Monday, July 13, 2015

Gorgeous Mail!! :)))

Good Monday, all my crafty friends! :) I have been on hiatus for weeks now! Whats up with that? LOL Well, I will tell you my friends. It's been a whirlwind of a summer! I say summer, but it only just turned "technically" summer on June 21st, however, my kids are just before going back to school and their "summer break" is about to be over....HUH???? It just tickles me!! It's not like it used to be when I was in school.....ummmmm "back then," as my girls say!! LOL Well long story short, ALLLLLLL this time I thought I was going to have to do art this summer, didn't happen!! :) Now, that being said, it was for a good reason.

Many of you know I have two super daughters and my oldest is 15 and my youngest is 11 (I got started late in life, LOL). My oldest no longer feels the need to cuddle, get tickle bombs, joke, get kisses or identify me as "mom" in a public setting (unless she needs money)!! My youngest however, I believe, will be my advocate for years to come! LOL We both love to watch movies so all summer long we have been watching movies till the wee hours each night, mind you, I DO have to be at work the next morning! LOL But she won't be there forever, so whilst she still wants to spend time with me and those big puppy eyes asks me to watch a movie with her, I can't turn her away! My art room beckons, but my baby girl trumps it all day long! LOL I am working on a few projects here and there, but for the most part, its been ALL about her! She's certainly worth it! :)

We went on a great camping trip over the 4th of July, so here is a picture or two of me and my crazy crew! :)





Well Friday when I got home I had GEORGEOUS mail from June Tag Swap Partner over on the Google+ Community, Jackie P. Neal!!! Yipeeeee!!  I was so excited to have Jackie as my Tag Partner in June! She is such an awesome artist who is constantly creative, encouraging and inspiring! She is just the sweetest gal and she LOADED me up with creative goodness!!!

Out of the gate, Jackie's package was so fun and colorful front and back! When I saw that package in the mail, I was grinning from ear to ear!! I just knew it would only get better on the inside!! And I was NOT disappointed! Jackie my friend, you just went CRAZY!!! I think I eewwhhhed and aaaahhhhed every time I reached into that package of goodness! I was on a crafty high! :) LOL

Jackie loaded me up with some of the most awesome emphemera and die cuts! I love emphemera, I mean who can get enough of that stuff, right??? There was this gorgeous vintage birthday card that was full of more crafty pieces as well. One of the coolest things she included were postage stamps that were cut from envelopes as far back as 1952! How neat is that? I already have my wheels cranking about how to use those! I can't wait!

Another cool item Jackie included that I went right along with her precious sentiments to me was an "Inspire" stamp that I can't wait to use! The prized tags were wrapped with some awesome scrapbook papers and this AWESOME felt paper that I will be able to use in the future! At every turn my head was spinning with thinking "what project am I going to use this and this and this in?" LOL Note to you Jackie...not a good idea to give me too many things to go off on rabbit trails about! LOL, LOL, LOL  Then the drum roll....
Jackie, you really outdid yourself! No other way to say this except, this tag was the BOMB! I think I may have had a little misty in my eyes when I saw this tag and read the beautiful sentiment on the back!! "Queen of Inspiration" was what that sweet lady put on this tag and on the back Jackie said I was the tag queen!! Jackie, I am humbled for sure! You guys, this tag is even more beautiful in person! The mermaid tail rocks with lots of fishy texture! LOL It's just a gorgeous tag from textures, to colors to the, to the bling, to the beautiful words! Love, love, love!

And if that wasn't enough, she also sent along this beautiful vintage tag as well! I love, love my vintage and this such a beautiful tag. It was so light and summer..ish feeling to me. I loved the color and the texture in the background was gorgeous! And once again, Jackie blessed me with such beautiful and humbling sentiments on the back! I can't express how much I appreciate all that you chose to bless me with! It was a great day indeed!!
I think I have said this a few times before, but I can't express enough how fortunate and blessed I am to have so many lovely, beautiful, talented and creative online friends as I do in our Google+ community! I know there may be some that think we are a little "nutsy," but call it what you will, I feel so very fortunate to have you all as my dear friends! We have not met in person and may never, but it doesn't lesson the importance of your friendships nor make them any less valid or valued! I think it makes them even MORE because we have established special relationships with nothing attached! We've exchanged words, creativity and the occasional photo and still managed to forge what I call meaningful relationships! It's a good time to be alive to have technology to accomplish such a wonderful thing!

THANK YOU so much Jackie for brightening my weekend and warming my heart! I can't wait to get started on some new projects and using your gifted crafty goodness!

Well, I hope to share some projects this week my friend! I have a special one that I am working on that is for my niece but we shall see how that turns out! LOL I pray you all have a crafty good day!!



  1. What a great blog post, Felicia!!! And, Jackie knocked herself out big time!!! Blessing abound!!!

    1. Thank you Sylvia and you are tooooooo right!! She made my heart tingle! I am surely blessed! Thank you again! :)

  2. Oh Felicia!! You made my eyes dribble all over my cheeks!!! If I had known I would have caused this much excitement, I would have added more for you sweet friend!!
    Your post is wonderful as are you for writing it! And I firmly agree with you in regards to our friendships we have made here on Google+!! I think I shall write google a note of thanks!!
    I love love the family photos and am so glad you have shared them- it is always nice to see and learn more about our online friends!
    Huge hugs for you Felicia with lots of love enclosed!! xoxo

    ps...absolutely,positively you time with your children always trumps everything else!! Mine live across the country now and our time together is so precious, I would never trade it for anything!! ")

    1. LOL, aaawwwhhhhh, my heart!!!!! You did MORE than enough! I loved every little drop!! :) I don't share photos too much just because I don't like taking photos! But every once in awhile I will step in! LOL I'm like you, I love seeing a face to go with a name, it really puts a personal feeling on it! I receive all those hugs with much gratitude Jackie, thank you so, so much! Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration! :)

  3. HI Felicia...lovely to see the photo. Yep, I agree with you how Jackie can make a day with her fabulous art. Love that tag she sent you. Cheers-Darlene

  4. I love reading your sweet, enthusiastic posts, Felicia! Jackie is quite the artist lovely tags and other great goodies!