Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Finding Time

It has been awhile since I have made a post.  It's not for wanting, it just seem to be about finding the time.  My other problem is scanning pictures has to be done at my office because I don't have the capability at home.  So that entails doing on my lunch break, which always seems to be filled up with running errands!!  Whew!  I just can't seem to get a break!!  Luckily today I happen to have the time.

A blogger that I admire so much actually found my blog and made a very sweet comment to me, which spurred me on and put a fire under my seat!  I started this journey, so now I have to get on with it!  Blogging takes time, but I endeavored to make that time, so this is my attempt at getting back on board.  Thanks Shelly Beauch for taking the time to comment on my blog!

I have been working hard and fast at my Zentangle art and Shelly is someone I draw inspiration from.  She is a wonderful artist and her art is effortless to the eye!!  Since I am new to Zentangle, she, and other bloggers, give inspiration and ideas when we think about where we want to take our own art!  I don't know that I necessarily strive to be like them, but I certainly draw from their strengths to take my own art to the next level.  It's a process however, but I am in it for the long haul!  I love it and I am hooked.

I recently did this piece for my niece for her birthday.  I framed it so that she could hang it on her wall to have a little piece of me to look at from time to time.  Every piece is a learning curve for me.  So hopefully I will get better and better as I go.

I like doing the "traditional" tile pieces that Rick and Maria call Zentangle, however I have also branched out to do bigger pieces, just to see how well I do with it!  It's been fun and I love doing both!  I hope to upload other pieces I have done here in the next week or so.  We shall see how that goes!  Until I find the moment in time to do those, this will have to do!

Be blessed!

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