Thursday, August 27, 2015


Good Thursday all my crafty friends! We have had a reprieve the last couple of nights with a mere glimpse of fall weather. We were able to open the windows for a lovely sleep and that's saying a lot with Georgia weather. One knows you DON'T open your windows at night in the summer in Georgia! LOLOL But it was a "treat" albeit a "trick" for sure with the temps returning I am sure. All that said, it got me wishing for fall, good fashion!!

Today I will share a tag I did fall and creativity in mind. The two actually do go together in my mind because is my favorite time of year and all the colors of fall send me into creative overload. I begin to get all these ideas in my mind of what I would do on canvas if I were a "real" artist or all sorts of creative table decorations if I were a "real" crafty person!! LOL So in lieu of that I will just stick to my tiny art closet and my myriad of tags and journal that only a handful of people actually see! LOL 
While doing this tag, I was really thinking about summer pushing into fall. So I wanted to have the coolness of the blues in the background while bringing forth that burlap flower symbolizing the "turn" of summer into fall if you will. You know, sort of "phasing" if you will! It worked in my mind anyway! LOL

This was actually a tag that started with remnants of another project on it and then morphed into this. I don't like wasting anything so when I have leftovers from another project, I will scrape it onto another tag or journal page so I don't feel like I am wasting and hope that I will be able to use it for something else. I had mixed Liquitex Gloss Gel with Finnabair's Glass Glitter in Gold Rush for another project and had some left over and so I just scraped it over this tag. Then I spritzed with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist in Carpet Green. As I had used "gloss gel," I wanted to keep with the theme, so I use more gloss gel and mixed it with Jacquard Pearl-Ex Pigment in True Blue and applied through Prima's "Doily" stencil, which I love! I then simply stressed the edges with Distress Ink in Vintage Photo.
I had gotten some wonderful elements from Sheri Whitfield in her Etsy Shop that I love and coupled them with the yummy burlap flower I had in my stash for a "rainy day," which turned out to be today! LOL I had the great "leaf" emphemera that I embossed with clear embossing powder using ColorBox Ink and then added a cute flower that I made with book page and colored with the same Pearl-Ex color and then some cute jewels. I added the "Create" thought that was a stamp from, I believe, Stampendous and voila!

As I was doing this tag and thinking on "creativity," I was reminded by a devotional I had recently read, that the Bible tells us that our creativity as human beings comes from being made in the image of the Creator of this world!! God gave us all special gifts and each one of us in the "art world" has an individual and unique gift to use as an artistic expression. For many, including myself, we choose to use our artistic expression to honor the Creator and Redeemer of this beautiful world. It is my individual worship to Him. I pray it reflects the beauty of who He is as the creator and who He is to and in me.

The scripture Exodus 31:1-11 says "The Heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork." We are the firmament that shows His handiwork. We are first, and by far, the best of His handiwork, but what we do with our gifts, how we walk our daily walk and how we treat others is an extension of that handiwork that should bring all honor and glory to Him! I pray that I honor Him in a way that other's would see and KNOW His glory! :)

I hope you have an amazing day! Be blessed! 


  1. Gorgeous tag, Felicia!!! And, yes, you do honor Him and point to Him and I love to read your thoughts regarding Him and His word!!! You are a blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Wanda, you are such an encouraging friend and a blessing to me as well! Thank you so much for your sweetest comments! Have an AWESOME day and weekend my friend! :)

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous tag, Felicia! Love the burlap flower and I totally understand what you were trying to convey with it. Guess what? Autumn is also my favourite season, love how the colours change and the nights get cooler. I avoid opening my window too much though in fear of spiders coming in. We get some monster ones at this time of year - they're harmless and I don't mind sharing my bed with them, really, as long as I don't see them! I hope to be around a lot more than I have been lately! xx

    1. Ohhh, I was so giddy to see you "blip" up on my blog today! LOL I have missed our conversations and, what I am sure is our own weird antics! LOL Thank you so much for your comment my sweet friend! We always seem to have so much in common, which I love because I think you are a nifty chick! LOL But look, we really need to talk about the "spider deal!" They are NOT nor will they EVER BE welcome in my home let alone my bed!! LOL We don't have them too bad here, but the ones we do have are very poisonous! Have to be careful of those little guys! hee hee So good to hear from you my friend! Glad you are back online! Blessings xo