Friday, February 27, 2015

Tag Swaps!

Hi crafty friends! Another post today, just to share my pix that I took of Becky Wentworth's and Pam Wildeboer's tags that I sent them this month. They both have posted these, but I thought I would post different pix so that you could see a different view.

Pam was actually my Tag Swap Partner this month, for the month of February over on Creative and Sharing MIxed Media Art Community on Google+. But I love to send Becky tags just because I believe we all deserve a little something special in the mail every now and again!!! :)  We do Tag Swap's with a different theme each month. It has really been fun and if you are interested, hop on over and let one of the moderators know and you swap along with us!!

Here are the two tags I sent Pam:

Here are the two tags I sent Becky:

Ok, the plan was to tell you what I did with these guys, but my life has been a whirlwind lately and I thought I wrote it down somewhere, but I didn't do such a great job at that.....cause I can't find it!! LOL  What you can be sure of, is they were done with LOTS OF LOVE and LOTS OF FUN!!!

Let me just tell you, that if you just happen to be reading this blog and were wondering, doing these "swaps" are a great labor of love! You will never meet more wonderful folks as we have in our crafters communities over on Google+!! If you are crafty or even if you aren't and you want to give it a go for the first time, come on over and participate with us! You won't find any MORE encouragement, friendship or inspiration than you will on our communities! I'm blessed to be a part, and I know you will be too!



  1. Felicia, my dear friend, I love your tags, so many fine details and so many layers, they are really awesome!

    1. Ok, so Ruth, my sweet, sweet friend, I just wish I could have you in my art room to pump me up on a regular basis!!! You are such an encourager to me, especially considering that your own art is such an inspiration to me!! Many hugs to you across the pond Ruth and thanks for ALWAYS stopping by and spreading the love!:)))))

  2. Love the tags and the fun fibers you used! I am having such a blast in the G+ communities. Such amazing artists and so much inspiration. I joined the tag swap too, my first swap ever! Wee!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting Dana and your lovely comments!! You are such a sweet spirit! Like you, I am also having a blast in our G+ communities and have met some AWSOMELY FABULOUS friends! I couldn't ask for better encouragement and inspiration that we find amongst us all! I'm so glad that you joined the tag swap!! You won't regret it, its so much fun!! Can't wait till we exchange!! :)))) Thanks again Dana!