Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy Mail!!

Good Tuesday all my crafty friends!! It's Happy Mail Day!! I must make a confession to all my my friends.......I LOVE GETTING MAIL!! There is just something about coming home to find that precious package in the mail with your name on it!! I know, I'm a kid a heart right? I can't help myself...I turn 10 every time I go to the box! Likewise, my children do the same thing when I go to the box! They say, "is there anything for me?"  As if anyone from their generation even knows how to write a letter!!!! Bahahahah! So my response is generally, "not unless you are paying bills!" I know, I know, I spoil the dream moment, don't I? LOL I do feel their pain however, when I don't have something other than bills! So yesterday, was my day!! I was so excited, as were my girls, so......to redeem myself to you all, I generally let them open whatever I have! Whew, I feel better! LOL It was my November swap!!! Yay!!!

For November, my swap buddy was Donna Hanrahan all the way from Massachusetts!  You can find Donna on Google+! I was excited to have her as my swap buddy this month because I love her Google+ picture of underwater creatures and I was hoping she would do something coastal, which MA is!  And what do you know, she did! I love her tag!!! Along with the tag was a lovely personal card from her as well as a cute little small tag with the same color theme!

There is really so much to love about this tag and unfortunately the only way for me to display things is with my phone camera.  I have a pretty good one, but it could never really show the true beauty of her tag!  The colors are totally "me" colors, which couldn't be better!  I loved all of the little elements in her tag that just resounded "cuteness!"  The best part was the focal point, which was a shell with what looks to be colored crystals "treasures" inside! Again, my phone does not depict the pretty, shininess of these little stones!  They are SOOOO cute!! Donna, I just LOVE it!!!

Then the other wonderful thing I loved about her tag was the back!  I am not sure the technique she used, but its like a "crackle" technique of some sort, which is just beautiful!  Along with the gold specks and the beautiful papers and twine, this pulled together for a FABULOUS project!  Thank you so much again Donna for a most fabulous November tag!

My thoughts, as they usually do, immediately turned to offers of "Happy Mail" EVERY DAY in God's Kingdom!! In God's postal box, you are sure to find a free gift there DAILY, and......that gift keeps on giving!! That means that every day that you go to that box, the gift is still there! It's the gift of SALVATION!! Jesus died on the cross and shed His blood for you and I that we may be saved and have life ETERNALLY!  Wow, what an amazing gift and what AWESOME "happy mail!"

God's Word in 2 Corinthians 9:15 it says "Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!" Dr. Nelson Price said that "an appropriate gift does two things: one, it reveals the love of the one giving it, and two, it suits the needs of the one receiving it!" In light of that, you could say that both the giver and the receiver are being blessed!!!  The giver is blessing another with their heart and the receiver is being blessed with a gift that is surely God's timing for just that moment!! In the case of a Christian the Giver is God the Father through His Son Jesus and the receiver is you and I! That IS an indescribable gift that will suit your NEED DAILY!!! No matter what time of day or no matter the day, EVERY time you go to God's postal box, there will be the Gift of Life awaiting you, which fills your need for ETERNAL salvation! Glory!

I pray today that even if you aren't expecting happy mail from a "swap buddy" today, that you KNOW that you can receive a more valuable gift of life and freedom that is an indescribable gift of expression of the heart of the Father!



  1. Felicia, you are right, that green is wonderful, lucky you are!

    1. Thanks Ruth! I told Donna and Becky that my husband is a wood worker, so I am going to have him make something to display all my wonderful swap tags! I can't wait! I haven't decided what it will look like - I want it to hang on my wall - but I will have to share it when I have it made and up! I MUST have a piece of your creativity hanging on it as well - so join in the swap my friend! :) Blessings

  2. Replies
    1. I know right, Win! Love it! It's even better in real life! Blessings to you! :)

  3. Beautiful tag Felicia!! I bet your were super excited when you received it!! Have a blessed day!!

    1. I was super excited! It's so pretty and all my fave colors! You have a blessed day too my friend!! :)