Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sharing Creativity!

Good Wednesday crafty friends! I feel like during this holiday season that I have not been able to post as much as I have wanted! I am working on so many things trying to get them done to put into the mail that I haven't really had a whole lot of time to just do art for the fun of it! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE making gifts for others because it is sharing a part of me, a part of the creativity that God placed on the inside of me, but I will be ready to just have "play time" again after the holidays!

Speaking of sharing creativity, I want to share with you today some of the creativity that was sent to me through an online ATC Swap that I am involved in over on Facebook. This month two of my swaps came from Australia! Isn't that exciting! I have many online friends from abroad, but there is just something about getting a piece of mail with "Australia, or United Kingdom or Germany" on it! It makes me feel special! I wonder if you folk abroad feel the same way about receiving western mail? As I shared with a wonderful friend of mine yesterday, I'm easily entertained, so maybe that's it! LOL
Red & Green Swap from Joannie Campbell
Zentangle Swap from Lyn Reynolds
The first package with that precious bird is from Joannie Campbell who is from New South Wales, Australia. It was a lovely Christmas scene with what looked like glass bead gel over top! Joannie also gifted me with that little bag of bits and bobbles that I know I will be using in my upcoming projects! Thank you so much Joannie!

The second package was from Lyn Reynolds who is from Proston, Australia. I really liked her ATC as well as it was a part of the Zentangle Swap and I love to Zentangle. I'm probably not the best at it, but I love it none the less! She did these beautiful flowers with that precious hint of red! She also had it enclosed in this handmade card with a lovely note inside! Thank you so much Lyn! I hope both of you ladies have a Very Merry Christmas and a blessed new year!

You know, in God's Word He speaks on sharing and giving to others! In Matthew 10 Jesus told His disciples "freely you have received, freely give." That is a commandment we should ALL live by daily! When we "freely" give to others out of the gift that God has given to us, it will glorify Him in EVERY way thereby opening up for you, as well as the receiver, a blessing! God has given to us that we "share" with another! That is a type and shadow of the GREAT love that He freely has and gives to us! It is the very character of Christ when we give out of a heart that is geared toward the Father! I want to be blessed and I want to bless the Father. What about you?

I pray this holiday season as well as each and every day that you share your glorious gift with another that you bring glory back to the Father! 



  1. Wonderful gifts and Felicia, you are so right about sharing, I had some bureaucracy paper work to arrange in the city, I was sitting at the City Hall waiting for my number to come and nice Lady next to me chatting on her smart device probably with her girlfriend, and they just trying to discuss how much they are going to spend on presents here and there. I was thinking about it that people today totally forget, that the whole idea is about sharing, sharing presents, sharing love and not about price tickets. Well hopefully you don't bump into persons like that. Have a wonderful preparation time! xx

    1. TOOOOOO right Ruth! I try so hard to make sure that it's just a gift from my heart and not to put the weight of today's world on my shoulders to "please everyone!" Thank you my friend, I WILL have a wonderful time with NO STRESS, just a happy holiday spirit! Blessings all around! :)