Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Love Shines!

Good Tuesday all my crafty friends! I hope you all have BIG plans for the month of June! Boy, just saying that is odd isn't it! I just can't believe that it is in fact June already! It's BEEN hot already in the south, so we have already been in "summer" mode, but hope the rest of you folks are "easing" into summer! LOL

I have sooooo much on my crafty table that I am working on!! I have goosebumps thinking about it!! LOL Isn't that just the silliest? But it's true! When I sit here at my desk, presumably working (LOL), my mind wanders to my "art closet" from time to time thinking about what I have sitting there waiting on me when I go home!! I'd live in my closet if I could, just so you know, but I'd probably look like one of those recluses that you see on a Discovery Channel documentary, you know the one!! LOL Oh, I'd come out for the occasional meal, mind you, but as long as I had my crafty goodies and my coffee pot, I think I could make it!!! LOL All that nonsense being said, I have plenty I'm working on, but I either haven't finished them yet or can't show them to you until the recipients have gotten them. I don't like ruining the surprise!

So today, I am going to show you a little bit of LOVE that came in my post box over the weekend! I meant to post this yesterday, it's been busy around my "real" job!!! I love getting mail, it's true, but it's ten times even better when someone sends you something "just because!" That's what I got this weekend! Now let me prefacit this all by saying that I don't believe in happen chance! I believe that God orchestrates EVERYTHING and most particularly concerning His children's welfare! I was having a particularly bad day before I went to the post, but when I got there and received my mail, that all changed!!!

This glorious package had come just ON TIME!!! Precious, precious Pam Wildeboer, my friend from Google+ art community, sent me a care package! That lovely lady sent me a beautiful card wrapped in a lovely piece of paper stamped with an encouraging note and all packaged in this cute, cute envelope!! I was so surprised, but so, so lifted up!! HUGE smiles came to my face when I saw this gorgeous card and read the lovely, lovely note on the back!!! Pam, I solute you today!! You are just a precious lady and YOU MADE MY DAY AND WEEKEND!! Whatever bad groove I was in when I went to the post, I QUICKLY came out of after opening your little package! I can't THANK YOU enough for thinking of me and letting your love shine through to me through your awesome
creativity!! Many, many blessings to you my friend! :)

You know, as believers, we are to ALWAYS let God's love shine through us! God desires that ALL men be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth and His LOVE!! How does that happen? When we honor Him and are obedient to His call on our lives, then others are shown who He is in ALL His glory! For in truth, it is NOTHING that we do in and of ourselves that shows forth His great love, it is the AMAZING Holy Spirit working effectually in and through us to do His good will!! We are the vehicle that carries out that plan for another! I LOVE being a vessel for the Father!! It pleases me to please Him! And it pleases me to see another touched by His love!

Today, the Holy Spirit wants to awaken YOUR heart, mind, and soul to the personal need of salvation! Won't you allow the amazing grace of our Father in Heaven to touch your heart today that you may touch in turn touch another!!

Thank you again sweet Pam for allowing love to shine through to me across the miles!! 



  1. Lucky Felicia, and what a wonderful thing for Pam to do!

    1. I am a lucky girl Win! Pam is the sweetest! :)

  2. This post made me soooo happy! I am thankful that something so small could lift you :) Hugs to you my friend! xo

    1. Hugs right back to you my friend!! Yes indeed, it made my day and MOST CERTAINLY lifted me up!! God looks out for His own and He certainly worked through you on that day! Thanks again so much Pam! Blessings to you! ;)