Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Mail!!

Good Monday all my crafty friends! I hope you all had a wonderfully relaxed weekend! Some of you may be having an extended weekend! Those are always nice aren't they? I try not to "wish" my life away (as my mama always used to say), but I sure to do wish those came around more often!! LOL

Today, I want to share some AMAZING Happy Mail and a quickie card I did for Valentines Day! This month my tag "swap partner" over on Google+ Creating and Sharing Mixed Media Art was the lovely Pam Wildeboer! I love Pam's projects that are FULL of color and whimsy and so I couldn't wait to get her package in the mail this month!!! I actually got it last week Pam, but I have been running around here like a chicken with my head cut off, so I am just now posting! Anywho, when I say that package in the mailbox, I couldn't get to the house fast enough, and the kiddos were right behind it mom, open it!!! LOL They have already been conditioned to watch the box for our monthly swaps! Isn't that hysterical???

Pam DID NOT disappoint! LOL She payed attention to every little detail, even right down to this cute little message as I ripped open the envelope!!! CUTENESSS!! Loved it Pam! :)

Then she had the sweetest card and packaged my tags with care! Needless I was about as giddy as giddy goes to slip off that bow and see all that goodness!!  Pam went into goodness overload! I feel so special. She mentioned that she got going and just couldn't stop! Wasn't that a blessing for me!!! LOL Pam did three AWESOME tags for me and they were so wonderful that the backs were just as awesome as the fronts! I say hats off to you artists that do "double time" like that!! I try to have something on the back, but Pam does it up right!

The first tag I opened was this GORGEOUS tag.."Il est mon amour!" Let me just go ahead and apologize for not being able to show my monthly tag swaps in all their splendor! I use my phone camera and it's a good camera, but NEVER shows my tags with their real beauty! The colors and textures are just amazing and it's truly sad that I am not tech savy enough to be able to display them better! LOL

With this tag, it looks like Pam used some awesome sprays coupled with modeling past or the like! The mica's were gorgeous! She added some really cute emphemera as well! The back was just as yummy! Some more yummy sprays incorporating what looks like a doily and just the cutest cupid! LOVE IT!!

The goodness went on from there with this lovely tag. Again what looks like some fabulous sprays with yummy mica's and this amazing stamp that she painted! The heart also looks like some crackle paint! Love, love it for sure! Then hey.....let's not forget about the FABULOUS back!!! Again I apologize for the poor quality of the photo. The lighting was obviously skewing the photo, but trust me, the emphemera she used was just all cuteness along with some yummy textures, sorry Pam! :(

The excitement continued as I opened, yet another tag that was in true Pam style! I love her whimsy attitude, especially with this tag! The front had the sweetest hearts on it that just breathed "Be My Valentine," and you flip it over and you realize what she really wants is a "funny Valentine!" LOL This chick is rocking some awesome hairdo and fabulous glasses! I absolutely love this Pam! My girls and I were just tickled to no end! :)

I can't tell you all ENOUGH how blessed I am to be a part of such an AWESOME group of amazing artists! I am having a ball with this tag swap and am thrilled every month I open that mailbox and find such wonderful projects! Thank you ALL ladies!

I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you through your amazing artwork!!

Many of you know that we have placed my mother in a nursing home and have lifted up prayers for me and my family! Again, many, many thanks to you all and I think we have her all settled in now! I think she is happy and I know we are with the wonderful facility she is in! The staff are top notch and they have really gone all out to make it her new truly does feel like a home there! Anywho, we did valentines with her on Saturday, and it was a good day!  I did a quickie card that I thought turned out pretty good!

Again with the sub par photo taking, but there you have it! I sprayed this tag with Maya Mist Bubblegum Metallic, which I think is discontinued along with their other mist sprays. Honestly I hate that because I really liked those sprays! They had some awesome metallic in them that even had a little texture to it which was a really cool effect. I have been savoring this spray, but it was only a 1 oz. bottle, so you can imagine it won't go too far! I also used some Lindy's Stamp Gang in Autumn Maple Crimson and I think a little Heidi Swapp Color Shine in gold. As I said, I did it in a New York minute!! LOL I then took a Faber Castell Gelato in Boysenberry and rubbed through one of my favorite Rebekah Meier stencils, Love Post. It, of course, turned purple after mixing with the sprays, but I was just fine with that, it turned out good! Then I just stamped with a script stamp in Archival here and there.

I then used some of Finnabair's heavy gesso through another stencil here and there and added some faux stitching with a Unity Stamp on the edges. I always keep cardboard around the house, so I cut a little heart and sprayed with the same sprays, added a cute little jewel and some twine and there you have it folks....something in about 10-15 minutes! That's either procrastination or laziness, take your pick! LOL I think my mama like it however!

I hope you all had a LOVELY Valentines and got a sweet from your sweet! My sweet hubby took my daughters and I out for a wonderful meal! We don't get to eat out a lot or even together a lot, so it was a real treat!

Thank you SO MUCH again Pam and yours are in the mail!!!  Have a great day everyone! :)



  1. That's a great mail, such a beauties, they look all so inspirational!

  2. Sooooo happy you (and your girls!) liked them all, Felicia!! This put a smile on my face from ear to ear! I used lots of inka gold colors and oil pastels, sprays, crackle paint, water color markers...gosh, I can't even remember the rest! Happy February!! xo