Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Creativity Block

I have been having a ball with my Zentangle art.  I have been going strong since the beginning of this year doing a piece here a piece there.  I have acquired a few books from various CZT's and have even take a class from a neat CZT artist Deborah ( that went out of her way to make sure myself and another lovely lady were able to take one of her classes.  I have branched out of the typical Zentangle "tile" and done larger pieces and have incorporated my Zentangle in my art journals as well.   It's all been so much fun, but I have hit a slump and have had a creativity block!!  All of a sudden, everything I come up with in my small creative mind seems to lack a little luster on the page!

I follow so many blogs of other artists from all walks of life and they ALL give me wonderful inspiration, but sometimes I look at "their" work and then look at "mine," and I get the big old frumpy frown!  Their work seems so full of life and mine looks like I'm struggling! LOL!  So, I press ever on!

With Zentangle, you start with a "string" on a tile, which could really be any shape and then tangle inside the string.  Linda Farmer has a wonderful website at where you can find sample strings along with a mountain of "official" patterns for your Zentangle art.  I comb it DAILY!!  I also comb Pinterest for patterns to peak my creative juices and mind.  It just seems like sometimes even with ALL the wonderful help out there, I come to a stale mate and nothing looks good on the page!

So since I seem to be bound in the creative chain, my Zentangle for today expresses my crazy mind wrapped up in chains!!  Hopefully I will get a breakthrough soon and get a good Zentangle flow a going!!!  After all......Zentangle is supposed to be STRESS FREE!!! LOL!!

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