Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Coming Home to Happy Mail!

Good Tuesday all my crafty friends!!! It has been over a week since my last post!!!! EEEK! LOL! I am happy to say it was for good cause....we have been on holiday!!!! Yay to my family! We had a FABULOUS time of much needed family "togetherness" and camping time!! My girls were on spring break, so we took the opportunity to break out the camper for the first trip of the year and go traveling! We went to FDR State Park and had a ball. While we were there we also went to Callaway Gardens, which was just lovely. We were, in fact, a week or two early and all the flowers had not yet budded out, but we still saw some beautiful early blooms and scenery! I continue to be amazed at ALL of God's creation and how blessed I am to be able to go and see His craftsmanship!

Here are a few photos to share:
Some of the pictures are from Callaway, a couple while hiking and a couple of me with my "bestie" sister-in-law and one of my hubby and our camping partners, my sister and brother-in-law! We usually go together because MORE is better! LOL My girlies always take girlfriends and together we have great family/friend fun!!

When I got back from my glorious week I had....YIPEEE....Happy Mail from Sherie Eddy over on my Google+ art community!! Sherie and I were swap buddies for the month of April in the Creating and Sharing Mixed Media art group. We have great fun swapping tags and I have enjoyed all the creativity! I have to get cracking and get yours in the mail Sherie!!! LOL
Sherie, I was stinking THRILLED at the treasures inside!! Sherie made a tag/journal page that I can't wait to put in my journal!! It was FULL of what I call "Sherie Style!" Inundated with amazing colors and doodles and then she made this crafty flip card/tag with just AWESOME art, colors and doodling! Of COURSE I loved those Stampotique stamps Sherie!! One day, I am going to get me a few of them, they just rock in my book! LOL And she just brought the creativity right around to the back side with "Color your world....and your art and the person you are will continue to "shine" and brighten everyone's life!" That just made my heart "goosh!" How special and precious!

If that wasn't all enough, Sherie put some amazing goodies inside!!! She made some AWESOME masks or stencils, if you will, out of glue that I can't wait to use and then included some deli sheets with awesome color on them and this soooooo yummy knapkin with great birds on it that I also can't wait to use! Sherie......you just WENT OVERBOARD!! I feel so blessed! Thank you, thank you!!

I can't say enough how much I have enjoyed doing the tag swap with everyone. I know sometimes it's all you can do to get a tag done and out the door, but when you are done, it feels so good to know you are blessing another and then when you receive all that creativity and love back in the mail from so many other talented artists, it makes it ALL WORTHWHILE!! It's a joy to create with all you artists!

Thanks again Sherie, your tag should be coming later in the week or the first of next week! I hope you all are enjoying spring where you are and have had time to get out in it all and enjoy God's creation!


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