the house as he bats those rubber bands from one end to the other!! As I said, he is my shadow, so I can't go anywhere without him....NOT EVEN TO THE BATHROOM.....or this may be the scene: MOM, MOM, MOM, MAMA, MOTHER......PLEASE LET ME IN!!!!!  And I'm not joking either!!!  It's quite comical because in between all those shenanigans are two teenage girls doing the SAME EXACT THING!!! Life as a mom, in whatever form we come in!!! LOLOLOL

But at the end of the day, he's just my little Tig Tig buddy and I love him like one of my kiddos! Every time I turn around my girls are wanting me to bring home another one, to my LOUD, I don't think so's! "But Mom," they say, "You could be like the cat lady down the street, wouldn't that be fun?" Folks, she has like 30 cats and they ALLLLL live inside! LOLOL I'm thinking that's a big NOPE!!!

What about you? Do you have a baby that you can't claim taxes on? They are so much fun to love and so good for our souls! Wouldn't give a million dollars for him!!

You have a blessed weekend! :)

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  1. Awww, Tigger is so beautiful and funny! Look at those little paws under the door! Thanks for sharing his story, Felicia! So sad about his sister though! I used to take home kittens all the time when I was growing up in Hungary, even though we lived in a block of flats. My mother wasn't happy. I was always allowed to keep them for a few weeks/months, but then we had to find them new homes. Sounds like Tigger has found himself a loving family and new mummy! I can just about imagine him sitting on your shoulder! Thanks so much for sharing these super cute photos! Oreo loves them too! They could be such great friends! Happy weekend and laundry day!