Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Further I Go, The Behinder I Get!

Well, it's been quite some time since I started this blog!  I have been so busy with my summer!  Seems like the further I go the behinder I get...ha ha!  Time throughout the summer has marched on!  It seems like the older I get the summers just breeze on by!  My girls started back school yesterday, much to my delight and chagrin!  With school starting back, views of long nights of homework press in!!  I did my time, way back when, and now it seems I am to go it again!!  It's fun helping my girls learn, but there are those nights where I could just throw in the towel!!  It pays off in the end when they make honor roll and accumulate awards, but the getting there sometimes is hectic!!

My devotional on my Facebook page this morning was to not let the enemy steel your joy!!  Grace, peace, strength, joy and love are all gifts we receive as believers to carry us through those times that seem impossible!  They were gifts designed for an eternal vision!!  As we go through the trying times we are equipped with promises for a hope and a future so that we can shut the door on the enemy!!

Shouts of blessings go out to ALL the mom's out there who are starting a new school year and who take the time to invest in the future of their children!!  Give praises back to the Lord as you go through those long homework nights this school year and give thanks back to Him for the blessing of your beautiful child and no matter how long it takes to get that homework done, the enemy can't steel your joy of being a mom or steel the joy of your precious child!!

Have a great new school year!

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